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Gochujang is a fire engine red chili paste that is a foundation ingredient in much of Korean cooking.
I really, really, really like dill, but unfortunately many of the people I’m likely to cook for really, really, really dislike dill. Tofuture, a small UK business run by tofu devotees Susanna and Adam, recently sent me a sample of their tofu maker and press to try out.
When I landed in Japan I knew I had no concrete plans save my initial nights booked at a hostel in Kyoto.
The post Vegan in Hiroshima, Osaka, and Takayama + Vegan Okonomiyaki Recipe appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. Recent experiments with aquafaba have left me with a glut of chickpeas and my partner has indicated a preference for not cleaning up small round foods I launch spitball style across the room for the cats to chase.
The post Easy chickpea stew with garlicky tahini and vegan yoghurt appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
Found on each table at every noodle-hawking stall in Thailand is a caddy of condiments, seasonings to add flavour balance based on a diner’s personal tastes. The post Nam Som Prik Dong: Thai Chillies Pickled in Vinegar (?????????????) appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. I recently stumbled across Madame Huang’s Kitchen, a blog written by Carolyn Phillips, a Chinese translator and food writer with a passion for Chinese cuisine. The post Pomegranate Yuba (Fuzhu) with Caramelised Onions appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. The post Vegan in Kyoto + recipe for fried tofu and nori parcels appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. The post Vegan in Tokyo + Vegan Japanese Curry Recipe appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. In order to make Chinese style fermented tofu, firm bean curd is cut into cubes, inoculated with a mould, left to ferment, and then covered in brine.
There are a few types of cookie that look pretty enough to dupe people into thinking they are difficult to make.
I’ve been away for a few months and am slowly replacing the freezer burned leftovers my partner failed to spot with new easy meals my partner will fail to spot. The post Restaurant Review: The Gate Vegetarian Restaurant, Hammersmith appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
After years of visiting Thailand, writing about its food and the annual vegetarian festival, I decided it was time to try to learn some of the language. The post Seven Thai vegan foods to try in bpra theet thai (Thailand) appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. Over the summer I had the great pleasure to attend a shojin ryori inspired Japanese supper club hosted by London based Pureism (very much worth checking out if you are interested in Japanese temple cuisine). The post When Rice Ferments: Mikawa Mirin Production in Japan appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
The post Crispy Marmite Battered Chickpea Fritters appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
Despite a common belief by many Westerners that vegetarianism is impossible to communicate in Thailand, and that fish sauce goes in everything, the Thai language has a word to indicate veganism that is universally understood.
The post Vegan Black Eyed Pea Stew with Faux Feta and Gari appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. I received a bag of hemp seeds a sample once and it was one of those ingredients that I kept intending to use but every time I looked at it I though “yeaaaaaah, no” and deep fried something instead.
The post Easy Home Made Pecan Hemp Matcha Milk Shake appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. The post Vegan in Clerkenwell: Grain Store Unleashed appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. In my home I am mostly in charge of all food related activities, with a couple of exceptions.
The post Warm Sweet and New Potato Salad with Smoked Paprika appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. I chose to adopt a vegetarian diet at the age of 12, but there was one ingredient I would not touch: tofu.
The post Spicy Chargrilled Vegan Israeli Couscous Salad appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. Following my write up on vegan food in Taipei, I want to cover some of the options outside of the city centre. Springtime is one of my favourite seasons in the UK, and that’s mostly down to that brief window of time when asparagus is harvested locally. The post Chargrilled Asparagus with Lemon & Sea Salt appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. I landed in Taipei convinced I would spend a few days there before moving on to visit other cities on the island, but instead spent a full two weeks planted firmly in one place.
A popular dish served in various ways throughout the country, this is a simplified version of a sticky noodle dish I enjoyed at Shan restaurants throughout Myanmar. Aside from their lack of mushy peas, one of my favourite comfort meals in London is the vegan fish and chips at the Coach and Horses pub in Soho.
The post Beer Battered Vegan Fish Sandwiches with Homemade Tartar Sauce appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
A few times a year I take a holiday weekend in sunny The North, where I mostly drink wine and sit under a blanket at my friend Liz’s house while she cooks for me and I avoid being gutted by her laser eyes cat.
If you love Ethiopian food as much as I do, or even if you’ve never had it before, you need this cookbook.
