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NoPhone entered the Shark Tank to debut a fake phone (a piece of rectangular-shaped plastic) that is meant to aid in curing society’s addiction to looking at their phones. The Shark Tank audition was right down the street from NoPhone headquarters, my 400-square-foot apartment on the Upper West Side. We interviewed owners Van Gould and Chris Sheldon about their simple, yet innovate product.
We wondered if people would be able to look into each other’s eyes if they were holding a fake phone instead of a real phone.

Over 900 generous souls pledged $18,316 to make NoPhone a reality and that is something we’ll never forget.
We waited in a huge line in the bitter cold for the chance to pitch our fake phone company.
Once we surpass one-million dollars in sales, a monument will be constructed in their names.
We were thrilled and terrified when we found out we could get a chance to go into the Tank.

And if people get addicted to hand soap, we’ll consider selling fake hand soap,” Sheldon added.

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