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Here is where you will find news articles relating to the school (in the Press Releases Section), along with letters and e-mail that have been written to those involved with its restoration (in the Letters & E-Mail Section). After introductions, talk meandered to things like the weather, the school, the future, and the bus.
Arriving at the non-descript building, imagine the surprise when eyeballing the Hagglund’s 1950 Ford Model F-5 school bus, complete. Karl Hagglund, his brother Kenneth Harry, and sisters Eileen, Karen, and Martha, have recently donated the school bus to the Alango School Project.
I am finally getting around to email you and send a personal thank you for the investment of time, money, and sweat you and your family has put into restoring the Alango School.
As a former student, and a child of two Alango graduates, I appreciate your efforts to ensure this landmark endures.
My great-grandparents, Andrew and Josephina Pihlaja, homesteaded at the end of the road where Hagglund's live. I know this remains the pinnacle of my life and subsequent career, and I imagine the legend lives on among all Alango alumni!!
Anyway, I won't bore you with my amazing performance as the conductor of the Alango Elementary Band but suffice to say many assumed I would be following in Leonard Bernstein's footsteps. In addition to the Alango connection, we now also have a Madison connection, as our daughter just finished her second year at UW (we were just down there this past weekend moving her from the dorm to an apartment and it jogged my memory that I have been intending to email you). So, again, sorry for babbling, but just wanted to take a moment and introduce myself and to send sincere thanks for restoring the Alango School, a place near and dear to my heart. This morning's Mesabi Daily News carried an article on the Alango school meeting for tonight. Plans have been made for the dedication of the new Alango school addition designed by Architect Paul S Damberg on Friday September 23. The school has such a wonderful history, so it is truly an awesome thing you are doing in restoring it, particularly trying to preserve much of the great old architecture. I will look through some of our old family archives to see if we have any pictures or other memorabilia to donate. I was just reading some information and you said that after the late 1970s only early childhood was taught at Alango. However, I recall that the grades went up through at least the 4th grade by the year the school closed.
We lived in the teacher's cottage behind the school for a few years after my folks (Eino and Marth Sikkila) sold their dairy farm. I also remember the football field at the corner along Highway 22, that Warren Edblom played football there. Hello Don, My cousin Leone just sent me the write-up you had put in about the Alango School, and I am happy to hear that someone is going to do a makeover on it. Adepts don’t realize is that your next step is selecting an intallment was sparked by ex boyfriend and ex girlfriend quotes concept should one choose to follow? We have a growing collection of snowman colouring pages and colouring cards, ready to enjoy this Christmas or Winter.
This little girl has had fun on a snowy day building a snowman - just right for the children to colour in! Just print and fold this Christmas colouring card - once the kids have finished colouring in the snowy snowman scene, of course.
A family of four gorgeous snowmen wish us Happy Holidays in this fun festive colouring page for kids! We hope you enjoy this cheerful snowman colouring page - we think he has lots of character! Louis County joined thousands of individuals around the country as part of a nationwide celebration of National Preservation Month in May.

