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I recently placed and paid for a series of ads in both The Salt Lake Tribune and The Deseret News for my novel, "The Wives of Billie's Mountain." This is a true story based on the experiences of my great-grandmother, who was the child of a second wife. This is the most informative and "fair and balanced" article on the Internet about the Mormon Church and black folks. THERE are about 300,000 to 400,000 black Mormons in the world today; about 250,000 in Africa, and the rest scattered throughout North America, Brazil, and the Caribean. From 1832 when the Church was founded, until 1848, there were no restrictions upon Black Mormons, and black Mormons worshipped on equal status with white Mormons in the Church.
On June 8th, 1978, the 130 year "priesthood-ban" was lifted, and, since then, Black Mormons have had all the rights and opportunities in the Church as all others. The Book of Doctrine and Covenants (containing the Revelations of Joseph Smith) contains a prophecy by Joseph Smith made in 1832 about the a war between the North and South, and that the slaves would be set free and marshalled for war by this conflict (D&C section 87). Joseph Smith ordained free black men to the Priesthood, and wanted blacks freed, educated, and given equal rights (Compilation on the Negro in Mormonism, p.40).
In the 1830's, Joseph Smith was pro-slavery, believing that Negros were the "sons of Ham" and that Ham cursed Canaan and his descendants (Negroes) with bondage. However, by the early 1840s, Joseph Smith was to change his mind completely regarding black slavery. In a complete reversal of his previous beliefs, by 1840 Joseph Smith became a great advocate for the rights of black people. Joseph Smith appointed Elijah Abel, his adopted brother and a black Mormon, to be a Seventy Apostle; a position Abel retained throghout his life.
Walker Lewis was one of the founders of the American Abolishionist Society which sought to end slavery in America. From 1848, until June 8th, 1978, blacks could become Mormons (if they wished), but black men were "banned" from the Mormon priesthood, and all blacks (men and women) were "banned" from the Higher Ordinances of Mormon Temples; which are the most important rites that the Mormon Church offers.
On June 8th, 1978, the Church ended the 130-year old "Priesthood-Ban" and the number of black Mormons have skyrocketed since then.
There are about 400,000 black and mulatto Mormons in the world today, about 250,000 of them in Africa. 12 When thou tillest the ground, it shall not henceforth yield unto thee her strength; a fugitive and a vagabond shalt thou be in the earth. 15 And the LORD said unto him, Therefore whosoever slayeth Cain, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold. 16 ¶ And Cain went out from the presence of the LORD, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden. Most Bible scholars today believe that this is a reference to the Sleb of the Arabian penninsula. Before the 15th century, most Europeans knew nothing of other races such as the black Africans or the Asians. They still were not aware of the Asians or the native Americans or the Aboriginals or any of the other races of mankind.
3) Ham, a son of Noah, violated the commandment of the LORD and married a Cainite woman, thus bringing the Negroes through the flood. 4) Canaan settled in Africa, and was cursed to be a servant of servants, and all the Negroes fall under the Curse of Canaan.
Joseph Smith did believe that Negroes were "the sons of Cain" but he never denied blacks the priesthood or the Temple rites. The Pratt brothers, Orson and Parley, would, after the death of Joseph Smith, formulate a "Curse of Cain Doctrine" wherein they preached that Negroes could not hold the Priesthood because they were the children of Cain.
Brigham Young allowed the ordination to the priesthood of at least three black men: Walker Lewis, William McCary, and Enoch Abel (son of Elijah Abel).
History reveals that Brigham Young DID NOT ACCEPT the Curse of Cain Doctrine at first, but did after the "McCary Incident" of 1847 in which a half-Negro half-Native American Mormon Elder seduced a number of white Mormon women; claiming he was a "Lamanite Prophet" and that he was Adam reincarnated, and telling each female she was Eve reincarnated. In February, 1848, Brigham Young preached, for the first time, that Negroes were "the children of Cain" and "cursed".
From 1848 until 1978 (130 years) black Mormons could not partake of the Higher Ordinances of Mormon Temples (Endowments and Sealings) nor could black Mormon men be ordained to any office in the priesthood (there were only two exceptions to this rule, the son and grandson of Elijah Abel); which every single Mormon male is supposed to hold after the age of 12.
The "Curse of Cain Doctrine" was preached by Brigham Young, and other Church Presidents, in General Conference, for 130 years (1848-1978). Mormons believe that they may become Gods and Goddesses in the Afterlife, but ONLY if they hold the Priesthood (if males), and only IF they are "sealed" in a Mormon Temple by a Mormon high priest called a "Sealer". To "ban" Negroes from the Priesthood and Temples meant to prohibit them from the opportunity to become Gods and Goddesses in the afterlife, and from the hope of becoming Gods and Goddesses. The Curse of Cain Doctrine and the Priesthood-ban Policy are collectively known today as The Curse of Cain Legacy. Joseph Smith claimed to receive "Thus Saith the LORD" Revelations; wherein Joseph Smith spoke "as the LORD", or the LORD would speak through him, and the words of Joseph Smith, while the LORD spoke through him, would be recorded by a scribe.
79 These are they who are not valiant in the btestimony of Jesus; wherefore, they obtain not the crown over the kingdom of our God. 29 All thrones and dominions, principalities and powers, shall be revealed and set forth upon all who have endured valiantly for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Orson Pratt then "reasoned" that just as their are "rulers" and "servants" in Heaven (Gods and Angels) who received those postions as "rewards" for valiancy or the lack-of-valiancy, there were "rulers" (whites) and "servants" (blacks) on Earth too; to they too must be receiving their "just rewards" for deeds done in a previous existence.
