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We’ve all been there and made the same excuses — you’re on a get fit mission, you’re raring to go, your adrenaline is pumping… but hmmm, on second thoughts… it’s a bit rainy outside — and it can always wait until tomorrow, can’t it? Now there’s no excuse with Skype — and especially when your personal trainer is world famous fitness guru to the stars, Josh Holland. Using technology to help his customers achieve the body beautiful, Josh’s clients have ranged from the ultra rich, to A-list celebrities such as Madonna and Gigi Hadid who crunch, squat and sweat over his gruelling workouts — all to achieve physical perfection. From his humble background, to working with some of the most famous faces on earth — Josh explains the motivation behind his mission to encourage good diet and regular training.  It all started with his family who struggle with weight issues. And he explains how this extends to his clients too: “From a nutrition point of view, using a video call is invaluable for when they’re out and about.

Whereas Skype adds a new spin on his business, Josh explains that a one on one session is always better. If you, or someone you know uses Skype in an unusual or innovative way, we’d love to hear about it. Now, no matter where you are, Josh is there to provide that much needed encouragement to achieve your fitness goals via the magic of video calling. But for those times when a meeting just isn’t possible, that’s where technology steps in: “It doesn’t happen so often with celebrity clients as they have the means to bring me to them.
He’s even worked up a sweat while commuting: “Now subway platforms even have WiFi, but it’s a little bit harder to teach a workout because of the noise of the trains.

As usual, we find ourselves at the mercy of the stock market speculators and in the jaws of the bureaucratic Channellocks.

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