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You best remember the mid and the high class consonants – the low class are all the rest.
Interesting article Kris, and shows just how much trouble we foreigners go thru to learn how to tone thai words. FWIW: I also learned to do it by remembering that high class consonants can NEVER have a high tone and low class consonants can NEVER have a low tone.
If you want to test your ability to tone single syllable thai words; thai language dot com has an exercise where you can check how good you are. The chart is very good but a small point: The tone marks ?????? (mai dri) and ???????? (mai chatawa) cannot apply to high class initial consonants but the chart tends to imply that they can.
A tone chart for writers would look completely different and would be more complicated (The silent ? and ? that are used for changing the tone, would also come in the picture). Here has been my system: I hear the word and repeat it exactly how I hear it, or really I sing it back like I hear it. My wife says my tones basically suck, although I do get by fairly okay and I think she is being overly critical. In the end the tone rules are nothing more than a tool for the beginning reader or writer (but a very useful tool). WLT shares Thai language resources, learning tips and techniques, as well as local quirks and insights on Thailand.
Well, I did theTraditional Thai Massage, now I want to find a family friendly sauna or steam room in Bangkok. I wander in the front, and the guard points me to the right of the lobby and up a flight of stairs.
Thai Actress Aom Suchar on Finding International Fame Through Lesbian Movie 'Yes or No' and the Disastrous Snickers Viral Ad Campaign She’s only 25 but Aom Suchar, or Sucharat Manaying, has already found fame throughout Asia for her role in the hit lesbian movie Yes or No. To celebrate World Whisky Day on May 21, Bangkok’s leading bars have introduced some special whisky-based cocktails to enjoy until the end of June. Thaiz never have that problem because words were beaten into their heads one word at a time with the correct tone.

If the Thai letters for each class could be put on the chart under the decision points mentioning the class, then everything would be in one place. Much easier to comprehend than a bunch of words – which is why I never learned the tone rules.
An advanced reader, like you, would just remember the tones of the words or derive them from similarly written words. There's a lot of 'Spa's in Bangkok, small massage places several of which have saunas or steam rooms. The woman's sauna has a little sign "pour only a little water on the sauna", and I'm told the mans sauna doesn't permit any water.
Recently, she came under fire for pretending to go crazy as part of Snickers’ viral ad campaign. When I attended acting classes we had to sit in meditation and link ourselves to our bodies. Being in the spotlight, I feel that I have to do my work properly so that people will remember me favorably.
Everyone around me act as my teachers because in my profession, observing my environment and those around me is very important. I went to places of great historical significance, where Buddha use to visit such as Varanasi, Buddha Gaya and the crossing to Nepal, and saw people faced with tremendous difficulties. Working with Nine (Saraswadee Wonsompetch, director of Namaste Ja-e Bye Bye and Yes or No) has really given me an insight into a director’s job. I know it starts with a chicken; ? ???, ends with an owl ? ????? and has 42 other consonants in between.
You can either click the sound file and listen for it, or just look at the word and see if you can do it by sight.. So, assuming the word you’re reading is correctly written, you can find the pronunciation with this chart. The sign says its for guests and visitors of hotel guests, but a chat to the lady behind the counter, and no, anyone can use it, for the 300 baht charge.

There was a well equipped fitness room but only one guest in the pool and one in the fitness room! But now she’s back to talk about her new projects, the dharma movie Namaste Ja-e Bye Bye, in cinemas this week, and a Thai remake of the hit Korean series Full House. It’s interesting to explore other characters and make people believe in that character.
I’m not normally very religious but when I had a chance to pray at the place where Lord Buddha died, I cried a lot. When they meet a new word, they automatically know the correct group and therefor will know the tones to use. If you start from an incorrectly written word, the chart will still give you an answer, which is also incorrect.
Then I just guess at the tone – which my dear wife then corrects with a shake of her head and a rolling of her eyes.
It was based on the true story of a girl who was addicted to drugs and resorted to selling flowers on the roadside.
It was a surprise because when I was in Nakhon Ratchasima, my hometown, I was just an everyday girl with no ties to the media industry.
I admit that it was my fault for taking the job without thinking it through, but some comments went too far. I was aware of this but made this choice to keep the chart as small as possible (and I assume the words you’re putting into the chart are correctly written).

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