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False accusations, name calling (and we're not talking about honeybunny), and general discontent slowly tear everything you built apart. Whether you are trying to overcome a divorce or a breakup with your boyfriend, this video provides some helpful tips. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. One minute you will feel lazy, sleepy, depressed; the next you will feel productive, energetic, euphoric. Covers tough issues disagreement over children, money problems, lack of excitement in the bedroom, cheating and dishonesty, and whether or not your love reconnection is likely to work out. Here are surefire ways to demolish those demons of loves past — and still maintain your dignity and sense of humor.
One minute you will feel like killing your ex in a murderous rage; the next you will feel like eating a big hoagie.Lest you think that any of these emotions are weird or psychotic, let me assure you that of course they are! Not only will you be angry at yourself, your ex, and the world at large, you'll also be angry at anyone who smiles at you, tells you to cheer up, or says hello.
Therapists say this is necessary and even healthy, because it makes you feel like you have control over what happens to you. And don't forget those old blame standbys* overpopulation,* the greenhouse effect, and* bad karma.

Not only will you find yourself vacuuming the inside of your file cabinet, you will find yourself vacuuming inside each file folder. And this is after you've cleaned the inside of your mailbox and dusted every book you own, page by page.Cleaning is therapeutic, true. Women I talked to reported feeling "embarrassed that I fell for my ex's lines," "embarrassed that I gushed about him to friends and family," and "embarrassed that I saw the box of tampons in his bathroom and didn't get the clue." Some were mortified about things they did during the actual breakup.
After the breakup, some of your pain may be referred to your stomach, which will respond by screaming, "Feed me! Feed me till I explode!" These screams will be followed by intense cravings for various comfort foods (defined as "processed foods, typically bright orange in color, which are highly unhealthy and therefore incredibly expensive").I myself have experienced this phenomenon. After one breakup, I wandered through the grocery store in a virtual daze for two whole hours. When I got home and started putting the food away, I thought at first that I'd grabbed someone else's bags by mistake.
There were three boxes of kids' cereal, a jar of Peter Pan peanut butter, two boxes of Kraft macaroni and cheese, a jar of Clausen dill pickles, and a jar of Marshmallow Fluff. Apparently my inner child had done the shopping.Some women say that they actually lose their appetite after a breakup. Some suffer headaches, sleeplessness, hallucinations, rectal bleeding, and gastrointestinal problems."To which I reply: Rectal bleeding?!?

As one woman put it, "When I saw my ex with another woman the week after I broke up with him, I was insanely jealous.
One woman found this urge so overwhelming that she joined a kung fu class so she could release this negative energy in a safe environment. That way, whenever you're struck by a sudden giggle fit, you can point to the tiny TV screen and pretend that someone on a sitcom just said something funny. One minute I was fine, and the next minute I was sobbing hysterically." For another woman, it was seeing a guy spit.
The ode will probably start out polite, but eventually it will degenerate into obscene oaths. Do not mail this ode to your ex!Note: If writing an ode seems too highbrow, try writing a limerick.
After a breakup, I have been known to say to friends, "Should I meet you there, or should I stay home and slit my wrists?" and, "I would fling myself out the window, but I live on the first floor."Before you do anything drastic, consider this: Isn't it possible that, instead of wanting to kill yourself, you really just want to kill that little part of you that still likes your ex?

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