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The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev, 24, is dating Dancing With The Stars Derek Hough, 28. Emily & Meritt For PBteen Launch Event Miley Cyrus Boob Job: Actually Planned by Singer? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. But when a student film major,Navid Shirazi, sees the video, he instantly wants her to act in his next movie. She decides to attend Vanderbilt with her friends but when they start to ask questions about why the army didnt work out will she tell them the truth, that she got rejected because she had a baby. She Will do anything to get his attention even if it means to lose all her friends in the process.
Brittany doesnt like waiting for Santana to come out of the closet, so when Emily comes along, Brittany cant help but fall for her.

But it could all get ruined when her ex Jesse St James Comes back to town and he wants her back. But when Tinas Ex is determined to win her back, will Tina be able to keep her life under control or will it start to unravel.
She was desperate, she wanted to do anything to win the love of her life back, so she faked dying of a disease. She just didnt care about what people thought of her, but would her reputation be worth the risk. Will she end up making Eli jealous or will she actually  be happy with someone who wants to be with her? She knows that Bianca would teach her some steps on how to be sexy, but will she end up attracting more guys than she expected? When everyone found out at her old school, she decided to transfer and enroll at Vanderbilt.

Blair meets the cute and very rich Declan Coyne, will he be the reason she moves on from Chuck. But since Jenny and Blair now attend the same school, the title of Queen Bee is open for just about anyone.
But then Jeremy Gilbert comes along and she feels like she meet someone who she can connect too? So when she was at Mystic Falls two years before, she date raped Matt Donovan and then says its Dan Humphrey's Babys.

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