Orson Pratt "reasoned" that some spirits in the War in Heaven (which happened long before this Earth was made) were "less valiant" (lazy) than other spirits, and thus, as a pubishment, were born Negroes and denied the priesthood in mortality.
To the Pratt brothers, this seemed to be a good explanation why Negroes in their day suffered so much, and why they were "servants" to whites; because God was punishing them for sins committed before they were born, in the pre-Earth existence.
The Pratt brothers also accepted the common Baptist belief of that time (the early 1800s) that the LORD destroyed the world via the Flood because of amalgamation; that white Sethites were intermarrying with black-skinned Cainites.
The Pratt brothers knew that The Book of Abraham (a translation by Joseph Smith of some ancient Egyptian papyrus) taught that the lineage (bloodline) of Canaan was "cursed as pertaining to the priesthood" (Abraham 1:26), but they did not know the "reason" why.
For the Pratt brothers, their new "Curse of Cain Doctrine" and "Less Valiant Doctrine" made perfect sense! Brigham Young was referring to Walker Lewis; a respected Black Mormon Elder living in Lowell, Massachusetts.
In other words, Brigham Young at first soundly rejected the Curse of Cain Doctrine formulated by the Pratt brothers after the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith! However, Brigham Young's pro-Negro attitude that he inherited from the Prophet Joseph Smith, was NOT to last another year! In 1847, in Winter Quarters Nebraska (a Mormon town at that time) was the location where Mormons coming from the eastern United States, and from Europe, would stop and camp for the Winter.
Soon after the "McCary" affair, Brigham Young reversed himself and accepted the "Curse of Cain Doctrine" (Negroes are the children of Cain and inherit the mark of Cain) and the "Less Valiant Doctrine" (Negroes were less valiant in the War in Heaven and as punishment were born Negroes) of the Pratt brothers. The "ban" on receiving the Priesthood and in receiving the Higher Ordinances (Endowments and Sealings) in Mormon Temples is known as "The Priesthood-Ban Policy". Even though Brigham Young now "banned" black men from the Priesthood, and banned all Negroes from Mormon Temples, a small loyal community of black Mormons continued to exist.
Why did a few handful of black Mormons continue in the Church after the Curse of Cain Legacy begin in late 1848?
Elijah Abel, the "Seventy Apostle" and step-brother of the Prophet Joseph Smith, continued to hold the Priesthood, but was banned from the Temple.
Over the years most black Mormons would drift away from the Church, because of the Curse of Cain Legacy, and because of the fact that the Mormon hope of Exaltation (becoming Gods) and Eternal Families (Eternal Marriage and Sealings) is completely tied-into the Mormon Temple rites of Endowments and Sealings. One such black Mormon family that drifted away from the Church later bore a son named Charles Mason, a man who later founded The Church of God in Christ; the largest black Pentecostal church in the world today. Yet, even though most black Mormons drifted away from the Church, in one way or another, a small handful continued in it, and a small handful of "Negro" converts were made each year; all of them knowing full-well that they were banned from the priesthood and from Mormon Temples. From 1971 until 1978 the Genesis Group was often inactive, but they did suceed as a "support group" for those black Mormons who wanted to stay active in the Church. After June 8th 1978, the Genesis Group became a "service and fellowship organization" for black Mormons in North America, and remains so today, with over a thousand members in Utah and hundreds of others throughout North America.
The Genesis Group does not operate in areas where most Mormons are black; such as black Africa.
Brigham Young said that the "curse of Cain" would one day be lifted from off "the lineage of Cain" (Negroes) and they (Negroes) would receive again all the "blessings" of the priesthood and temples. Many Mormons are under the mistaken belief that the Priesthood-ban was not a "Revelation" but merely a "policy". Since that time, Mormon Church leaders have always declared that the policy of banning Negroes from the temple and priesthood was "a doctrine of the Church"; without exception.
In recent years (since 1996), LDS Church Public Affairs has been telling journalists and others that the Curse of Cain Doctrine "was never a doctrine of the Church".
Many older Mormons will concede that they were taught this as young people, but will add: "It was never a doctrine of the Church!" This is false! The historical evidence is quite clear and unmistakable, that the Curse of Cain Doctrine was always referred to as "a doctrine of the Church" by Church leaders. AT NO TIME did any LDS Church President or Apostle, from Brigham Young (1848-1877) to Spencer W.
REPEAT!: ___AT NO TIME___ did LDS Church leaders (Presidents and Apostles) ever preface these "reasons" with "in my opinion" or "it may be" or "it coule be" etc. Those Mormons who now say "It was never a doctrine of the Church" are either lying (and many do) or they are sincerely misinformed. Mormons who are over 50, and have been active in the Church all of their lives know very well about the Curse of Cain Doctrine. Mormons under the age of 30, or converts to the Church during the last 30 years, may never have heard of the Curse of Cain Doctrine or the Less Valiant Doctrine. Starting in the late 1940s, a small number of black Africans began to hear about the Mormon Church via trips to England, or in other ways.
Several large independent black "Mormon" churches were formed, such as "The Mormon Church of Nigeria" which had tens of thousands of members.
Without purse or script, Johnson began to preach The Book of Mormon and the Joseph Smith Story from city to city, and from town to town, to his fellow Ghananians.
But Johnson continued to preach, and, from 1964 until he baptized into the Church in 1978, he had made about 14,000 converts; many of whom also were baptized.
No Mormon President or Apostle has claimed to receive any supernatural visions or "Thus saith the LORD" revelation since 1907.
