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Vinex Estate Muscat 750mlA restrained Muscat bouquet leads into a brilliant, fresh grape flavour that lingers on the palate. One of the most famous, or infamous, images of American slavery shows the back and profile of a young African American male slave who was bull-whipped after being captured while trying to escape, which left his back horribly scarred. Ivan Hristov shows the newly found 2400-year-old Ancient Thracian labrys at the residence of the Odrysian rulers.

Other important finds made by the archaeological team in just a couple of weeks include Greek and Thracian vessels.Starting in early June 2011, the expedition led by Dr.
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Best described as elegant, cherry, blackberry, this is a medium-bodied wine from Thracian Valley, Bulgaria.
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Known only as Gordon, he made it across Union lines ca 1863, and Northern abolitionists had this photograph taken to publicize the horrors of slavery. Photo by National History MuseumBulgarian archaeologists have dug up an iron labrys, a ceremonial doubleheaded ax, at the residence of the rulers of the Odrysian Kingdom, the state of the most powerful tribe of Ancient Thrace, located at the mount of Kozi Gramadi.The ax was discovered on Monday, July 4, 2011, by the team of Ass. When this image was reproduced in Harper's, it bore the caption "Gordon Under Medical Inspection." Although a well-known image in its day, it is rarely encountered today in cdv format. Hristo Popov from the National Archaeology Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Fast forward to today - we serve hundreds of happy customers daily across the continental US and Europe and the UK. The archaeologists have discovered numerous lead slingshot bullets with the names of the two officers in the interior of the residence and the southeastern wall. Marsh on verso that reads I have found a large number of the four hundred contrabands examined by me to be as badly lacerated as the specimen represented in the enclosed photograph, signed J.W.
The labrys was used more for certain types of processions rather than for household or military purposes," explained Dr.
We can assume that the ax was used ? if not by the ruler himself ? then by some of his associates during hunting. It is about him that Demosthenes says that he spent 11 nightmarish months in the winter of 342 BC fighting the Thracians who inhabited the mountains," explained Dr. In this sense the finding of the iron weapon in the Ancient Thracian residence is no accident. We have various archaeological objects located on different levels – a fortress, a sanctuary, an altar of sacrifice. Therefore, the comparison with the ancient city of the Incas Machu Picchu is a good one," said Dr. The labrys is also visible on the coin stamps of ther Ancient Thracian rulers such Amatokos the Senior and Teres II.

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