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Seriously, that is the official definition according to a divorce support website I stumbled across.
For example, if your ex girlfriend was deeply in love with you and the two of you dated for something like 3 years then the next relationship your ex girlfriend gets into is a rebound relationship right? Take it from someone who has dealt with a lot of women who have told him their stories of how they were feeling when they went on the rebound. What I am going to do for you is discuss all the factors that go into them so you can hopefully apply them to your own situation and determine if your ex girlfriend is in a rebound relationship. I do want to state that this guide isn’t meant to help outline the steps that it will take to get your ex girlfriend back. Women are extremely emotional creatures and sometimes they get a bit of the grass is greener syndrome. For example, if you cheated on your ex girlfriend (not saying you did) then she may be looking for her new boyfriend to take some of her pain away. Of course, women, being the complex creatures they are, won’t stop there with rebound relationships. They can also use rebound relationships to serve as a major distraction from facing the pain of getting over a relationship. So, what a woman who is in a rebound relationship may be doing is using the rebound to prevent her from facing the pain that follows a breakup. Ok, know that you know a bit more about rebound relationships lets take a look at what goes into making them. I have found that there are three major ingredients that go into making a rebound relationship. The truth is that these ingredients are everything when it comes to deciphering whether or not your ex girlfriend is in a rebound relationship with her new boyfriend.
Now, the strength of these three qualities are going to have a direct correlation to the strength of the rebound relationship.
This may be a little complicated so if there was ever a time where I required your undivided attention it would be now. I feel it is important for you to understand both sides of the coin so you can know what to look out for. In other words, in the section below this one entitled, Your Past Relationship With Her, I am going to be pointing out the rebound signs that go with it and the non rebound signs that go with it. Out of these two versions of yourself which one do you think your ex is more likely to miss? A rebound relationship in my mind usually refers to a relationship that isn’t going to last. Look, eventually your ex girlfriend is going to start comparing the new guy to you and whoever wins this comparison is most likely going to win her heart.
Simple, in order to look towards the future on whether or not your ex girlfriends new man is a rebound we must first look to the past. At some point of her new relationship with her new boyfriend she is going to do a comparison to see how he stacks up against her past.
You are your ex girlfriend and you are looking to fall madly in love with the man of your dreams.
Well, when I just generally think of a rebound relationship I think of someone who just got out of a relationship, moves on to someone else really fast and then ends that relationship shortly thereafter. One thing is abundantly clear when it comes to your ex girlfriend rebounding, she is going to move on very quickly to someone new.
Thus, when you are trying to determine if your ex girlfriend is in a rebound relationship you really have to take a look at how fast she moved on to her new relationship. If your ex girlfriend moved on very quickly after her relationship with you then you can take that as a rebound sign. The numbers on the left show how long you have dated her for and the numbers on the right are indicative of how long it will take her to move on. If you only dated your ex girlfriend for one month then it is probably only going to take her 2 weeks to move on from you. For example, if you dated your ex girlfriend for over a year and she moved on in 3 weeks then that would be an action that is common for someone who went on the rebound. Because, it usually takes women three months to properly get over a relationship that is that long. Lets pretend that your ex girlfriend dated you for 3 years and she moved on to someone else an entire year later.
Well, if you look at the graphic above you will notice that it should only take her six months to get over you.
This final ingredient is an important one to grasp so make sure I have your undivided attention here. What does it mean if your ex girlfriend starts dating a rebound candidate and they end up together long term? Well, I am sorry to break it to you but if your ex girlfriend dates her new boyfriend for a long time then he is no longer a rebound. Basically, it shows that the longer a rebound candidate dates your ex girlfriend the lower his chances become of him actually being a rebound. Notice that the longer that your ex girlfriend dates her rebound the less percentage of a rebound he becomes and usually after month six of them dating they begin to get more serious. If your ex girlfriend has been dating her new boyfriend for quite some time (7+ months) then the chances are very low that the new guy is going to be considered a rebound by her. My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back.
She had moved onto a new person almost around a week after we split even though she said she wasn’t interested in anyone else (was a class mate, they were friends before we split). I have a feeling this could be a rebound relationship but can’t get over the fact she is with someone else.
We haven’t slept together in a while because I said it complicates things, but we kissed everyday. Everyone I talk to says she does love me and care about me, but is just incredibly immature and needs to work on herself. Right now we are in NC for about 11 days, should I violate to have a discussion about everything or wait for her to contact me?
