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If you have been diagnosed with BPD or are exploring the possibility that you might have the disorder, join us for learning, support and conversation. We at TARA admire those who take the brave step into evidence-based treatment for BPD, despite countless failures and begin to find relief. I wanted to post a couple of observations about the new edition as well as some of the experiences that I and others have had with the book. Yet, if the relationship is going to work properly, one of the first things that one must accept is that the behavior of the person with BPD is not about you. We bring you a comprehensive and up to date spoiler service on all the major US TV shows and Movies.
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This year, for the first time, TARA has convened Get the Facts about BPD: Support and Psychoeducation group for people coping with BPD. Their stories are showing us how profound the isolation and pain of living with BPD is and how much more we all need to do to help them live their lives with less pain.
My basic feeling about the book is that it is NOT a book to be used for staying with someone with BPD. The Bear Power I offers quiet, insulated operation and includes 2 speeds, giving you versatility and functionality within the same unit. These courageous people are sharing the shame and sense of failure that dominates their every day as they live from crisis to crisis.
I read the first version of SWOE in October of 2005 and re-read it last year just to make sure that my impressions of the book were not rusty.
That is fine, since that is the audience of the authors (which is probably why it has sold so many copies that and because it has a great title), yet people must realize that SWOE can’t be used to engender a trusting, loving relationship with someone with BPD.

SWOE is by far the most successful self-help book for Non-BPD people (loved ones of people with Borderline Personality Disorder – BPD).
The evidence of this is in the subtitle: Taking back your life when someone you care about has borderline personality disorder. This is what I have observed from users of SWOE and the methods contained therein:  sure, you take your life back, but the relationship with the person you care about with BPD is wrecked.

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