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If your ex is calling you back in response to a message or email you left for her, you may have some things you need to tell her. When your exgirlfriend gets in touch with you for the first time after the break up, you're probably going to be nervous. Greet your exgirlfriend by telling her it's good to hear from her, and then ask how she's doing.
By keeping your conversation short, quick, and to the point, you can get off the phone pretty fast. At the end of the conversation, since you're running out the door you get the luxury of offering her an alternative. Not only weren't you desperate to talk to her, but you actually rushed your ex girlfriend off the phone.

Knowing you have an active life of your own will actually make you more attractive to your ex girlfriend. The absolute master of knowing how to talk to your ex girlfriend is a man by the name of T.W. There are many common mistakes you can make that will drive your ex away, and the worst part is you don't usually know when you're making them.
Begging and pleading for your relationship are two other big mistakes, as is trying to convince her not to break up with you. For a lot more info on what NOT to do during the process of reconciliation, check out Male Behaviors That Drive Women Away.
To become that guy, you need only figure out which emotions, feelings, and behaviors you've changed of the last few months or years.

Matt's guide is geared to produce lightning fast results, halting the process of your break up and turning it around. Tailored to fit your own relationship situation, learn shortcut strategies to winning her back by drawing out your ex's true feelings for you.

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