Oh and over spring break we were separated and we got back together over the phone when she called me crying and wanted me back because she didn’t have her friends around to distract her and that she only uses them to distract her from wanting to get me back.
Actual last thing, last time we talked she said she didn’t love me anymore, which I thought was really out of the blue. And she kept giving me ambiguous replies when I said we should go on a date in a few weeks. Actually both of you need to mature because it looks like both of you are still in high school or college. Nothing's more painful than going through a break up and then watching your ex start dating someone else.
Getting an ex back from someone else might not be easy, but you've already got a couple of things going for you. Whether you're looking to get back an ex boyfriend or you're trying to win back your ex girlfriend, the information found below will get you started on the path to getting back together! As tough as it might be, one of the first things you'll need to do is let your exgirlfriend or boyfriend's new relationship run its initial course. Accepting your breakup, and accepting your ex's new relationship, are two key parts of getting back together. Once you've disappeared from your ex's radar, there will come a time when they begin looking around for you again. Remember the golden rule: your ex will ignore you until you've accepted his or her new relationship.
As your ex continues his or her new relationship, it's time to get yourself in shape for a comeback.
Exercise is the cure for many of life's ailments, and it couldn't be more true of a break up.
Attraction is always a key factor in any relationship, and just after a breakup is a great time to improve yourself.
When the time is right, it's time to re-establish contact with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. He's still dating someone new, and he's going to be initially guarded against the possibility that you might be out to sabotage his relationship. If you approach things from the right angle, you'll eventually become your exgirlfriend or boyfriend's "go to" person.
That said email is a good way to carry on a post-breakup friendship while waiting out the rebound portion of your ex's new relationship.
As nice as it is to be talking to your former lover again, never lose sight of your ultimate goal: winning your ex back. You should suggest a neutral spot here, somewhere casual and innocent like a cafe or coffee shop. By the third or fourth meeting with your ex, things should start progressing in more romantic directions.
Getting sucked into the Friend Zone is like being drawn into a black hole from which no relationship can ever evolve. As said before, stealing your ex back from someone else requires lots of patience and time. Remember: making your ex need you is one of the fundamental ways of keeping them once you get him or her back. Once you've accomplished winning your ex back, nothing in the world's going to feel as good. The two of you will eventually need to discuss your break up, and resolve whatever issues may have caused it. So, if we are to look at this definition then that means that a rebound relationship can only occur if the person was in a very serious or super loving relationship first. There is a lot more going on behind the scenes to dictate if a woman is going on the rebound or not.
Now, I am assuming you are reading this page because your ex girlfriend just entered into a new relationship with someone else and you are trying to determine whether or not that new person is being used as a rebound by her. However, before I really dive into that I would like to talk a little about the purpose of a rebound relationship. Basically this is a syndrome where a woman believes she can do better than her current boyfriend (you.) So, when they enter a new relationship with someone who they think may potentially be better than you they are going to expect him to be able to take away all the pain they experienced with you.
Now, most men may scoff at this and think it’s dumb but have you ever truly tried getting over someone you have loved more than anything?

I have encountered situations where the re-bounder has actually married the rebound and found a lot of happiness with them. What we know so far is that there are three major ingredients that go into making a rebound relationship. In the sections that follow, the ones where I talk about the ingredients of a rebound relationship, I intend to write to two areas.
For example, lets say you were Version B of yourself in your relationship with your ex and her new boyfriend (the guy you are hoping is a rebound) is more like Version A. If you were the definition of a good boyfriend then you are probably going to win that comparison contest versus the new guy and raise your chances of her thinking she is on the rebound.
Heck, in some cases she may have already lined up a prospect while the two of you were dating. For example, if you dated your ex girlfriend for 5 years then her moving on in two months may be considered quick.
Basically you need to determine how long you have dated your ex girlfriend for and how fast it took her to move on.
Sure, there are some exemptions to that rule but generally speaking your ex girlfriend isn’t going to be built that way. So, her moving on a year later would not be indicative of someone who is going on the rebound since enough time has passed for her to properly heal. Now, you being the incredibly intelligent person you are kind of cheer on the inside for a bit because as you just learned, an ex who moves on fast is typically in a rebound relationship. For example, if your ex girlfriend moved on immediately after you to someone new and they only lasted a month then there was a 100% chance that, that particular guy was a rebound to her. So, I would have to say that the rebound sign that goes along with this particular ingredient has to be that if your ex girlfriend hasn’t been dating her new guy very long then there is a high probability that she views him as a rebound relationship deep down. The longer she dates him the more you start to fade away and the more she begins to view him as her night and shining armor.
