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When the infamous "we can still be friends" line smacks you right in the face, it's a hard pill to swallow. However, there's another much more common reason why your ex might to stay friends with you right now. Wouldn't it be safer for them to string you along, knowing exactly what you're up to, just in case they changed their mind and wanted you back? The biggest problem with being friends with your ex (when you still want to get them back) is that you're actually prolonging your own breakup.
In keeping the lines of communication open and just being around them, you're providing your ex with security and peace of mind. On the flip side of the coin, refusing to be friendly with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend will actually help your cause.

This approach lends a certain finality to the breakup that your ex is definitely not expecting right now. Hands down, refusing to be friends with your ex is the best way to regain their interest and NOT fall victim to the friendship trap.
The sooner you can put your ex out in the cold by distancing yourself from them, the faster they're going to start missing you again.
This includes leaving them completely alone via phone calls, emails, text-messages, and even Facebook or MySpace.
Look at it this way: the more of a mystery you can become to your ex, the faster they'll need to hear from you again.
Now if you've already agreed to such an arrangement and are on friendly terms with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, there's no reason to panic.

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