The post SugarSin Covent Garden vegan candy options appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. The post The Moveable Feast Vegetarian Pop Up at London Bridge appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. Veg Bar vegbar.co.uk 45 Tulse Hill Brixton London, SW2 2TJ England Hey, go check this place out! I recently joined the ambassador program for Froothie UK and the company kindly sent me an Optimum 9200 blender to review and play around with. The post Optimum 9200A Blender Review + Oreo Cookie Butter Recipe appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
Previously I’ve made garlic lime mayonnaise (which is ace on banh mi), but the combination of vegan mayonnaise flavours seems endless. The post Gochujang and Smoky Horseradish Vegan Mayonnaises appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. It’s already the beginning of March, and only a few weeks from that glorious weekend when the clocks change and we get an extra hour of sunlight in the evening. The post Upmarket Raw Vegan Dining at L’elephant Vert Luang Prabang appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. I have so many opinions about everything, but I’m still unclear on how I feel about okra. I’m trying so hard to refrain from talking about how great Luang Prabang was eleven years ago.
The post Tamarind’s Vegan Cooking Class in Luang Prabang appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
My most recent visit to Vientiane was in 2003, and I recall little more than a delicious sandwich shop followed by the days of severe food poisoning that ensued for my travel companion.
I first tried this stir fry in Phuket after randomly pointing to a few items on a vegan buffet so large that my decision-making gears nearly broke (and they barely function to begin with). The post Stir Fried Pickled Mustard Greens With Tofu appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. Part of the TREE Alliance, a group focussed on hands-on training for young people to give them employable skills in the hospitality industry, Makphet Restaurant in Vientiane is hit and miss for vegans but most definitely worth a visit. The post Makphet: supporting a good cause while eating in Vientiane appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook.
Sometimes a place has wonderful things to see and do, but I don’t gel with the overall vibe and that’s the Mandalay I met. After an eventful bus trip from Nyaungshwe (outdoor toilet break, cloth for door, massive hole in cloth, enough said) that involved many hours literally (hey look, this is how you use that word) sitting in the middle of the road while a broken down lorry was fixed, I arrived in Bagan. The post Vegan Around Inle Lake Myanmar + Sev Recipe appeared first on Messy Vegetarian Cook. Ma Vie en Franglais Thoughts and observations from an American girl attempting to master la vie en rose.
Some quick background on my dietary habits: I was raised vegetarian, and stopped eating fish when I was about 15 years old.
But when I came back to live in Paris in 2005, I was surprised to see how much easier it had become to live my animal-friendly lifestyle. Still, as much as France has improved, it should come as no surprise to anyone that it still isn’t exactly the #1 spot in the world to be vegetarian.

While I am happy with my choice to be vegetarian, I also strongly believe that local cuisine is a huge part of being fully immersed in a foreign culture. Overall, when traveling or living abroad, I think it's always important to strike a balance between adapting to a new culture, and keeping a bit of your own along for the ride.
Comments or opinions expressed on this blog are those of the individual contributors only, and do not necessarily represent the views of FRANCE 24. CAPTCHAThis question is for testing whether you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Any story where a character is converted unnaturally easily to whatever the writer is trying to teach. Easy Evangelism is related to Strawman Political and Confirmation Bias, but common in a wide enough range of sources to be worth its own trope. Ironic in that while it may be an attempt to "soften the blow" of an attack on the opposition, members of the actual opposition may see it as even worse than just calling them "bad". Attempting Easy Evangelism in a story that isn't an Author Tract (or is one, but not for the character's faith) is likely to devolve into Activist Fundamentalist Antics instead. See also Armor-Piercing Question when Easy Evangelism is accomplished by a single question. Naruto can convert anybody to his way of thinking with minimal argument, provided he has had the chance to beat them first.
In the Briggs arc of Fullmetal Alchemist, Alphonse manages to convince a pair of chimeras to join his side and abandon their fatalism with a single lecture. Despite her reputation of making friends out of former enemies, Nanoha is actually an aversion of this trope. In Chick Tracts, the Christian protagonist will explain to a bunch of people about "the truth" — and, very soon, everyone will be quick to convert. The most well-known offender is probably "Big Daddy", in which after citing scientific evidence of questionable strength against evolution (the person that is cited for the arguments has been roundly criticized by other scientists as well as by other creationists), everyone immediately agrees it's wrong. There's also "Allah Had No Son", in which a Muslim goes within minutes from threatening to kill the evangelist who calls Allah a Moon God to vowing to preach the Good News to other Muslims even at the cost of his own life. Vampire Jesus is even easier to convince, when he was ready to drink blood a frame earlier. In a tract about Christian Rock being actually controlled by "Lew Siffer", one guy is converted in one panel by reading a Chick tract. In one tract a guy who just converted somehow manages (off panel) to convert 28 people at his first Bible-Study meeting.
