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From what we can tell, Tati was getting revenge on her boyfriend before Zak came into her life. Hillary Cornwell:November 19, 2014 at 2:39 amWhy are people making such a big deal about the grammar of her sign? A JILTED boyfriend took twisted revenge on his ex-girlfriend by snapping their four kittens' necks before mutilating their remains with a hammer. On Wednesday, a Reddit user posted a letter one scorned husband wrote to the "other man's" neighbors, listing the man's name, date of birth and license plate number. I will be going to his job tomorrow and attending his church on Sunday to let everybody know the kind of man that he is.
The note took us by surprise, but it's not the first time we've heard of an ex getting a little unhinged over an affair or divorce. TOOWOOMBA teenager Alyssa Azar has made history as the youngest Australian to ever reach the summit of Mt Everest.
FOR the first time, Donna Hay is inviting cameras into her life off screen and viewers will find out what makes the former food stylist tick. NORTH Korean defector Yeonmi Park thought freedom would mean the end to her problems, but shaking off the regime still challenges her today.

YOUR income bracket says a lot about your sex life, judging by the results of a new survey looking at people’s most intimate habits. SOME people must have very odd toilet habits because there are some very weird items being flushed down our dunnies.
A woman has extracted some very funny revenge on her cheating boyfriend via a scavenger hunt for his hidden possessions. A WOMAN has dumped her cheating boyfriend via a classic break-up note that leads him on a scavenger hunt for his hidden belongings.
COUPLES pay thousands of dollars for the perfect wedding day but sometimes things don’t quite go to plan.
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We tweeted out the photo this morning, a couple Green Bay media outlets took notice and now she’s getting some run.
Not wanting to "physically harm" the other man and "risk losing [his] kids or going to jail," the husband said he planned on "spreading the word about [the] lowlife loser" at the man's place of work and his church.

My wife promised to break it off but I found out yesterday that they are still seeing each other. Because I cannot physically harm him and risk losing my kids or going to jail, I plan on spreading the word about this lowlife loser. There has been a short investigation into the backstory to the sign and we can report that the guy in the camo is her current boyfriend, Zak, who plays football at Concordia (Wis.) University. She also flattened the tires on his SUV and spray-painted it with the word "cheater" and other invectives (click here for photos). Police had to tow away the vehicle after curious passersby caused traffic to slow to a halt in front of the house. This doesn’t have to be a forever relationship and he might end up weaseling his way into more tickets (Patriots game coming up, perhaps?). Due to the fact that Zak happens to be a DECENT guy with some integrity he supported her on this endeavor wholeheartedly!

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