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Breaking up with a clingy, obsessive significant other is a process marked by stage after stage of mind games and desperate entreaties to stay together.
We might finally have an answer thanks to a recent call with a Comcast representative that was recorded by a customer trying to disconnect his service. Remember: The quotes below are taken from a real conversation with a real Comcast representative that can be heard here. Your ex: "Everything was so, so, so amazing between us and nothing was ever bad when we were together. Your ex: "Even though there couldn't possibly be anything wrong with me that’s causing this break up, if there was, just hypothetically speaking, what might that be?
When you're able to turn around your ex's way of thinking and actually get her wanting you again? Trying to save your relationship may make you feel like you're "doing something", but what you're really doing is showing a weak, needy side of you that your ex is always going to remember.
Contact with you undermines both these goals, which is why your ex girlfriend isn't returning your phone calls or answering your text-messages and emails right now. For anyone needing additional help or guidance on getting your ex to want you back, the author personally recommends the resources listed below.
Available instantly, this amazing guide is designed specifically for men who are trying to get back with an ex girlfriend. Instantly downloadable, Bring Back Lost Love features free video tutorials to help get started immediately on the path to being a couple again.

That said, you need to realize that you can't get your girlfriend to want you back until you've made some changes. But it does mean changing your approach in such a way that your ex girlfriend isn't expecting what's next. She's expecting you to break out the big guns and begin bargaining and trying to present your case for stopping the breakup.
This means that as long as your ex knows she has you in her pocket, she's got no incentive to try and still get you. Get past this stuff quickly, because you'll rapidly become someone she marks and both needy and desperate. These attempts at being your friend are something a lot more sinister: your ex trying to keep you hanging on. The longer you stay friendly with an ex girlfriend after the breakup, the more comfortable you're making her.
And if she continues down this path, you need to gently remind her: "Hey, you broke up with me. Ever see those guys who have to accumulate enough 'points' to be able to go out on a Saturday night? Yet every single episode begins with the same basic premise: Raymond does something wrong, mostly by accident, and then works his ass off for the rest of the episode to begrudgingly gain his wife's forgiveness. Just watching shit like this causes a lot of guys to think they need to treat their girlfriends and wives this way.

Learn the right ways of regaining your ex girlfriend's admiration and respect, as well as which approaches will work best when reconnecting with her after the breakup. You can decide for yourself which is a bigger pain, but to make it easier we've transcribed some of the conversation to a medium more fitting for break-ups in 2014: the text message. Your ex may at least have had some valid points: You did enjoy your time together and at one point, you could have believed their claims.
While a person that you shared an emotional connection with probably deserves some explanation about why you're breaking up, Comcast does not. At least your ex hopefully had a few more dynamic qualities to offer beyond download speed and broadband width. And unlike your ex, now it just sounds like Comcast is going to start screwing you a whole lot less. As much as we LOVED that time we ordered "I Know Who Killed Me" on demand, the repeated gaps in service really weren't that sweet.
Because even if nobody's bluffing here, your ex isn't going to keep billing you until you return their cable box with remote.
The fact that it was our ex's idea to order a movie starring 2007 Lindsay Lohan doesn't get Comcast off the hook either.

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