And just a week later after her breakup she met another guy exactly from the same country and colour as me….
Contact became brief and I couldn’t bare watching her being happy with another person, so I decided to cut all contact and block her on all social media platforms (has helped me move on a lot!!).
How can I tell if she genuinely want’s to rekindle the flame instead of just not being lonely. Essentially she felt she rushed into a serious relationship without fully knowing herself, so she felt that, although she loved me and saw herself with me, being in the relationship took away from her discovering herself.
And I know once we see each other we will have a conversation about tour relationship – whether that means friendship or dating. We dated for 2.5 almost three years, there was a period of six months I broke up with her and when we started dating again we never put a label on it just sort of picked up where we left off. We were sort of off and on, which usually involved me not texting or calling her and her calling me telling me how much she missed me and wanted me back. I broke down a lot trying to get her back, and each time she told me she wants to be with me but she can’t.
We always have incredibly happy memories together that are literally too painful for either of us to think about right now. We were back together for 3 days, and we didn’t talk much because we agreed not to talk.
Our parents were extremely supportive and our friends would always say how happy we looked together, but we always ended up fighting because I was immature about things.
If your girlfriend (or boyfriend) started another relationship before you got the chance to fix your breakup, there are some very specific techniques you can use to win your ex back.
This guide will teach you how to use those assets to accomplish your end goal, which is to make your ex want you back.
Chances are your ex is in a rebound relationship, especially if they got together with this new person just after breaking up with you. This won't come until the honeymoon portion of your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend's rebound relationship has ended, so it may take a few weeks.
Working on yourself improves every aspect of your post-breakup positioning, and gives you the best shot at dating your boyfriend or girlfriend again in the future. Not only does it get your mind off your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend's new relationship, it also puts you in position to be more desirable once you're ready for the next step in the process of getting your ex back. With every step of the treadmill, try to think about the beginning of your old relationship. No matter how terrible she is or how much you hate her, anything derogatory you say will immediately put your ex on the defensive. You'll get information about his likes, dislikes, and outright problems he may be having with his new girl. They'll call you up or contact you whenever something important happens to them, or whenever they want an opinion on something. Becoming comfortable with each other is a vital part of reconnecting on a potentially romantic level.
Watch your ex-lover's body language for signs of flirting, close-talking, or casual (and not-so-casual) touching.
You need to completely revise your approach by learning which traits your ex sees as girlfriend-material.
That first kiss should be passionate, electric, and filled with many weeks' worth of pent-up emotions.
You've fought long and hard for this moment - don't blow it in the final moments by trying to close too quickly. As you dance around in total happiness however, try to remember one thing: keeping your ex happy in your relationship is even more important.
There are lots of great resources that can help you along on your path to getting back with your ex. Rather, this guide is meant to help you determine whether or not your ex girlfriend has indeed entered into a rebound relationship with her new guy.
Of course, it’s not as simple as just looking at those ingredients and determining whether or not your ex girlfriend has them. However, experience has taught you that there is such a thing as a honeymoon period so you wait a little bit before you knight him as prince charming.
As a general rule, the longer your relationship with her the more time it will take her to move on. Unfortunately, as time slowly ticks on your ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend don’t break up. Her family was very upset about the situation as I am very close with them and they still keep in contact to ask how I am every once in a while. I feel like given enough time she will regret her decision and ask to start catching up again. So, after a four hour long conversation, we broke up but decided to stay in each other’s lives. We then hung out and talked all the time for the next few weeks, but it eventually got to the point where it was too confusing, so I gave her an ultimatum and she chose to remain single. That night, I confronted her about her lie and she didn’t admit that she had been with him (or was with him) until I told her that I knew about it. This post month without her had really made me think of what I’ve been doing by pushing her away.
We were young (both 19) we met at a party and started talking, we quickly became a couple, only 2 months after that. She said she’s been using her friends to forget about me by helping her not think about me. Apparently though one night she had a conversation with a guy, that I never felt threatened by, and he liked her and she said she couldn’t do anything because things were complicated with me.
The guy really doesn’t seem like anything but a nice guy to her, at least from my point of view, and that she just wants to spend time with someone who is nice. In summary, when we were good we were the best damn couple anyone’s ever seen, but when we were bad we would fight over stupid things that I would bring up. You can use your past history of good times together, or even your extensive knowledge of your ex-lover as a person to work your way back into the head and heart of the person who broke up with you.
