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A huge flagpole called "Kilometer Zero" is where the distance of all the country's towns and cities are measured. He was the seventh child in a family that would ultimately number 11 children born in the small town of Calamba, Leguna. At age 21, he proceeded to Europe to study medicine receiving a Doctors certificate and then a Licentiate in Philosophy and Fine Arts in Madrid.

Jose Rizal but Seattle, Washington in deference to the many Filipino Americans in that city dedicated a nine acre park naming it "Rizal Park" in 1979. Laubach, "The Lineage, Life, and Labors of Jose Rizal" by Austin Craig, "The Story of Jose Rizal: The Greatest Man of the Brown Race" by Austin Craig and "Memoirs of a Student in Manila" by P.
A province now bears his name and postage stamps and paper money are emblazoned with his image.

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