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Stockholm, Sweden-based architecture firm WRB designed this easy, breezy summer cabin on the archipelago of Trosa with a stunning seaside view. Susanna Scherman ­is a scholar of Swedish archi­­tecture and design and has also restored inte­riors and gardens. Swedish architectural dream team Tham & Videgard Hansson Arkitekter designed the modern Archipelago Home, nestled among the islands near Stockholm, Sweden. This small summerhouse at the coast of Hoganas was modeled after Palladios famous villas in the Veneto.
The Swedish House of Nobility maintains records and acts as an interest group on behalf of the Swedish nobility. Ecoutez des extraits et telechargez les meilleurs morceaux et als de Swedish House Mafia dans l'iTunes Store.
Sign up for The Wrench, our email newsletter, and we'll deliver news and updates straight to your inbox! Whether Swedish is the world's richest language or not, it can lay claim to at least ten very common words that are sorely lacking from English.
So, without further ado, click here for a read through the top ten Swedish words missing from English, starting with verbs, moving through adjectives, and finishing with the nouns.
Of course there are single words in swedish which do not translate directly to english single words in meaning and context. I can't speak Swedish yet, but there must be many words in English that cannot be translated directly into Swedish too? Picture says a 1000 words..!Honestly, that picture is simply a groundbreaking evidence why Men should be left to be Men, and Women be Feminine (No feminist)!!!

Well, this made me laugh, particularly because the words are, well, not wrong though nor correct. Suggestions that Russia could be behind the felling of a radio mast have been laughed off by the country's embassy in Sweden. UPDATED: A series of crisis meetings are being held in Sweden to discuss radio mast sabotage and air traffic radar failure. Karwan, 22, and Sirwan, 23, are waiting for the migration agency to process their asylum application. Swedish star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic will aim to lift one final trophy as the curtain comes down on his record-shattering Paris Saint-Germain career in Saturday's French Cup final.
Pricing, item availability, and anything else pertaining to advertised items are the sole liability of the individual seller. Much more descriptive than boyfriend or girlfriend and sounds a lot better than "live-in"! Or how about gooing so far in the free sex direction in the 1970ies to actually suggest legalising pedofilia, whilest today maintaing laws and attitudes that would make the victorians seem tolerant and lax? I'm Finnish and some of the examples mentioned in this list apply to my experiences as well. Straight forward - does what is says on the box but like Swedish food, dull, tasteless and without variety. Sirwan and Karwan tell The Local what it's like to be transgender Kurds on the run from rapists and killers. I find these kind of comparisions obvious and uninteresting.Much more interesting I find are the direct translations of swedish words to their meanings in english.

And I don't mean those words that can be easily translated to English just using more than one letter. Maybe those of us who are native English speakers with Swedish friends or heritage will start adopting some of these words, just like we adopted Uffda, tak, and Ole and Lena jokes. Sorry Swedes but English really is a rich language shaped by influences stretching back more than 2000 years and centuries of immigration and assimilation of non Brits into our culture. Not to much, but not to little - lagom!It has been said that the word originated from meetings with only one mug of beverage. And it is used in Norwegian in the same form and has equivalents in Danish, Japanese, and Serbian.
Example: Jordgubbe = Strawberry however a more direct translation would be something like Jordgubbe = Old man of the earth. To make pouring easier, check out the great handle on the rear side to make pouring easier.
To make sure that the beverage would suffice to the last person you could not drink too much. Good, Efficient, Clever, Capable, Smart, Brave, Powerful, Sound, Useful, Strong, Able.If unsure of context then I would go with Efficient or Good.

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