These types of romances don't last long, although this might be little consolation to you right now. One of the first things that goes through his (or her) mind after starting a new relationship is how you're going to handle this information once it reaches you. Email actually works well here, and there are several methods you can use to reconnect with an ex that you haven't spoken to for a while.
If you can become a neutral sounding board for his thoughts and ideas, he's going to eventually confide in you. Here's where you give them a little scare, making them think you're moving on with your life. They're not going to leave the comfort of their current relationship unless they feel dangerously close to losing you for good. The next time your ex complains about her boyfriend, agree with her a little more strongly.
There are usually signs that your ex is ready to see you again, so it's your job to know what they are and to act upon them when these signals do show up. It doesn't have to consist entirely of small talk, but the conversation shouldn't get too deep either. At each successive meeting things will go that much smoother, and your conversations should get progressively more intense.
Stay away from the subject of the break up, and don't talk about anything that might've led to disagreement in the past. Odds are she'll have a very positive and favorable reaction as she remembers the two of you going there. The best approaches involve radical tips and tricks geared soley toward getting your ex to call you. No, unfortunately you are going to be required to look a lot deeper within the ingredients. You were mean, constantly argued, cheated and pretty much did a hatchet job on your relationship with your ex girlfriend.
Well, it means that in order for them to truly move on from you a certain amount of time has to pass. The only reasoning that came from her was that she didn’t know what she wanted (grass is greener syndrome). I am unsure if I should give her a chance as I gave her the option of having as much time apart as she needed on the condition of she was not dating others.

We then had a huge argument over the next two days, eventually leading me to say I needed space from her. So when we would hang out and she would always talk about a guy who she would be on and off with for 3 years and he would never like to admit she was his girlfriend in public. I know I want her in my life and all I did was push her away because of my own insecurities. When we were breaking up she told me I needed to mature and that she couldn’t be with me RIGHT NOW because I was immature about things and she needed time to focus on herself and feel better. She says she never would have wanted to date him if I didn’t act like a jerk towards the end of our relationship and that he was there to comfort her and make sure she was ok. I hope she is just trying to get me to understand that we need a break or something by doing this. When we fought we would always make up and say yeah that was stupid why does this keep happening? As gut-wrenching as it is, right now the best course of action is to take no action at all.
Your ex will want to see that it bothers you, not because they're trying to torture you but because this shows them that you loved them in the first place. Comfort yourself with the knowledge that you're going to get him or her back again, but try to understand that now's not the time to work toward that goal. When this happens, you'll need to let them know that you fully accept the fact that they're dating someone new.
Getting back together with your ex when she's dating someone else involves putting her in a state of mind where she needs you more than you need her. Unlocking the secrets to why you broke up in the first place could be the key to re-establishing a long-term relationship once you and your ex get back together.
During any future contact the two of you might have, he may even avoid talking about her altogether.
Pull out the ammunition you stored from earlier conversations, and fire off a few rounds of your own. It could take some time before your ex feels ready to break up with his or her current partner. Make promises to each other that you'll put happiness and mutual respect way before petty fights and arguments. In fact, if you were to push me for statistics, off the top of my head I would say that 80% of rebounds don’t last and 20% do last. I feel like once a person does something like this, they are sure to do it again, and I do not want to have a relationship where I have to be over protective.
After they ended, she drove 6 hours to see me because I moved by then to a new place and told me she wanted to be my gf.
She even said she wanted to get married to me in the future and told me how good it felt to say that. Our friends and family were very supportive; I would stay at her house and viceversa, even her little brother would stay at my house sometimes because we also got along (he really liked her sister dating me). One day though she told me she was done and never wanted to talk to me again because I couldn’t stop telling her how much I wanted to be with her. She says she is only talking with him and that he seems nice for caring for her and maybe she should date someone who is actually nice for once.
I even would make conscious efforts to not fight but it would just sort of turn into an argument. She gave reason that seemed like they were out of her control, and she said she shouldn’t listen to her heart right now because she needs time to get better and I need to mature. By being so accepting of her new situation, you've actually just taken a big step toward getting your ex back. When the time is right you'll use it, and the more you talk to your ex the better you'll get at knowing when this time comes. Now it's time to use these things to do a little damage to the status of your exgirlfriend or boyfriend's current relationship. She also said she wanted to get back together, so over the next week it seemed as though we were in the process of getting back together, but we fought a lot during that week. By not doing anything or showing any reaction at all, you're denying your ex the ability to read you. Seeing each other again should be fun, happy, and hopefully will stir up a few old memories as well. If things are going extremely well, joke that you should both go there next time instead of the place you're currently sitting in.