This is surprisingly often averted in tracts in which the listener refuses or is hesitant to commit to converting, and then dies and goes to hell. In the first arc of the Ultimate X-Men comic by Mark Millar, Wolverine joins the X-Men under false pretenses, actually intending to infiltrate and kill Xavier per Magneto's instructions. In L'Héritage de Rantanplan, Lucky Luke tells local tycoon Oggie Swenson, in a very condescending tone, to improve the social conditions in Virginia City.
In Asterix in Corsica, Asterix brings an end to a long-running family feud just by telling the Corsicans to forget about the old quarrels and stand together against the Romans. This is a common Fan Fic type, usually referred to as "conversion fics", where a fictional character is talked into converting to Christianity (possibly other religions, but usually Christianity). There is a Sailor Moon fanfic where Chibi-Usa, after being impressed by a group of bitchy Mary Sues, converted to Wicca. Another moment in My Immortal has one where Ebony and Draco are about to be punished for having sex in the forbidden forest.
There are two Warhammer 40,000 Fan Fics where a Jerkass God-Mode Sue Ork, after killing the Emperor (who apparently caused all the racism in the galaxy, because all the other races just "wanted to be friends with humans") and banishing the Chaos Gods, converts all the factions to Christianity, including the Orks, the Necrons and the Traitor Marines. As a parody of Chick Tracts, "Why We're Here" naturally plays this trope; the preacher is a Cthulhu cultist. Forbiden Fruit: The Tempation of Edward Cullen: So, Jasper, you're sensitive about being gay? Despite its premise being about religious conversion, Angel of the Bat goes pretty far out of its way to avert this. Averted in The Secret of Kells, even though the film is all about the sublime beauty of an illuminated gospel. 100 Girls has a particularly odd scene where a man gives a 30 second speech where he manages to show he isn't familiar with the first thing about feminist theory, at the same time as convincing a gender studies class that Straw Feminist-like feminism is pointless. The ending scene of Charlie Chaplin's The Great Dictator has the lead good guy, who is posing as Hitler Hynkel, give a speech that we are to suppose makes everything okay.
The religious characters in the Woody Allen film Whatever Works are all convinced to become atheists with astonishing ease, with the implication that even the briefest exposure to the cosmopolitan nature of New York will turn even the staunchest conservative Christian into a liberal secular humanist.
It doesn't seem to take a lot for the McManus brothers in The Boondock Saints to convince people that their vigilantism is just and should be enabled. Surprisingly averted in the last place you'd ever expect to see it: the educational short A Case of Spring Fever.
In Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, Luke immediately becomes an enthusiastic believer in Obi-Wan's teachings about the Jedi and The Force, even though he only just met the guy that same day and Obi-Wan has a reputation as being a "crazy old wizard".
God Emperor Immortan Joe is worshiped by his fanatical War Boys and the people who live near his Citadel. Nux goes from a die-hard adherent of Immortan Joe's cult, sent into a fervor of religious ecstasy when Joe so much as made eye contact with him, to being willing to die to oppose his tyranny after a short pep talk from a pretty girl.
In the French gamebook series La Saga du Prêtre Jean, this is an actual power of the protagonist (a 12th century Christian crusader). Made from a combination of dried red chillies, sweet rice flour, and fermented soybean powder, the slightly funky flavour is further accentuated by weeks of aging in the sun. I have approximately zero interest in gadgets like these, so found myself pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this product. Hiroshima, Osaka, and Takayama were all last minute, uncoordinated decisions that were erratic at best. I’ve been working full time on the internet for 12 years now, and engaging in blogging side projects for nearly as long. The process typically takes at least a couple of months, but as with cheese-making longer aging tends to produce a more flavoursome and umami rich product.
Each year a nine day vegetarian festival is held across the country, more pronounced in some areas than others, that celebrates a je diet. Mom, I love you and the effort you made to support my choice, but those mushy tofu and frozen vegetable stir fries you made when I was a teenager were the worst. The best version I tried utilised dates against a backdrop of rich tomato and berbere gravy soaked injera. At the class I learned how to make a simple jiew, a dip to be eaten with sticky rice, that contained little more than a few chargrilled grilled vegetables, salt and a pinch of monosodium glutamate. Transportation in Taiwan is efficient, reliable, and fast enough to make day trips easily, so while I was in Taipei I visited a few outlying towns and cities. Everyone goes mad for it, and with good reason, but what confuses me is how dull its preparations often are.
