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Because of this dependence on our emotional state, we make different decisions based on the same set of facts. The affect heuristic is typically used while judging the risks and benefits of a choice depending on the positive or negative feelings that people associate with the outcomes.
And according to the Affect Infusion Model (AIM, by Joseph Forgas) the effects of our mood on our judgments become stronger in complex situations (that demand substantial cognitive processing).
Try to make people happy, when you try to sell them something new or complex, or when they dona€™t know you. Test with inducing a tiny bit of sadness or melancholia, if you need a conservative choice (like renewing a subscription).

Make sure that when you induce a negative mood, you clearly provide the comforting and reassuring aspects of your offer.
Mood, Misattribution, and Judgements of Well-Being: Informative and Directive Functions of Affective States.
Bart is Chief Persuasion Officer of international award winning company a€?Online Dialoguea€?.
This group was abandoned by its founder and is avaliable to claim for ownership for as low as $6.95 per month.
So the more complicated and unanticipated a decision is, the more we rely on the affect heuristic.

It was created by Chief Persuasion Officer Bart Schutz, with great help from his colleagues and clients. And if you watched the happy video, you’re more persistent than when they showed the depressing video. This is because gambling, when it is a new and unfamiliar experience, complete with the bright lights and colors that are a feature of the average casino, requires a great deal of information processing, making it especially unattractive to someone in a bad mood.

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