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Dogs are considered by many to be man’s best friend, and many of us love to wonder about exactly what our loyal and energetic companions are thinking about or what they would say to us if they could. October Jones, the blog’s creator (and also the talented blogger behind these clever portrait illustrations), has a knack for capturing the voice that a dog might have if they could text and had iPhones.
My 6-Year-Old With Autism Creates Stunning Art And Angelina Jolie Just Bought Her Painting!

The Text From Dog Tumblr offers answers to these questions with a modern twist – as the name suggests, the blog is all about the imaginary SMS exchange between a dog and his owner.
Most dog owners have, at one point or another, had to deal with a trashed house or had their dog beg relentlessly for some food. I've read these on three different occasions and laughed my ass off, and so have all my friends.

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