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You keep saying Yugi wins, yet all I see is 50+ pages of butt-hurt Yugi fanboy comments (mostly by you) and them showing they don't know about other series while Yusei's side (and recently Yumas) pick them apart. FWI, spamming this thread until opposing debaters get bored with you and leave and then claiming that as a victory doesnt make Yugi fans or Yugi look good.
In the Japanese Anime, the Photon Hand he uses to take numbers ages the soul of the target. So, your saying three of the Anime's Best Duelists, COMBINED, would not beat a deck with Watapon? You can go by the text all you want, I'm still waiting for shown proof of Yugi using that card exactly as you say just like you demand proof for everything we show.

Shark, the math teacher, Robin, the Dino thugs, that ninja, Jin, Cameron Clix, III, Shark (again), Tron, Faker, Clone Vector, Mach, Gauche, Ponta, and Alit have all aged by having their Numbers taken away?Really now. When someone uses Photon Hand, an illuminated hand and arm forms, stretching out and entering the fallen foe. Kaito does, and it is seen in the introduction of his character to remove the soul of a thug.

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