Moving forward as a team is the best way to build a strong bond that will keep you and your boyfriend or girlfriend together for a long time.
Towards the end we did fight a lot and I decided to break it off because we werent happy and it was for the best.
Obviously, we broke up, but we were insanely in love and were talking about getting married.
She told me she wanted to not be together RIGHT NOW but I couldn’t leave her alone and she eventually said she wanted to never talk again because she was upset about our relationship and that she was still hurt and angry.
It made us both cry and she started to kiss me on the lips and hold me tight and it made us say how we loved each other still. This is good, because it gives them time to wonder exactly what's going on in your own life. Getting her to the point where she's more comfortable talking to you than she is talking to him? So either she'll fight for her right to talk to her "friend" (which will lead to some really big fights with her new boyfriend) or she'll go completely underground with your newfound friendship. Read her reaction to that suggestion - if she's into it, you're definitely on track to winning your ex back. At this point she had already moved in with me and moved about an hour away for school to be long story short.
I told her I wanted to propose on our 1 year anniversary, but I didn’t because I was too nervous and I thought we were too young. She said she wishes she got me when I actually did all of the things, but I didn’t get motivated enough to do them until we broke up. I’m not a very good dancer so we were both laughing and crying and kissing and she even said she new it was a bad idea to do that because it made her love me even more. She said she wants a relationship where there are no stupid fights (or at least not as many). Honestly, coming from her it seems like she is just lying and trying to get me to accept the fact that we broke up. When we talked on the phone she even started to cry when we were talking about the relationship. Inside jokes, comfortable to the maximum with one another, sex was cool, and we loved the same things, but just bumped heads.
She also told me that she would be with me if I could guarantee that we would be happy together, but that she can’t trust me to actually be mature this time. I just want to know if she really just doesn’t love me anymore or if she only said it because she was upset.
She said she was pissed off that I was actually being active on social media now, which is actually a coincidence but apparently it means a lot to her.
She decided to go back to her parent’s and keep a long distance relationship since I had a few months left of therapy, which restricted me from leaving the state. I was very upset with the idea; we tried to manage but the distance plus my frustration was too much. So I called her and she ended up telling me that while she was visiting out of town, she has sex with a guy, probably once or twice.
So I was super hurt and felt used because I was trying to be cool with the breakup and she hits me up everyday and as soon as she does another guy, she doesnt want to call me .So we had a falling out for a while, espeically since she has some of my stuff and it took her 3 weeks to get it back to me after I threatened to call the cops and report it stolen because she wouldnt answer my call or texts anymore.
Are we just going through a rough phase where we both need time to heal, because this definitely needed to happen before we progressed in our relationship. She said we always needed space for a little to grow up and mature, and now we’re having it, but is it too late?
Again, im cool and she decided to have sex with another guy again and tell me about it which I told her I didnt want to hear. Is this relationship actually over or is she just upset and confused, but still loves me and wants to be with me again? March roles around and she calls me randomly one day telling me she wants to catch up and she misses me as a friend and how much fun we used to have.
Four months passed and she wouldn’t contact me at all, then I found out she had started dating another guy.
She also continues to tell me she is dating 2 guys and she was half naked infront of one of them at a point. Again, I always told her to not bring up anyone she is seeing or having sex with because I still cared for her, but she insisted and always brought them up. So again, she starts flirting, and being all cute holding hands and messing with my hair… We have sex, AGAIN.
So she calls me again a few weeks later and leaves a voicemail because I blocked her number so I dont know if she calls unless she leaves a voicemail. And she said she just thought to give me a call and I could call her back or not if I wanted to.
Then I call her a few days later to just check up on her and she actively tells me she has a BF now and they dated only for a few weeks before getting together. But she stayed and talked to me on the phone for 20 minutes while he was in the room with her.
Overall, I am trying to figure out if this is a rebound relationship and she is just trying to get over me or something.
Just weird that she wants to already be best friends again, seems like she is tryin to rub it in my face that she has guys she dates, and all that.
She seems like she just wants to get back at me and replace me with a new guy she barely knows and jumps into a relationship shortly after, even though the charts say otherwise, I feel like this situation makes a difference.

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