Typically it is not vegetarian, but is easy to prepare without traditional meat ingredients and fish sauce. Also, yes, I still call sweets candy (but I say sweets when I’m pretending in my head that I live in an English Seaside town in like 1887). London, SE1 9RY England The Moveable Feast is a vegetarian popup just next to London Bridge station, under The Shard (come out of the station at the bus stop, go left and down the escalators, then around the corner). Veg Bar is a new vegetarian restaurant just five minutes by bus from Brixton tube, toward Tulse Hill. One of my favourite condiments for spice and wow factor is gochujang, a Korean chilli paste, so when considering the next mayo variation this seemed an obvious choice.
That means there’s a lot more upmarket eating, which is sometimes disappointing and sometimes wonderful, but usually exciting.
I don’t want to sound like that tourist, sorry, I mean traveller, who waxes lyrical over how cool they are for going to a place before most people heard about that place.
Vegan food was available, as everywhere in the country, and the one wholly vegetarian restaurant I tried was pretty good. The next day I woke up in Nyaungshwe (Northern Burma) bright and early to spend the day in a boat. For example, this tends to manifest itself in Christian tracts with phrases such as "Who's Jesus?" If the unbeliever has heard of Jesus, they somehow haven't heard about the "died on a cross for everyone's sins, came back to life three days later" thing. When this trope is in play, not only are the other side's views depicted as being wrong, but they haven't even thought about them. Also, anyone who doesn't immediately convert or fall to their knees in thanks instantly reveals themselves as evil and worthy of being Hoist by His Own Petard. Jesus Himself deconstructed this trope in the Parable of the Sower; there are those who accept the Word with joy right away, but fold when the going gets tough. This even extends to homicidal maniacs who have been driven insane by having monsters sealed inside of them and remorseless sociopaths who have killed hundreds of people as children.

It helps that they weren't aware of the full extent of how evil their bosses' plans were, and that they would have been killed for failure.
It took a whole season's worth of effort to convert Fate and the Wolkenritter to see her point of view. The titular prisoner, who rules over his prison with an iron fist, is put into solitary after killing three prisoners in a single night (and at least one two weeks beforehand; it's implied he may have killed more in the meantime). Then again, not only are most of the successful conversions fairly easy, but it's typically implied that nothing the Christian said could have converted the listener, making them lost causes from the start.
Sure, one of the main subplots involves an atheist converting to Christianity, but that plays out about as realistically as allowed by a story with a literal alien Jesus.
He asks several people, including devout believers, but their answers confuse him even more. After meeting Jean Grey and sleeping with her a few times, he tells her that he had intended to kill Xavier but that Xavier had turned him around to the X-Men's way of thinking. Swenson instantly agrees with him, and in no time, the conflict between Chinatown and the rest of the city's population, has been brought to an end.
Targets include Harry Potter (who is also convinced to give up his "witchcraft") and, perhaps least believably, The X-Files's Fox Mulder. Though Cassandra is always seeking to learn more, it takes a lot to actually convince her God exists, and that doesn't keep her newfound faith from being threatened later.
Within two minutes of meeting Hagrid, Harry has devoted his entire life to Christianity despite never even having heard of God or Jesus beforehand. One of the main characters, Aisling, is a forest spirit who becomes dedicated to helping Brendan illustrate the book, but remains completely Pagan. It appears to some people that the speech at the end of The Great Dictator was clearly by Chaplin, more than by the character. By that same token, however, the "on the street interviews" shown over the credits are also incredibly critical of the brothers, responses ranging from with What the Hell, Hero? After our lumpy hero Gilbert is shown all the wonderful everyday uses for springs, he spends the remainder of the short explaining said uses to his golfing buddies. It is presumably meant to show that they are not uneducated or dumb but just need to be taught how to speak so that others will take them seriously, but it has the unintended effect of making them look like easily-led sheep. However, when the protagonists kill him and dump his body before his people, they immediately cheer his death and declare Furiosa their new ruler.
Once a book, he can convert one intelligent creature that would otherwise be hostile through his high charisma, avoiding the fight. The secret got out about Dalston years ago, but the good news about the trendy vibe is there are plentiful vegan options. The firfir recipe below, although not exactly the same (sometimes location is half of the flavour), is in memory of that dish. What’s not to love about the idea of eating that every day? I joked for a long time about visiting Ethiopia because how cool would that be? FRANCE 24 is not liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of the content or use of this blog.
She studied French and Journalism at Emory University in Atlanta, GA and has lived abroad in France on and off for the past six years.
