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Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Tonight, Savannah Brinson will attend the ninth annual Sapphire Ball in Akron as its honorary chairwoman. Money raised by the sold-out bash will flow to the Women's Health Center at Summa Akron City Hospital, a busy space catering to women of all ages for a range of needs, including state-of-the-art gynecological services from prenatal care to delivery.
This time last fall, Brinson and her NBA-star beau were rubbing elbows with the likes of Jay-Z and Serena Williams at a benefit for the LeBron James Family Foundation held at Ralph Lauren's flagship store on Manhattan's Upper East Side.
Until she agreed to lend her name to the Sapphire Ball, Brinson had devoted most of her philanthropic energies to James' charity. At 23, she hopes to ease into a more public role helping girls navigate through a thicket of bad choices to a better life. Pistorius sobbed on the stand as he explained how he discovered he had killed Reeva Steenkamp.
It was a spectacle in the courtroom today as Oscar Pistorius took the stand and for the first time told his version of events from the night he shot and killed his girlfriend. Last year, thousands of women from the greater Akron area and surrounding counties of Cuyahoga, Medina, Portage, Stark and Wayne walked through its doors.

Proceeds from the ball will go toward updates and refurbishment of the center, something Brinson was heartened to learn when she toured the facility. All rights reserved (About Us).The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Northeast Ohio Media Group LLC.
Accused of murder, Pistorius began sobbing as he described for the first time publicly the moment he found his girlfriend, the model, dead in his bathroom by his own hand. On Valentine's day he fired four bullets into the bathroom in his Pretoria home, killing her instantly. Abruptly the judge suspending proceedings apparently to give Pistorius the opportunity to compose himself. The question in the courtroom and around the country were the agonized howls helping or hurting his case. For days on end, testimony about the body or blood spatter that had Pistorius doubled over, wretching and heaving. Reporter: He testified he kau out to her three times but was focused on imagined intruders.
Reporter: Tonight we exclusively interviewed the man who has been building Pistorius' prosthetics for over 20years.

Trevor Brockman helped make Pistorius the fastest man on no legs but his prowess on prosthetics made him feel vulnerable self-conscious without them.
All this drama playing out on a 24-hour cable station which hangs on every word from the now disgraced national hero. Wailing and anguish will be felt by some as being incredibly painful, and others as an act. Earlier in testimony, the defense had Pistorius read messages be tween him and reeva, revealing intimate details of a passionate three month long relationship.
When he first took the stand he expressed sadness even remorse for what he calls a tragic accident. I can't imagine the pain and the sorrow and the emptiness I have caused you and your family. Who must look beyond remorse to determine whether reeva's death was a horrible accident or cold-blooded killing.

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