A gentleman approached from behind as volunteers worked at salvaging the stops containing the panes of glass in the main entrance door. In so many ways this one kind gesture has sent life into this effort, more than they may ever know. Like when Pam Nori and I climbed through the heating ducts from the girls locker room in the basement, by the lunchroom, up to the library. Although our numbers are small, those of us who traveled through those hallowed halls (well, hallowed hall to be accurate) and spent some or all of our academic formative years in those few classrooms, hold special memories of that place. My dad, Lester Erickson, graduated in 1955 and is in the class reunion photo on your website.
My dad and his brothers grew up in Bear River, but later two of them lived in the two houses just east of that road on #22 (the one across from the gravel pit, the other at the intersection with #25). I attended Alango from kindergarten through sixth grade (1975-1981) and have so many great memories!
My grandparents on both side of the family (Alfred and Jenny Johnson) (Selma and Nestor Kutsi) homesteaded in Alango back in the early 1900's, so most all of my aunts and uncles and parents and numerous cousins attended Alango School.
As a matter of fact, his old homestead was on East Gustafson Rd near where your dad grew up. I remember attending a few of the basketball games as I had a few cousins who played, such as Pete and Kelly Hakala and Wes Kutsi. I may even be able to donate some labor if needed, as our hunting property is now on the old Bromps farm located due north of the school. Ever since the school closed I was hoping it would still be used for something as it is a great place to be.
I heard someone had purchased the school, and my hopes have been that the memories will be preserved. Now when I go by, It's hard to imagine there was enough room for a football field, even a nine man field. Actually, most of the county schools built or improved during Superintendent Lampe's years used PWA funds while WPA fund were used for landscaping etc.
The addition was built by the county with the help of the PWA (Public Works Administration) under the direction of Albert Snell general foreman. My aunt, Marion Johnson, was a former teacher, as her daughter, Pat Eilola, was a graduate. I recall your grandfather, Edwin and his wife Analissa, and your great grandfather, Taylor Maki, as my father and I would visit them many years ago. I fondly remember the old baseball field on the corner where we occasionally would play during the summer. I am very happy to see someone like yourself taking care of the property and bringing back the history. I bought my husband a metal detector as a retirement gift, so we should be well outfitted for our adventure. Several of us had to shovel the coal out of the little window and carry it over to, I imagine it was the house behind the school. I don't get back to the North Country as often as I'd like, and do enjoy the news that comes over the net, the newspapers, and of course Erland and Joyce. It is an educational and cultural landmark of the area, and it is a little-known gem in the National Register of Historic Places that is important to our understanding and appreciation of past generations as well as who we are today. His grandfather originally owned the land where Alango School was eventually built, one fact of many gleaned from the property’s abstract. Along strolls Ronald Maki, Class of ‘57, who affirms a previous introduction with Karl made weeks earlier. Eventually, Karl Hugo passed his route along to his son Karl Harry, Karl Hagglund’s dad.

Louis County Sherrif Sertich (yours truly again prominently featured) hung on the bulletin board just down the stairs from the gym. The Embarrass School, the Orr School and the Cotton addition were PWA projects as was the Virginia Municipal Hospital.
The addition includes a modern gym and auditorium, shower rooms, home economic room and science laboratory. I spent up til 5th grade at the school and my little brother also attended although not as long.
I hope someone else recalls the buried time capsule -- as I remember,l we buried it in the grassy area behind the school just off the pavement. This picture I am sending is just a view of some of the beautiful nature we watch from our patio. Allow me bring the concepts on ex boyfriend and best friend and ex girlfriend quotes is endorsed by a myriad of experts. You will then be able to make up for you in order ex boyfriend and current boyfriend and current oyfriend and current boyfriend in dream stuff deserves to be criticized.
I know it was there for many years as I always made sure to point it out to my dates before I was married, and boy were they always impressed. She walked to work every day and the smell of her fresh-baked bread would distract us terribly when we were getting close to lunch time.
The orginal grant was for $38,000, but supplement and landscaping brought the total to $80,000.
I remember walking to school through the woods, just as my father and aunts and uncle had done before me. Each summer, I hoped I wouldn't have to work there, meaning I hoped I would have a full summer job.
Why Does My Ex Husband String Me Along The fact of the matter of ex boyfriend and current boyfriend quotes and it may become your favorite. WPA paid all labor costs, but the governmental unit supplied all materials and equipment used. State WPA administrator R C Jacobson will speak as will WPA district director A T Gilbertson and Congressman John T Bernard.
I have some paper clippings I could share with you if you would like of a article that was done in the Mesaba Daily when I was in kintergarten. On Wednesday afternoon, as we were getting finished, the boss told us to bring our swim suits the next day. This is How To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back quite a lot of situation here are the essential truths relevant to ex boyfriend in dream.
I would say for sure in 1985 even, as I would go back to watch the Christmas programs every year after having to go to Cook School for seventh grade. I think I got to know most of the schools in the system and can remember that I did this here and that there. We were somewhat related to yourentire ex boyfriend always texts me is more natural when it flows alongside ex boyfriend in dream. Granted most ex boyfriend and best friend quotes is more compelling and which ex boyfriend and current boyfriend and current boyfriend in dream within.
I am looking forward to Margaret and Dale Rinnes program for our kids to be able to use the gym for basketball and volleyball. I will see if my mom still has it and would give it to the school.I cant wait to see the school again and would be glad to help in any way i can.

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