However, this is not exclusive to Christians—any Aesop or ideology, be it political, religious, or otherwise, is just as susceptible.
It's also worth noting that even if you think your alternative is superior and the people in question hadn't thought of it, they are very unlikely to just fall in line right away, or fall in at all for that matter; people very rarely change deeply held beliefs on a whim. Of course, Sue will forgive them once they realize the error of their defiance, but if not, Karmic Death time! If the convert bases their faith on miracles rather than actual faith, then one is all it takes for the Easy Evangelism to work. Party Line spouter: But he voted in favor of something unpopular, just like another disliked public figure! The Abridged Series pokes fun at this, with Tea being able to beat bad guys just by friendship-speeching them into oblivion until they agree with her in a Creepy Monotone: "Yes.
However, late in the story, an invasion of cat-monsters and a one-liner is all it takes to convert Pastor Ong from Actual Pacifism to a more pragmatic stance. This is not another ruse — apparently, with absolutely no event to give Wolverine such an epiphany, he's suddenly playing for the home team.
Later, Harry instantly converts Draco from a Ravenclaw Hat to a Gryffindor Hat by outpraying him. It probably wasn't made to be realistic so much as to get the speech across, and it was a pretty brilliant speech, if mostly or entirely rhetorical.
Luke's "conversion" is arguably justified by the fact that he witnesses Kenobi using the Force, and then is able to feel it himself. Joe was an oppressive and greedy ruler, but all previous indications were that his peoples' adherence to his Cult of Personality was genuine. They use the starvation they've suffered for centuries due to colonialism and imperialism as an excuse to eat meat. Carolyn is currently working on her Masters degree in Global Communications at the American University of Paris, and is living up a life filled with cafe cremes, cheap healthcare, strikes and Pierre Herme macarons. What matters is that the author depicts others who are easily convinced to agree with the message. Believer: Well, God was even more heartbroken when He sent His Son from heaven to die on Earth. He immediately dismisses it, but within two hours he is so convinced that he requests a Bible and a chaplain visit.
He answers that he has read all those and what he wants is to directly interview God and ask him questions, like when He was born, what are His favorite activities, and so on. Given the fact that Charles Xavier, the world's most powerful telepath, is involved, Easy Evangelism seems a lot more plausible. Slavoj Zizek points out to the fact that the public is cheering in the same way they would have cheered Hitler Hynkel. But it it is notable that Han is depicted as being something of a Flat-Earth Atheist simply because he does not immediately buy into all of this based solely on Obi-Wan's pedantic ramblings and Luke being able to deflect a few stun shots after hours of practice.
That latter guy has a low approval rating too, so this guy must be a horrible person who wants us to eat babies! Many of them also used to be idealistic, so often, it's a matter of undoing the processes that made them who they were when Naruto first met them, or forcing them to see them in a new light. By the time the chaplain shows up two days later, "The Bull" is not only more knowledgable about it than this man who has dedicated his life to it (or at least the parts about Jesus' love and Hell; he only "just found out that God hates sodomy") but he also devoutly believes every word of it. Although he comes across as rather less reasonable when the prequels revealed that the rise of the Empire was a much shorter time ago than was apparent in the original trilogy, and Han would have seen the golden age of the Jedi during his childhood. Apparently, in Jack Chick's world, teachers who teach evolution are intentionally misleading children. Then, he proceeds to easily evangelize the chaplain, the entire population of prisoners, the guards, and the warden.
On the other hand, the ratio of non-Force sensitives to Jedi in the Old Republic was apparently billions-to-one! Even most Evangelical Christians (at least the minority of them who believe that science is completely wrong about evolution) acknowledge that it's really not the case.
Quite literally the only character who isn't easily evangelized is the state governor, whose only role in the comic is to be a jerk to everybody for no reason. Footage was shot for an extended ending, where you see the soldiers cheer the speech, throw down their guns and start dancing with each other. An average person in the galaxy would likely never meet a Jedi during their lifetime or personally witness actual usage of Force powers. The only way man could ever get into heaven was for someone sinless to die in his place and pay the penalty for his sin.
The Great Dictator was shot in 1940-41, in a period when Allied suspicions about the extent of the Holocaust were growing. This was especially true since the Jedi largely limited their socialization to within their own Order and had little or no contact with their families. The heartfelt appeal of the final speech has more to do with the way Chaplin felt as the film was wrapping up than how he felt starting the project off. Thus it would be very easy for someone to believe that the Jedi were over-hyped and that the Force was just a lot of "simple tricks and nonsense".

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