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About Us Founded in Oct 2010, BWNG is a blog where four friends deconstruct, discuss and deliberate thoughts and topics formally kept in the confines of a London Living Room. If you’re like me you take the event of introducing your girlfriend to your parents very seriously. But just as daunting is the thought of making a fool of yourself when you first get to meet your girlfriend’s parents.
For the two weeks leading up to that night, I was in limbo thinking of what to wear, say etc and we were nowhere near serious. But don’t worry, having been in this position quite a few times, seen as sisters are quick to hubby a good brother with lightning pace ??  I think I have a few tips which might be able to help you. Alot of people make the mistake of falling into the trap of bringing up touchy subjects to overcome the silence.
This one is tricky because common sense would say bring a bottle of red and white wine, but if your girlfriend is African then Supermalt will go down like a house on fire.
This means coming dressed appropriate for a dinner, not as if you have just looted LV and Gucci. If all else fails and it looks like you are in a sinking ship because you have managed to disrespect everything the father stands for, work on the MaMa. These are some of the tricks that have worked in the past, but the key is to remember that the first time you are invited to have dinner at your girlfriends house, you need to think of it like a court date.
And if you know anything about going to court (oh so I heard), you want to look as less of a suspect as possible. Remember this is a forum for you to be interrogated, so the only time you break the silence is to express how good the food is or admiring the interior design.
The fact that you are being invited for dinner, basically means that the mother has heard enough about you and she has managed to convinced the Pops to have you around.

Also if they are a religious family, alcoholic beverages is not necessarily the best ice breaker and neither is a bottle of juice as a substitute, because it would look like you are mocking.
Over excessive dress sense and cologne does not necessarily give the impression that you are doing well.
So only speak when spoken to and make sure you do your job on the prosecutor, because he is looking to lock you away for good. Have you got any success and fail stories on when you had to meet a partner’s parents? Best advice is to always ask your chick about her folks – what they like, interests etc to avoid the scenario above. She may smile at you, get you drink, make sure your plate is topped up, but they’re ruthless!
I remember when I was in my teens and my then girlfriend of a few months sent me a text saying she wants to ask me something in private. Don’t think because there is a big Union Jack flag at the door that you can begin a discussion about immigration. So this exercise is merely for him to interrogate you into finding out if you are the right type of man for his daughter. In fact the purpose of your presence is to come across as a humble character, who only speaks about his achievements when asked. Although if your girlfriend is African, there is a 98% chance that you will be born again by the time you leave that house. The mothers are sold the second their daughters mention the word “love”, whereas the same word makes the old man cringe. Although we have discovered that the Dad is the biggest cockblocker, the Mum is the one calling the shots at the end of the day.

So the key here is to know what he is into and enough information, so you can sort of prepare for some of the awkward answers and questions thrown your way. The Dad will just look at you like you are trying to buy your way into his family, only because he will naturally have a pessimistic view of you until he is able to get to know you.
The Dad naturally cockblocks because he was once young and he does not want karma to come back and bamboozle his Daughter. The worst Dads tend to be the ones that like random sports like Badminton and Polo, so trying to strike conversations about those interests will be interesting to say the least. The Mums know what it is like to fall in love at a young age and would do whatever it takes to almost relive that through their children. Now I’m feeling a bit more bold about the prospect of ever bringing a dude home to meet the parents. But if the Mother senses that you’re playing games, they will be the first to evict you out of the house and the Dad would be more than happy to succumb to her demand. Before this, that was never ever a possibility that even by mistake caroused my imagination, intelligence or desires!
To him he would rather have his Daughter single until they discover a way to conceive children without sexual intercourse.
So the key here is to keep an eye on the Mother’s reactions and drop in a few praises here and there.

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