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He’s still as famous as ever, and definitely one of the most eligible bachelors around.
A handful of celebrities were tricked into signing up for the show, not knowing that people from their past would be living in the same New York house as them. We have a lot of things to thank for this, especially the people who were always around for us. He’s Molly ex-model-boyfriend who Rory is positive she is secretly married to and has a love child with.
You have 24 hours to get the account in, doll! Have a random gif I can never use properly.

Molly Baxter, fresh out of nursing school, was on a rotation in the emergency room that night, and was assigned to the model’s bedside, especially with the paparazzi around. He will always go out of his way to cheer them up, even if it means making a complete and utter fool out of himself. Their relationship was kept secret, as he already had far too much publicity surrounding him, and he didn’t want to drag her into it. He’s actually rather amused by the hate he gets, though it is rare, and actually likes to look it up and read it at times.
Caleb’s big on donating money to the Humane Society, as he has a big soft spot for animals in need.

It had been hard enough on her never seeing her younger brother, and she honestly couldn’t handle the stress of worrying about Caleb as well. He’s lived a really good, really happy life, and while he misses his family back in France at times, he loves the life he lives now. The young man had been upset, having not wanted to let the girl go, but he understood and they parted on fairly good terms.

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