There are now over 250,000 to 300,000 black Mormons in Africa, with many Stakes and several Temples, and more on the way. Top 7 for the week of September 28, 2012This week, Ashley and I talked about: Free Phones and the 47% Benajmin Netanyahu: The Honey Badger of the World Teens Are Hungry Thank Goodness Football Returns To America Fracking Promised Land Oh, So It Wasn’t About A Stupid YouTube Movie No One Has Ever Seen?
Jessa Duggar Showers Ben Seewald With Love on His Birthday May 20, 2016Post by Jenny Erikson.
In this segment, we will try to provide the information we have found for each of these children. A search of the 1901 and 1911 Irish Census records did not produce any members of this Tinman family. Also, in the 1860 record of the Battlehill Methodist Church there was a Conway Tinman (Battlehill: A Local History, A Church History, by Valerie Ruddell and William Newell, Ruddell Press, Portadown, 2000 -- p. The only known child of Sarah Lindsay Tinman was her daughter, Sarah Tinman who married William Hinton and was the a€?niecea€? that Alexander met while on his mission, as referred to above. It is clear that they had another daughter, born about 1908, after Alexander returned home from his mission, and she was therefore not mentioned in his journal.
This is all that we have been able to find for Sarah Lindsaya€™s and her daughtera€™s families.
This Bible is now in the possession of Wilson Glass, Grandnephew of Fannie Livingston Lindsay. With William being married in Jersey in 1859, he seems to have remained in the military for the next several years, and was probably still serving as a soldier at the time that his parents died--mother in 1865, and father in 1866.
Eventually William, Alice and Alex returned home where they took up farming on their old home site. In his role as a local farmer, and a leader in the Methodist Church at Battlehill, life continued until 20 Oct. In the 1901 Irish census, we find William and a€?Fannya€? Lindsay, both listed as aged 62 and Methodists living in Ballintaggart (Richhill, Armagh). In the 1911 Irish census we find the same William and Fanny (ages 73 & 72) still listed as Methodists and still in Ballintaggart (Aghory, Armagh). Between these two dates, William was visited at their old home by his brother Alexander who made many references in his journal to their discussions, including a variety of religious conversations.
While the brothers loved each other, it seems apparent that Alexander took his LDS mission very seriously and wanted to convince William of the truthfulness of the restored gospel.
William seems to have had two happy marriages, but was not blessed with children in either one.
She would have been about 25 years old when her father died in 1866, and so was old enough to be out on her own. There is a lot of missing information about her and her family, but the two census records give us a great deal of help in filling in some of the gaps. Shortly after their marriage they were posted to India, which was a part of the British Empire at that time and had a fairly large contingent of British soldiers stationed there. The family retuned from India about 1879, not long after Alexandera€™s departure for for New Zealand, and settled in County Armagh. In the 1901 Irish census we find this family living at house 8 in Union Street in Portadown, Armagh where they were all listed as Methodists. His journal contains a number of brief entries showing a warm conviviality and a joy to be reunited with his loved ones in his old home country. Shortly after this experience Alexander was transfered to England and was only able to communicate with his family by mail thereafter. In the 1911 Irish census we find this family living in house 14 Union Street, Portadown, Armagh.
In addition to the above information, there is a note that Mary Ann had been married for only 9 years; had born 5 children, 3 of whom were still living. We do not know of Elizabeth or William ever marrying, and we do not know what became of little Sarah, but it is possible that she had a family of her own with descendants somewhere today.
Our family records indicated that Mary Ann died about 1910, but it is apparent from the 1911 census that she was still alive at that time. She was still a young woman at that time and one wonders what happened to end her life while just entering her prime.
The three death dates always match, and in each one he says she was 31 years old when she died. In the 1860 roll for the members of the Battlehill Methodist Church, Dorothy Lindsaya€™s name appears as a member of the group that was led by her father, John Lindsay. Dorothy grew up in the Lindsay home in Ballintaggart on the Loughgall Road with her other siblings. Dorothya€™s marriage may have taken place while Alexander was away as a soldier in the British Army, but he married and returned to this area in time to know Dorothya€™s two little boys when they were very young.
Early on, the Holmes family moved to the townland of Clonroot, which is immediately adjacent to, on the west side of, Battlehill, which is adjacent to, and on the west side of, Ballintaggart, so they were very close to the rest of the family.
Upon his return to Ireland as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1904-5, Alexander Lindsay visited with his brother William, and his sister, Mary Ann, to get caught up on all the changes that had occurred while he was away in New Zealand, and in Oregon, over the past 26 years. While he was surely saddened to miss most of his siblings, he did get a chance to rekindle some relationships with the next generation, including his nephew, William Holmes. Shortly after this last visit with William Holmes, Alexander was transferred to England for the remainder of his mission. In the 1911 Irish census we find William still living alone in the 19th house enumerated in Clonroot, Kilmore Parish, Co. Although William Holmes was still single in the 1911 census, he did eventually marry on 3 March 1920, in Ahorey, Co., Armagh, Ireland to Margaret Edgar, the daughter of Thomas Edgar. As has been mentioned several times already, Alex was the youngest of eight children born to John Lindsay and Mary Donaghy. After returning to Ireland, and probably with the discharge of William from the Army, Alexander then enlisted for his own tour. So, in the fall of 1878, with their baby just a few weeks old, Alex and Mary set sail on an old sailing vessel, which went south around the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, and then eastward to New Zealand.
They Lindsays homesteaded land in their new country and from time to time traded up for larger tracts until they eventually bought 640 acres of land near Towai, Bay of Islands, on the North Island. In 1897 missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints came to this area and eventually the Lindsays were taught the gospel and were baptized into this church. After returning home to LaGrande, Alex and Mary had a wonderful life together watching their children grow up, marry and raise children of their own.

