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More troubling, in a certain regard, are the many parts of childhood that you do remember, but which make no sense in retrospect. These experiences, the ones that don’t make sense, help make adulthood seem very mysterious to a child. Kids are generally kept in the dark by parents, just one of the many ways adults treat children poorly. Through high school, I felt like I was rushing at an inevitable, boring adulthood just like Wile E.
Now, as someone who grew up in rural PA, you can bet I’d seen my fair share of big black cows, but it made no sense for a band to write a song about one. When The Beatles burst onto the scene, they sort of combined the sweet harmonies of The Everly Brothers and the greasy stomp of Eddie Cochran with the wild abandon of Little Richard.

By 1965, the charts were packed with Beatle-esque bands such as Freddie and the Dreamers (seen here doing a dance that was definitely NOT Beatle-esque!) and Herman’s Hermits.
The other very Beatle-esque characteristic of the Beatles from the early-to-mid-60s era was their image as cute-boys-who-sing-and-act-charmingly-goofy-and-a-bit-naughty-yet-non-threatening-to-preteen-girls.
As an early-adapter of MTV back in 1981, I’d been familiar with the band XTC for many years. Its songs were definitely rock, definitely of a nature that my brass-band and Bacharach-loving parents wouldn’t have cared for. And mop-top inspired characters were popping up on shows like Gilligan’s Island and The Munsters. While The Beatles made terrific music, they also starred in movies that inflated this image, bantered with reporters in a disarmingly snide manner, and offered witty quips whenever the opportunity arose.

In February of 2009, the Grammy awards were held celebrating the recording industry’s achievements for 2008. If so, it’s certainly the least-sexually-described orgy ever in the history of orgy descriptions.
That’s what I think now, but as a teen-ager facing adulthood the possible meanings seemed endless.

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