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May God grant you all that you desire and may all your dreams come true on your special day.
On your birthday I want you to know that God is there with you right now and He will always be there with you. TweetWhat do you do when your spirit needs a lift but there’s no one around to encourage you? I raised my 2 daughters alone and as a single parent then I faced a lot of pressure and negative comments from other people.

I promise you're gonna miss me being there, putting up with you, refusing to give up on you. May you be showered with love from heaven above and learn how to live your life with no fear.
Author of a forthcoming book "Deep Within my Soul: Hope After Abuse - How Poems and God’s Love Healed my Pain".
Author of forthcoming book "Deep Within my Soul: Hope After Abuse - How Poems and God’s Love Healed the Pain". May you give you the grace to stand up for what is right and courage to fight for the truth.

While as years, pass by people might not always show you how happy they are that you are here, every birthday is a beautiful flashback of that special day when you were born.
This blog is to share awesome articles to help you on your journey as a single Christian woman or mother. If you're looking for real life faith-based stories and articles, you've come to the right place.

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