From the eight children (four daughters and four sons) of John Lindsay and Mary Donaghy, they had about nineteen known grandchildren.
In this segment, we will try to provide the information we have found for each of these children.A  Much of this information comes from Alexander Lindsaya€™s Journal which he kept when he returned to the place of his birth on a two years mission (1904-1906) for the LDS Church and will be referred to as a€?ALJa€? {The Alexander Lindsay Journals 1903-1906, transcribed by Larry E.
Sarah Lindsay--born 1837, was the oldest child of this family.A  She married Edward Tinman (date unknown but probably between 1860-64) {ALJ p. In the 1901 Irish census, we find William and a€?Fannya€? Lindsay, both listed as aged 62 and Methodists living in Ballintaggart (Richhill, Armagh).A A  In this census she said she too was born in Co. William seems to have had two happy marriages, but was not blessed with children in either one.A  He passed away on 30 Dec. Mary Ann Lindsay--was born in 1841 (no actual date specified).A  At age 19 her name was listed as one of the members of the Battlehill Methodist Church, of which her father, John Lindsay, was then the Group Leader [Battlehill Church History p. In the 1901 Irish census we find this family living at house 8 in Union Street in Portadown, Armagh where they were all listed as Methodists.A  Mary Ann was listed as being a widowed house keeper, aged 60 and the three children between ages 18-22 with the two girls as a€?Drawer in Factorya€? and the son was a weaver.
You might begin your school days with a 30-40 minute devotional, looking something like this.
Beautiful Girlhood (If you change or alternate the pronouns, this book can be used for a boy or a mixed group of boys and girls. Beyond Boyhood (If you change or alternate the pronouns, this book can be used for a girl or a mixed group of boys and girls. The memorization system will aid the child in forming a habit of attention and retention of the scripture, poetry, and more. Everyone over 6 should have personal scriptures and a three ring devotional binder.A  Begin with prayer.
Very little is said about Jesusa€™ childhood and youth in the scriptures, however, the apostle Luke thought it would be important for all children learn about Jesusa€™ early life.
Ask a Child to Read: a€?I suppose no one had more or greater experiences regarding the protection which comes from wearing the whole armor of God than did Daniel. Ask a child to read: Daniel and his three friends, whom we know as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, begged permission to refuse the kinga€™s meat and wine, and the prince who had charge over them told Daniel that the king would be very angry if they appeared less healthy and fair to look upon than the others through their failure to eat the kinga€™s fare.
Ask a child to read: After ten days they looked better and appeared healthier than all the others, so they were allowed to continue. Do you wait for Mother and hold her chair,a€?Or sit down and eat as though shea€™s not there?
How ought mothers and fathers do their duty in helping their children increase in favor (good manners and habits)? When Mother or Father ask you to play outside, eat good food, drink water, or study and work hard, from whom is the commandment really coming?
Ask a child to read: a€?And it came to pass that I, Nephi, returned from speaking with the Lord, to the tent of my father. Ask a child to read: For behold, Laban hath the record of the Jews and also a genealogy of my forefathers, and they are engraven upon plates of brass. Leta€™s sing a primary song, Nephia€™s Courage, which will help us understand this even better.
Besides FHE, the family Devotional is the most important part of raising children, in my opinion.
Maughan told her he'd listened to the program 4-5 times and wondered if he should play it for her to listen to.
The joyous time of jingling bells, snowflakes, and creepy department store Santas is upon us once again. When polygamy was outlawed, she, her nearly blind mother and six brothers and sisters were abandoned in the hills outside of Salt Lake. To counter the belief in the African-American community that "Mormons are racist"; a belief that I knew was NOT true (at least not for 98% of white Mormons).
It has been added to and edited a countless number of times, and has been viewed at least 80,000 times. The Church has, since 1996, been trying to cover-up its Curse of Cain legacy via the use of lies, denials, cover-ups, half-truths, equivocation, and eternal put-offs. But from 1848 until June 8th, 1978, Black Mormons were "banned" from the priesthood (which all male Mormons over 12 hold), and from worshipping in Mormon Temples. Since June 8th, 1978, black Mormon membership has skyrocketed from less than a thousands to over 400,000. He invited people "of every color" to join the Church and worship in the Nauvoo Temple (Times & Seasons, 12 Oct. This was the general belief among Catholics and Protestants and Arabs and Jews of that day. He was one of the first white men to call for the end to black slavery, and he called for the education and granting of equal rights of black people in America, back in 1843. After that time the great majority of Mormons followed Brigham Young, the senior Apostle at that time, to what is now Utah. In the following article, we'll try to explain the reasons WHY black people (and even whites with Negro ancestry) were "banned" from the Mormon priesthood and Mormon temples for 130 years. The Sleb had a tribal "mark" (an "X") on their forehead, they call themselves QAYIN ("Cain"--workers in metal). In the 1400s the Portuguese began to explore the coasts of Africa, and to bring back black Africans as slaves. Nobody else offered any alternative explanation of the origin of the black African race until Charles Darwin in the 19th century.
