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Finding a boyfriend, especially the perfect one, is like looking for a needle in a bundle of hay. Once you’ve started talking to a boy, you have to let him know that you are interested in him. Some of the very things that steal so much of our time each day (yep, we're talking apps) can be just the things we need to help us keep on top of our good health and wellbeing.
Don’t make a laundry list of specific traits, but do decide on a couple important aspects that your guy needs to have to be compatible with you.
It seems simple enough, but a lot of people will want love without actually going out and looking for it. The following will help you look after your body and mind, even when you're short of time. Although there are so many fish in the sea, you’ll never know when and where to find the best catch. Deciding what’s important in your life, and finding a guy who can jive with that will make your relationship last longer and be more successful.

An easy way to start a conversation is to comment on something you find about his appearance. A great excuse to get a guy’s phone number or to hang outside of class is to make a study group. Sometimes asking the guy out will show him how interested you are and can be really flattering for a guy.
You just want to be able to have peace within yourself about your boyfriend's whereabouts.
Now, you can rest peacefully knowing he is exactly located at the place he said he would be. I a friend sets you up on a blind date, you might as well go because it’s a free meal. For example, you can ask him if he plays sports if he is wearing expensive looking basketball shoes. Flirting is an important way to let him know you like him, but being direct can work to your advantage.

Guys hardly ever get asked out so it will make you stand out from anyone else that he might be interested in. Getting an outgoing friend to introduce you will be more successful that going on the internet. If you got his phone number using one of the tricks above, ask him a question about the homework in about a week. If he’s not getting the message from your flirting, take him aside and explain that you like him.
Be patient, just like you are nervous about asking him out, he would be nervous about asking you out as well.

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