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Two stickers for #2 , right after he went my husband created a sticker time dance ?? and he loved it. Assigning your child chores around the house in addition to any normal responsibilities they may have is a great way to teach them about money’s value. When your child is still young, help them set up a piggy bank or other system for setting their small change aside. Budgeting money is a very valuable skill, and many young adults are helpless in this arena. Be sure to discuss savings, planning, and avoiding debt on a regular basis with your child. Speak with your child regularly about finances, and let them know that you are always available for any money questions they may have.
Dr Boyce Watkins: If we build a black Wall Street, will racist white people try to destroy it?

In the 1950’s (before the invention of the disposable diaper) most kids were potty trained by 18 months.
Talk to them when they’re still young about the wisest ways to spend and invest their money so that they will begin to prepare themselves for the rest of their lives. Once they are a little older, you can set up a savings account in their name, and help them to deposit the money they’ve saved in their bank.
It’s important for them to understand these things in order to become financially responsible. We are behind FJT's fresh & insightful content that helps you think, learn, laugh, and move towards action to create a stronger Black community. We do this through providing breaking news, education, and company information within the African American space. We started when my son was just over a year old, he’s almost 15 months now, and he already tells me (uses a sign we taught him and says pot pot) when he needs to go to the bathroom (consistent with #2, still working on #1) and then happily goes on his little potty.

Teach them the value of placing a small chunk of their cash into their account, and they will see how it adds up.
By being their financial role model, your children will pick up responsible money management skills in no time.
Develop their shopping skills and teach them how to look out for sales and avoid unnecessary spending.

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