Two Baptist lay-preachers from New England, Orson and Parley Pratt, would join the Campbellites in Ohio under Sidney Rigdon. As senior Apostle, Brigham Young took control of the Church, and led the Mormons from Nauvoo, Illinois, to the Great Salt Lake Valley, where the Mormons built cities and communities. Elijah Abel, a black Mormon Seventy (a position just under Apostle) received his "Endowments" in the Nauvoo Mormon Temple, when Brigham Young led the Church, in 1846. This shocked and enraged Brigham Young, who then started teaching the Curse of Cain Doctrine. They were Canaanites and were to be servants of the descendants of Shem and Japheth (Whites and Semites) until the curse was removed by the LORD. They were banned from the Mormon priesthood and Mormon temples until the curse was removed by the LORD. They were the children of Cain, and Cain was the first Negro; the black skin was the "mark" of Cain. Whatever the President of the Church "teaches" at any particular time in General Conference, or in letters from the First Presidency. It was called "a doctrine of the Church" in letters written by the First Presidency, and signed by all three members of that quorum. Every Mormon male must hold the Priesthood in order to get to the highest glory in Heaven (the Celestial Glory of the Celestial Kingdom), and every Mormon woman must be "sealed" to a Mormon man who hold the Priesthood in order for both of them to become gods and goddesses in the Afterlife. They could always be baptized into the Church, and attend Church meetings, but, from 1848 to 1978, they were "banned" from Mormon Temples and from the Priesthood; which every Mormon male over the age of 12 is supposed to hold. Otherwise, they will become "servants" in Heaven; serving Gods and Goddesses but not becoming either.
Mormons believe that all Gods are married to Goddesses, and only faithful Mormons "endowed" and "sealed" in a Mormon Temple may become a God or Goddess in the Afterlife.
Mormon Temples are places where Higher Ordinances are performed, such as the Endowment (Masonic-like ceremonies that teach Mormons secret "signs and tokens" which allow them to by-pass certain Angelic-Sentinels and enter the Presence of God the Father after death), and Sealings; where Mormons parents are "sealed" to their children and Mormon couples are "sealed" to each other so they may continue as a family unit in the eternities. The Book of Moses (another Revelation to Joseph Smith) seemed to confirm that when it said that "the seed of Cain were black" (Moses 7:22). Pratt told Brigham Young that he did not think the Negro had a "right" to the hold the Priesthood in the Church, because they were Canaanites and because Abraham 1:26 (a verse in the Book of Abraham, a book of scripture in the Mormon Church) said that Canaanites were "cursed as pertaining to the Priesthood". Once spring came they would load up their hand-carts and cross the Great Plains on their way to the Salt Lake Valley in what later became Utah. He called himself "The Lamanite Prophet" (the term "Lamanite" is used by Mormons to refer to Native Americans).
All Black Mormon males were banned from the Priesthood (except for Eljah Abel and his descendants), and all Black Mormons were "banned" from Mormon Temples.
The son of Elijah Abel (Enoch) and his grandson (Elijah Abel II) were both ordained Elders. They believed that while they were denied the Priesthood and their Temple Endowments in mortality, they would receive both in the next life.
Most black Mormons (the few there were) were inactive, because they could not go to the Temple and receive the "highest blessings" of being Mormon. It is not a matter of policy but of direct commandment from the Lord, on which is founded the doctrine of the Church from the days of its organization, to the effect that Negroes may become Members of the Church but that they are not entitled to the Priesthood at the present time. The few known facts about our pre-earth life and our entrance into mortality must be taken into account in any attempt at explanation.
Arthur, the editor of LOOK magazine, in an interview with Joseph Fielding Smith (Mormon apostle) asked if the Church would change its doctrine on the Negro. Eldon Tanner (then 2nd Counselor in The First Presidency) if the Church would change its policy of not ordaining Negroes to the Priesthood. Kimball (1972-1985) ever put forth that they "did not know the reason why" they were banning blacks from the priesthood and temples! Every single time they discussed the "Blacks and the Priesthood" issue, they said that the Priesthood-ban was from the LORD and not them, and that the reasons were that Negroes were under the Curse of Cain (the Curse of Cain Doctrine) and because they were "less valiant" in the War in Heaven (the Less Valiant Doctrine). If they tell you, "I've never heard of that!" or "That was never a doctrine!" THEY ARE LYING TO YOU!
Some of these began to form their own independent "Mormon" congregations, with names like "The Mormon Church of Nigeria" and "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Inc.
Johnson had a "vision" of Jesus Christ, who spoke to him directly, Johnson is not recognized as a "prophet" by the Mormon Church. You won’t find their output on grocery store shelves, however, despite the extremely high quality of the food.
All Rights Reserved.This website is not owned by or affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (sometimes called the Mormon or LDS Church).
10, 1905 --This morn after dressing I went to meet my Niece [this would be Sarah Tinman Hinton, who was then living in Belfast, and was the daughter of Sarah Lindsay Tinman] at the 9 Oa€™c train and her two children, bringing them home to breakfast, and then went on to M. 9, 1905 -- Accompanied by Elder Scott I paid my promised visit to my new found Niece [Sarah Tinman Hinton]. 14 May 1905 -- This morning my companion and I went out as far as Clonroot to pay our promised visit to Willie Holmes. 11 June 1905 -- Another Saboth [sic] day, going out as far as Clonroot, and I may say we all spent a very enjoyable time.
Keelya€? and had this girl--born about 1906.A  Remember too that Alexander referred to his niece as Mrs.
As with the other subjects, the more your children have in common, the more likely that they will choose to be friends in addition to being siblings. I thought it a better idea to teach mothers how to design devotionals according to the current needs of their family. Using the topical guide of the LDS standard works, Building Faith in Christ Through the Book of Mormon, True to the Faith, Learning Resources for Children Topics, and Come Follow Me youth curriculum, you and your children can discover doctrine behind the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Although I've tried and abandoned several, I keep coming back to the following wonderful method that we discovered and used in our homeschool. If you then use these as dictation and copy work (spelling and penmanship), you further cement the words in the cranium. You might ask your warda€™s Primary Chorister what the focus song is for that month so the Primary children will learn the songs very well and gain joy over being prepared. Repeat this lesson a couple times a year, because these concepts are worth repeating over and over again. If you dona€™t play the piano or guitar to accompany the hymns, go to LDS.org to the hymns section and play the MP3 for this purpose. Look up the definitions asked for in some of the following questions in Webstera€™s 1828 dictionary. They ought to help me learn Goda€™s word, guide my schoolwork, and encourage me in both of these. At the summons of King Nebuchadnezzar, he, with other chosen children of Israel, was brought to live in the kinga€™s palace for certain training.
