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It’s something you probably do every day, and while the technology exists to do it for free, many people are still paying for it. Think about it, in an age when eon -mailsĀ and other forms of advanced electronic communication (such as Skype, Twitter, and Facebook) are basically free, wireless carriers are still charging for SMS (short messaging service) or texts. Leave it to Steve Jobs to make technology companies (in this case, your cellular provider) work harder to provide you with better service and products.
Companies such as AT&T use services like texting as a profit center, charging users as much as 20 cents per text message for texts either sent or received. What’s more, you can even hide the app itself and can enable it simply by dialing in to a pin number.

The app will choose space on your smartphone where you can add in contacts you want kept private. It tracks when your text messages have been read and will recall them before and after they have been opened.
You can text whatever you like to whomever you choose and the messages back and forth will remain private.
You can choose which messages you want kept private that are stored in your regular text app.
This means that if anyone else gets hold of your smartphone, they will not be able to access these messages.

The app encrypts all of your text messages and stores them in an encrypted database within your phone.

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