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This quiz is an awesome tool to better understand your partner, and further identify with what makes then tick. If your partners love language is words of affirmations, the key is to continually say nice things to them.
If you are dating, engaged to, or married to a Physical Touch person, it can be difficult to express love in his or her preferred language if physical touch does not come easily to you. Though everyone is different in the types of touch they prefer, hugs are typically the end all be all to those who speak “touch-ese.” Do you remember how often the family in the television show Full House hugged each other?
Sacrificially giving hugs to your sweetheart is not only good for him or her, but can also help you calm down and beat stress. There are few times when your physical toucher will turn down a hug, rub, snuggle, or stroke of the hand, but there will be some. Before marriage, it is important to keep your touching above reproach and completely appropriate. While touching can communicate love, it also can communicate hate, frustration, and indifference if used inappropriately. How have you used physical touch to communicate love in your family, friends, and relationships? Which is yours? Relationships guru Dr Gary Chapman purports that there are five different ways that lovers can communicate with each other - in other words languages. When you know what resonates with your mate, your relationship with them will only become stronger seed by seed. Recently, I took Gary Chapman’s online quiz and realized that Quality Time is my primary love language with Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation coming in at a close second.
Even though I was a tall child, I remember asking my dad to pick me up and carry me around until I was eight years old.
Recently, I have discovered that I can lie beside him and watch an entire movie without touching him – as long as he is there with me. In some homes, physical touch did not happen very much, so it can be awkward and unnatural. It may seem overwhelming to some, but physical touchers do not see anything abnormal about it.
In the midst of difficult circumstances, hugs show that you are there for your loved one, they are a source of deep comfort, and I think they release endorphins into the brain. Before marriage, you need to be careful to keep clothes on and save back or neck rubs for public places.

In a formal dining situation, you can gently reach beneath the table and take your girlfriend’s hand.
If you feel convicted by the Holy Spirit after some questionable touching, you have crossed the line and need to repent. His reaction did not make sense to me at the time, but later I came to realize that I had used his primary means of giving and receiving love to communicate anger.
If you want to find out what your love language is, there is a free quiz you can take by clicking here. Doesn’t a hug from someone you deeply love make you feel better at the end of a rough day? Field says other studies have found that a hug from a friend or a professional massage can also help banish tension. If you are uncomfortable rubbing your boyfriend’s back in church you can take his hand and sandwich it in between your hands. As much as Eric likes to be touched, I have learned to keep my distance when he has a crazed, deadline-approaching, must finish this project look on his face. He did not heed my pleas for him to stop and in a moment of desperation I popped his back… hard. This extract has been taken by my personal best selling book Your Pandora's Boxes to Abundance. While she probably loved the thought of me being “a little girl” again, it had to have hurt her legs and back! Small rubs throughout the day will keep a steady stream of love flowing into his or her heart.
If physical touch does not come easily to you, you can still make it a habit if you want to.
It does not matter whether you both have only just started dating, or you're already married to the one. Acts of Service If acts of service is a love language your partner prefers, then do some good deeds.
In fact, he often bends forward slightly to give me a hint… and if I do not take the hint, he nudges me and smiles. He wants to be greeted at the end of a long day with a big bear hug and he loves having his back rubbed at night. It can be a powerful way to show love, but inappropriate touch can be devastating to someone who primarily gives and receives love through touch.

If he has been busy working insane hours and he likes his room clean, and it's not too clean at the time - then go ahead and clean their room for them. If you're a woman and you're in love with a busy man, then why not save him some time and money, and iron his shirts if he does not mind. Again, discuss with your sweetie when he or she prefers hand-holding and when it is best to refrain.
Cook dinner for them, or proofread their business proposal if they have confidence in your editing skills.
When he is going through a hard time, he likes to lie on the bed and talk to me while I massage his tired back and neck. Be of service for them as you would in your work to be abundantly wealthy, yet you do not need to apply this love language as consistently as you would in your job or business. The other party can sense whether you are giving the gift out of love, haste or obligation.
Truthfully, one of my partners in the past said to me "I love giving you flowers because you are the best girlfriend I have had so far. With my previous girlfriends, even though I didn't like them, I just occasionally brought them some flowers anyway." To me the flowers from this same man was a gift.
To the other girls involved, it came from a sense of obligation; from this same man that he has to give the girl some flowers.
Surprise your partner and buy them something (it does not need to be much or to take much) unexpectedly, and not just routinely on Valentines Day, on their birthday and at Christmas. Quality Time People do understand that we're all busy people, yet this love language to such people who possess this love language after taking the test, really means that they want to spend some quality time with you.
Some interrupted quality time with (just) you, and ideally without the mobile phone ringing. Physical Touch Finally, for the last love language - if your partner loves being touched, then go ahead and touch them. If you're only seeking a platonic relationship, and your partner comes up with this result; assess whether or not you're comfortable with kisses, hugs, holding hands and gentle touching without the sex component. If not, and no alternatives can be sorted; it will be time for you to move on to allow this person to fulfil their needs in a relationship.

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