Daniel asked for a period of ten days in which they might eat pulse [vegetables, legumes, and grains], and drink water, and then be compared with the others who were eating and drinking the kinga€™s farea€”meat and wine.
At the end of three years, when they were brought before the king, we are told that among them all was found none like Daniel and his three friends, and in all matters of wisdom and understanding, the king found them ten times better than all the magicians and astrologers in his realm. I ought to help mother make pulse and grow vegetables, only ask for and eat good food, drink lots of water, and play outside instead of sitting around. Heavenly Fathera€¦Leta€™s read about Nephi and see what he and his father have to say about it.
And it came to pass that he spake unto me, saying: Behold I have dreamed a dream, in the which the Lord hath commanded me that thou and thy brethren shall return to Jerusalem. Wherefore, the Lord hath commanded me that thou and thy brothers should go unto the house of Laban, and seek the records, and bring them down hither into the wilderness.
Therefore go, my son, and thou shalt be favored of the Lord, because thou hast not murmured.
Although we chose to do our family devotionals after dinner each evening, morning devotionals work best for other families. The Book of Mormon for LDS Families and others in the series contain all manner of resources that really help everyone understand the scriptures very well. True the little one can't read yet, but it gives them a sense of the importance of what you are doing. I think with a family meeting to discuss the problem and the addition of these resources, your problems should lessen. Maybe you've found time to escape with your special someone to the ice-skating rink, or maybe you've indulged in a hot toddy or two.
It paints a bleak picture of what life is for those who are in the fundamentalist sect who still take their orders from Warren despite his serving a life sentence in Texas for his crimes against young girls. If you want to know what a Baha'i is, and why I became a Baha'i, please read Call Out To Zion!
Indeed, in the days of Joseph Smith, only the Quakers and some "Freethinkers" and some Spiritualists believed that Negro slavery was inherently evil. Some historians believe his pro-black teachings influenced Abraham Lincoln, who lived not far from Joseph Smith in the 1840s.
Most white Europeans reasoned that since Adam and Eve were White (of course), why was there a black race? Later, they would become Apostles in a newly formed "Church of Christ"; later to become known as "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints". They believed that Negroes were of the lineage (bloodline) of Canaan (son of Ham and his Cainite wife), and were thus "Canaanites". At 18 or 19 he becomes an Elder, and is expected to serve a two-year full-time mission for the Church away from home.
And, to be "sealed" and "endowed" in the Temple, a Mormon male must hold the Priesthood, and a Mormon female must be married to a Mormon male who holds the Priesthood. He invited them to worship with other Mormons in the Nauvoo Mormon Temple once it was completed. As a reward for following Jesus (whose second-in-command was Michael), all human spirits would be born on Earth as human beings. Black Mormons formed a small community called "Fort Union"; about twenty miles south of Salt Lake City. When asked, their parents often change the subject, or say, "The blacks weren't ready for the priesthood yet" and leave it at that. Joseph Fielding Smith was the 10th President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--in the mid and late 1960s.
The pastors and ministers of other churches saw some of their members join into "Mormon" congregations. Patriarchs are men who "give prophetic blessings" to Members of the Church, but they are not considered to be "prophets".
Jessa (Duggar) Seewald wished her husband Ben a happy birthday this week on social media, and it's clear that these two are still madly in love. 1920.A  His widow, Fannie, continued to reside in the old Lindsay home until her passing on 7 Aug.
207].A A  She may have known him in her earlier years and may have married when he was on leave from the Army, as we believe he was a soldier.

Nugent, and her two daughters, Lizzie and Sarah.A  Sarah was already married by this date, and she was the a€?Mrs. 10, 1905 -- This morning found all the Elders ready for Con[ference].A  Roy went and met Sis. Don't hesitate to bear your testimony and explain things from your personal revelation as the parent during this special time. Doing so, parents help to instill in their children testimonies built on knowledge and wisdom instead of vague ideas or the desire to please parents. In fact, I got a new set of scriptures to begin this marking system all over again from my new perspective of a middle-aged woman. When the child reads, copies, and discusses the selections, visual, kinesthetic, and auditory aspects of learning are begun. All that is required is the consistent reading and reciting the entire selection two or three times daily until the child can recite it by memory. When you begin singing together as a family, it may not be all roses and beautiful notes at first. Choices affect everyone in the persona€™s family, their friends, their future spouse and children, their ability to support their family someday, and their progression in the next life. They were to be carefully nourished for three years, at which time they would stand before the king. Did you know that learning good manners and habits is one way to find favor with God and man? At first the children were enthusiastic (it was their idea, in fact!) but now they grumble and drag into the room.
With this our scriptural discussions and enthusiasm at family devotional time increased, because youngsters could really understand.
Ask the child to join in the recitation.A  Continuing the two or three daily recitations, you will begin to see the child confidently recite the selections. After she tried to convey her purpose and share some of her memorable experiences, she was excused while they deliberated. These are only a few of the ways in which it contributes to the degradation of Pacific cultural and social practices. Which seem to be the tip of the iceberg for him, since he not only molested young girls, but boys including some of his own nephews. You are welcome to print it out, make copies, even publish it as a book or article for free or profit! During those 130 years (1848 to 1978) Mormon Church leaders taught, as official Church doctrine, that Negroes were the "cursed" children of Cain, that the Mark of Cain was a black skin, and that Negroes were "less valiant" in the War in Heaven (a battle between Jesus and Lucifer before this planet was created in which all human spirits were involved). Naturally, intellectuals tried to "fit" the black Africans into their understanding of the Bible. He was the first American Presidential candidate (running on the "Mormon Reform Party" ticket in 1843) to call for blacks to be freed. But Lucifer's "hosts" would come to Earth as "demons" (evil spirits who are denied mortal bodies).
