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There's going to be another addition of love for this Love & Hip Hop family!Singer Omarion and longtime girlfriend Apryl Jones, who also star in the VH1 reality show's Hollywood franchise, have announced that they're expecting another baby together!The pair each took to their personal Instagram pages to share the news separately.
In fact, Omarion's post on IG shared the intimate and special moment that they found out the sex of the baby. You know, like "where are your swim trunks from?" Or "have you hit up the massage hut lately?" Or "wanna play with that volleyball?" We're all on vacation, and we're all looking for people to hang out with-- it only takes a little breaking of the ice. Don't be that vacation girl or guy, and you'll be instantly more attractive to your fellow travelers. Make your move early, and make it bold-- pass a cheerful origami hello to someone who looks alluring. It's not weird to ask the cute person in the jacuzzi what they're doing tonight and then actually text them.
It's the perfect place to gaze over the hotel's comings and goings, and you'll have time to dive into conversation while that special someone waits for their room to be ready.
Those instructional safety videos you have to watch before Jet Skiing are sooo cheesy, right?
If you think you've truly spotted your future vacation boyfriend across the swim-up bar, and if all other options fail, just go for the cheap shot.
Where to Stay: Almost all 142 units of the Cabo Villas are romantic, airy and bright -- with modern decor, stylish fixtures and spacious balconies with stunning views. Cruises are fun, but they’ll also take a nice-sized chunk out of your bank account if you’re not careful –  especially if you’re taking a certain special someone. Some girlfriends are bubbly, but if yours is basically a bubble of enthusiasm ready to pop at any moment like an exuberant pimple, then Disney is your jam. Speaking of princesses… if you want to turn your girlfriend into a wifefriend and help her feel like a princess all the while, Princess is your cruise line because they’ve got a pretty extensive wedding program. If your girlfriend is a European chick (exchange student, au pair, whatever) who loves to smoke cigarettes and doesn’t care how noisy the atmosphere is or how crappy the food is, Costa is your best bet. If you and your girlfriend are college kids who need no sleep and love non-stop action and activities at your fingertips, and want to dress as casually as possible at every moment, then Royal Caribbean is the right cruise line for you.

Carnival cruises are kind of like a non-stop circus with performers who have no idea what they’re doing.
But sometimes they've got just the right amount of unabashed pushiness that will perfectly maneuver you into conversation with the cutie at the bar. The infamous line associated with the town of Cabo San Lucas reflects its hard-partying atmosphere which makes it a popular choice among college-aged spring breakers. The ocean-side location is convenient for party people -- Medano Beach's shores may be teeming with vendors and tourists, yet guests can find a bit of a reprieve (if they choose) at the hotel's beach bar and sushi joint, Baja Cantina. So to help prepare you for your first cruise with your kick-ass girlfriend here are some cruise lines and the type of girlfriend they’ll suit best.
Here she can run into all her favorite characters, see live Disney productions, watch Disney movies, and basically feel like she’s a Disney princess. Oh, and there’s lots of middle-aged and elderly people, so just remember to keep it down while you’re celebrating your union.
Just remember: All the climbing walls, ice skating rinks, wave machines, water slides and photo ops mean that having fun is 100% mandatory. And, if so, what kind of gift should it be to make it the perfect gift?The answer to the first question is YES! Then, once he or she comes to help, reveal that you did not, in fact, lose your sunglasses.
But Medano Beach has something for revelers of all ages -- as long as you're down to get in on the fun, of course. When looking for a love interest, it's much easier for a group of friends to approach a group of friends than for lone wolves to approach each other. The soft, sandy beach is lined by bars -- everything from inexpensive dives to upscale cocktail lounges. The only thing you were disappointed in was yourself when you received the credit card bill. She wants to know that you care enough to put some thought into a gift, not that you can spend your money on something (which any guy can do without much thought.)1. Listen To HerYou don’t know her that well yet, but if you listen to her, she will tell you everything you need to know about what she wants, needs, or desires.

You can findA this type ofA gift by listening to what she complains about.For example, if she complains about how her computer bag is hard to carry, a new computer bag that is easy to carry may be a perfect gift. Or if her alarm clock is annoying her and making her grumpy in the morning because it is so loud, a new, soothingA alarm clock that allows her to wake up with the loud beeping of regular alarm clocks.The point is to think of something that will make her life easier or better. When you give her the perfect gift, she will be amazed that you listened to her so well and found something to make her life better.3. What Does She Like About You?If you have some gift ideas in mind now, but don’t have the cash to get them, this step will be for you.
I'll forever belong to you & you will forever be tied to me."Congratulations to the couple!
Does she like you to sing to her, rub her feet, give her hugs, orA do that certain thing in the bedroom? New relationships are full ofA intimate and fun moments, andA the receiver will use the coupon book instead of letting it sit beside their bed.4. Think About Your RelationshipThe last thing you should do is think about your relationship and some milestones in it. Even if it is a new relationship, there will still be a first kiss, first conversation, first date, and many other firsts. Take her out for the night to the restaurant you first ate at and recreate the night with her. Do something that means something to you and her and she will view it as the perfect gift.Follow Your Instinct For The Perfect GiftNow you should have a few ideas for a perfect gift.
Plus get an eBook titled ' 69 Tips To Help You Get Laid: A Guide For Men In A Relationship Who Want More Sex' as your first free gift. Tantra Master, Psalm Isadora, is going to give you the secrets to improve intimacy on a HUGE level. Watch Her Masterclass Here!PollsIn Your Life, How Many Women Have You Met Who Choose Jerks?

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