At that time "amalgamation" between the white and black races was considered by just about all white Americans (including white Mormons) as an abomination before the LORD, and the reason why the LORD destroyed the world via the Great Flood of Noah. Whjy these few black Mormons could hold the priesthood, yet still be banned from the Temple Rites, was never explained by Brigham Young nor any other Church leader. In October 1971, they met with several Apostles, who allowed the Group to form as an official "Auxiliary" of the Church.
Most Mormons are very embarassed about the Curse of Cain Legacy, and do not like talking about it.
A few of these would write to "The Mormon Church, Salt Lake City, America" and ask missionaries to be sent. They told the people that the Mormons were "white racists" who hated black people, and that Mormons were behind the Ku Klux Klan, and many other untruths. The views expressed by individual users are the responsibility of those users and do not necessarily represent the position of the Church.
Nugentsa€™s [Mary Ann Lindsay Nugent--another sister of Alexandar Lindsay who was then living in Portadown], talked some time and then proceeded out as far as Wma€™s [Alexa€™s older brother, William Lindsay] calling in on the way to see Mr. Little Eddie Hinton [age about 10] just alls in on me just now.A  Hea€™s on a visit to his Aunt Mrs. Each child should have their own copy of the standard works to use during devotional, even non-readers. Find a child appropriate drawing lesson of the animal on Youtube or in one of the Draw Write Now books. I had my last set for decades.a€?a€?With a two-fold purpose, it will help all who adopt it to learn the doctrines of the scriptures better and prepare you to speak on doctrine. These pencils can be found in packages very inexpensively.a€?a€?As you go through the topics and build devotionals, you will read specific scriptures that enhance the topic. The child never comes to realize that his parents are bound to a higher law than their own whims--he never learns that parents can't let him break his sister's toys, or stuff himself with cake, or make everyone around him miserable, because it isn't right. Apparently they were to be fed with the choicest of food, including the kinga€™s meat and wine. I'm trying to think of things to help cheerfully wake them up and help them engage in the scriptures and our discussions. With a non-reader, Mom or Dad or another child who is a good reader sits next to the assigned non-reader and reads the non-readers verse a few words at a time pointing to each word.
I had my last set for decades.With a two-fold purpose, it will help all who adopt it to learn the doctrines of the scriptures better and prepare you to speak on doctrine. These pencils can be found in packages very inexpensively.As you go through the topics and build devotionals, you will read specific scriptures that enhance the topic.
Maybe, even, you prefer the simpler, more banal pleasures of the holidays, such as sitting beside a cozy, yuletide fire.
It's sad and disturbing, but a story that needs to be told to help undo years and layers of secrecy, deceit, and silence within the FLDS religion. Some think that his views were later adopted by Abraham Lincoln, who was a young Illinois lawyer when Joseph Smith ran for President (out of Illinois) in 1843. He could not hold the priesthood nor could he or his wife receive their Endowments or Sealings in the Temple. If fact, they may NOT be "racist" (most Mormons over 50 are not racist), but they are lying if they deny knowing of the Curse of Cain Doctrine. The Church sent emissaries, and considered sending "Senior Elders" (retired white Mormon priesthood-holders) to Africa to serve as the priesthood for congregations, but this was never done.
A friend of his, who was not a Mormon, then gave him a copy of The Book of Mormon he was given while studying in England. The children should attempt the drawing lesson on their signs and rewards chart for their religion binder. On the blank pages in the back and front of the scriptures, each person will have dozens of topics outlined for instant talks. Building consistently accurate and complicated, beautiful language patterns, knowledge of the Constitution of the United States, great poetry, and a store of gospel doctrine, the child develops his intellect and character. The child needs to see that his parents are bound by the same codes of right and wrong that he is.
Often, if you ask for their help and suggestions, they come up with better ideas and stick to them better than if you just mandate something. Some of its members are leaving it behind, but it still has a membership of 10,000 strong that it keeps under tight wraps.
Tinman [Thomas Tinman--brother of Edward] and his daughter made me feel at home and asked me to call every time I could. Hinton asking me to bring Eddy with me to Belfast tomorrow, so I got supper and went out into the country to tell the folks, and they treated me fine and asked me to call as often as I passed. Tinman [Thomas Tinman--brother of Edward] and his daughter made me feel at home and asked me to call every time I could.A  {ALJ p. Elder Lindsay of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and I may say that we had a spiritual feast.A  The Lord has greatly blessed me in all ways for which I am truly grateful. If the child doesna€™t develop a solid testimony and chooses rebellion, real trouble could result.
Because they studied and understand the doctrines that go with the topics, these talks will be further possible and successful.
Using a blue colored pencil (I use prisma color ultramarine) circle and color in the reference number. We could do all kinds of things together while playing, but for one of us to try to sing a solo before the others was like asking ice cream to stay hard on the kitchen stove. Mom or Dad, whoever is leading the devotional each morning, should pause to discuss the sections in each of the additional resources as seems appropriate. Because this was a calling for a couple both were released from their callings as co-presidents of the special needs adult mutual, effective immediately, without regard to the very special needs of adults who get very attached, who don't do well with change, who had been working hard on a Christmas program; without regards to the other stake president who was working directly with Pat and Doree.
With this topical journey through scripture, each will develop testimonial confidence not often found in someone young children or for that matter most adults. Depending on the length of the selections, your family will usually have them down pretty well at the end of the week (scripture and quote,) or month (poems and songs). We also found that doing scripture study around the dining room table compared to sprawled out on the living room floor was more conducive to paying attention. There is something about knowing the organization you belong to tortures people in secret basements that makes me feel like they are James' Bond villians rather than the heroes of the story.
Teen Mom 2 resident bad boy has certainly made some major parenting errors over the years, but this has to be a new low. 1877, after living with her husband for 18 years, two months, and sixteen days, aged 36 yrs. Released and deemed unworthy to serve because Doree had the courage and honesty to publicly state her opinion.
As you read the scripture, use a prisma color red colored pencil to underline meaningful parts of the scripture.
When they also read them aloud themselves and write them 5 times per week, they cannot help capturing them in their brains. I find the subject of second families a fascinating, mostly unknown and unexplored history.
When his father died Warren didn't declare himself the prophet but would say things like his dad was speaking to him from the other side. At the conclusion of the topic, write the first scripture in the chain next to the blue-circled scripture.
Then Pat opened up his wallet and pushed his across the table, but was told that he could keep it.
My job was primarily educational research, but it also included developing educational policy, teacher training and creating qualifications in educational policy and planning in developing nations. This method will change the way you see the world, your goals, eternal life, relationships, your behavior, and build your testimony if you let it.
I'm proud to say that much of that work is still in effect, and in fact has spread throughout Oceania. We then bid them good bye coming on with their invitation ringing in our ears to be sure and come again which we promised to do if possible. Not only might this method be used with this sort of family devotional, it can be used with all sorts of books, lessons, and pamphlets that include scripture study at their core. A building just a little bit away had the research fascility on Gays where they shocked them or made them throw up after showing them porn.
Out of those simple little meetings, held in the parlor of our old home, came something indescribable and wonderful. As we were flirting, someone was screaming in pain within earshot if the building hadn't been muffled. 1848 date for her birth, which means that she would have been just past her 33 birthday at the time of her death on 14 Feb.
Many of the women and children are taken to Mexico against their will to escape the laws of the United States coming down on them. Hewitt and family good bye, we started on our return to Portadown Accompanied part of the way by Mr. One young woman was kidnapped in broad daylight in plain view of her father, an expelled secretary under Warren.
Members of the house then take turns bashing the little log person with a stick and commanding it to defecate out presents, candies and wafers and not to defecate stinky herring. Willie Holmes my Sister Dolliea€™s Son, arriving here about 11 Oa€™c pretty tired but highly elated at the successful termination of my first meeting with the people of Conroot. These wonderful things came about because our parents followed the counsel of the President of the Church.a€? Gordon B.
Senior missionary couples are called on missions to teach there, and when I visited, local leadership served as the head and assistant head teachers.
Prior to visiting Tonga, I had read in church magazines and heard through conference talks about the amazing resources at Liahona and the quality of education the young kids were receiving there. While it did have the most current resources in Tonga, the quality of schooling and resources there is shocking - even at the standards of a developing country, especially given the financial resources of TSCC. Given the colonial history of the Pacific, you think TSCC would show some sensitivity towards Western domination and cultural assimilation. There are signs all across campus saying "English Only." Many of the people in Tonga speak English, but not all are functionally literate.
An eye witness of a secret torture camp for faithful members who were born a particular way. Additionally, the majority of teachers default to instructing in Tongan, so what we have here are kids who are caught in the crossfire. On the other, many aren't proficient, so when English is used, they don't learn, and finally, the inconsistency of English and Tongan language use makes for a challenging situation when you don't know where and when it's ok to SPEAK IN YOUR FIRST LANGUAGE. Now if pedophilia, sexual abuse, non-consensual relationships, murder, racist lynchings, for-profit ventures for the top-dogs and Torture within our lifetimes are NOT good enough reason to leave for you; I'm just asking 'What is? Do they have to do cocaine off of hookers tummies for you to finally see they are villains?
When they see me, the shame is in their eyes instead of them holding that smug superiority over me.
Many of the teachers were previous pupils who finished school at 16, sometimes 18, and became teaching assistants (even though they were teaching by themselves). Other teachers were graduates from BYU Hawaii, but either BYU Hawaii has a tragically flawed education programme or the teaching culture at Liahona is such that the teachers simply abandon their pedagogy. I would supplement the teacher training courses they were already having with the senior missionaries (who were using BYU Hawaii curriculum). They simply didn't want any outside sources involved in how the school was run or how their teachers were trained. In Fiji, when I visited villages, I would first meet with the local chiefs, present them with a gift to show my respect and then we would usually have a feast with music and dancing. Tonga was very much the same, with kaipola (feasting) and Tau'olungas (a particular kind of dance). TSCC changed the ways their members (and the pupils) would engage in these cultural practices.
The deference and respect to chiefs and local nobles was not encouraged by the church, but the members in Tonga (for example), would lose face if they did not show Faka'apa'apa (respect). At School and church functions, it was not unusual for an event to have dancers, performing the Tau'olunga. There are a lot of cultural observances that occur when a young woman dances the Tau'olunga. Fakapale is when the people in the audience are so moved, or want toshow their appreciation, that they go up to the dancer during the performance and pin money to her dress or stuff money under the seams. It is part of the dancer's reward, but it's also a recognition of her skill - that she can make people feel Mafana (or a warm feeling in your chest - Yeah, I know right?) Anyway. We're talking a few Pa'anga here and there, but it's absolutely not allowed at church or school events.

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