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Watch me as I draw away the curtains to expose The Truth About Why Men Pull Away and hand you The Simplest, The Best, and The Most Comprehensive Easy to Follow Step-by-Step Plan on How To Get Your Man Back and Make Him Commit! To get started read the following questions very carefully and check every answer that applies to you. Do You notice that he doesna€™t call as much as he used to and you are always the first one to initiate phone calls? He has stopped calling altogether and doesna€™t return your phone calls, text messages, and e-mails? Do You Feel that your relationship dynamics have changed drastically since when you first started dating? Throughout the years, working with hundreds of women just like you in situations just like yours, I have developed and refined a system that will get your man back and reverse the damage!
It works because we as humans all have the same psychological needs and triggers, and by giving him exactly what he wants, and NOT what you think he wants, you are going to easily re-create lost attraction and pull him back to you, so that he will be the one who is going to try to win you back! WARNING: If You Think You Know What He Wants, that means you are presently doing the wrong things in trying to win back his love! By continuing to do what you think he wants, you are actually damaging your relationship even further! And you are rehashing all the things you did or said trying to understand what's wrong with him!
You cook a gourmet dinner, bring it over, but he still seems distant and you end up having sex after he eats that dinner you cooked, but you see no enlightenment in him. You try to talk to him, but anything you ask or say is perceived as stupid, and you start feeling that you probably should not have said anything at all. The problem is that no matter how hard you try, it seems to make the situation even worse. And you probably come to the conclusion that you should write a letter to him and express your feelings. Some women tried to get a guy on the phone and ask him right there and then about what's going on.
I am a Professional Relationship Expert and I have been working with women for a very long time helping them resolve their relationship problems and achieve the love they deserve. I am also an author or numerous books on the subject of relationships, dating and commitment.
When I first published my bestselling book a€?101 Reasons Why Men Stop Calling and What You Must Do About Ita€?, I offered a private bonus consultation with me to answer all the questions about the specific situations women faced when a certain guy didn't call. As you can imagine I have worked with hundreds of women personally to help them get their men back until their got their men back in their arms and in their lives. Their situations were very similar in nature, and yet ranged from a casual dating relationship to a relationship as long as seven years in duration.
I worked on a personal one-to-one basis with hundreds of women who were looking to get their men back and as a result of working with so many women from all walks of life I have developed and refined to perfection an extensive, fool-proof system for getting a man back when he pulls away, loses interest or breaks up with you.
Have you ever known a couple where the woman is not being very nice to her man but he still loves and adores her?
Here is the truth why men pull away in relationsips - the attraction they once experienced goes away, and no matter what you do and how nice you are to him, he is not attracted to you anymore! And when that happens, women will typically do all the things that kill that attraction completely! The problem is that once a guy pulls away, in an attempt to fix their bad relationships, women naturally do everything that kills attraction entirely!
Instead of doing the RIGHT THING, you are doing completely opposite from what you should do if you want to get him back! What I am going to show you is how to get him back if he pulled away or broke up with you by recreating lost attraction and by using a set of strategies I have put together that will make him want you back, make him be with you, and make him irresistibly attracted to you again. You will learn the two major reasons why men pull away - both of them contribute significantly into loss of attraction, and what to do once attraction has been lost. You know that just recently he was completely into you, and all of a sudden he wants a break up!
Samantha contacted me when her boyfriend of two years suddenly told her that he felt she was pressuring him and he decided to end the relationship.
I gave her the exact same plan that I am going to introduce to you here in just a moment. The system you are about to get is a product of working with hundreds of women, combined the best methods of hundreds of success stories, and tweaked to perfection. This system is perfect for women who are presently going through a break up, those who feel that your man is pulling away, if you feel that he is interested in starting to see other women, or for women who feel that he's lost attraction, and practically for anyone who is interested in saving and rebuilding a happy healthy relationship.
You need to understand that in order to re-create your relationship, you must start acting differently, because obviously what you have been doing so far has not worked for you, just like it did not worked to other women before until they met me. What I am going to show you exactly is a step-by-step system that you can use to get him back, to get him interested in you again and to make him feel the love and connection you once experienced. And the unadvertised bonus came in like a nice surprise and truly helped me put the final touches on my relationship makeover! Powerful Psychological Techniques that will make him suddenly Appreciate You and realize that he simply Can't Bear To Lose You! I will teach you to understand What Caused The Break Up in YOUR SPECIFIC SITUATION and how to eliminate that reason that pushed him away so that it doesn't happen again.
Specific Words To Say a€“ get it wrong and you diminish your chances of getting him back - Don't Mess This Up! If you should ever discuss things from the past, When it's ok to discuss the past, How to tell if you should ever bring up the past and how exactly you should go about it in a way that will Bring You Closer Together instead of creating resentment!
When trying to win back the love of your man, it is critical for you to recognize that depending on your specific situation you will need specific approach to getting him back, which is customized for your unique relationship. You must realize that there is more than one approach to getting him back depending on your specific situation and taking just any approach will damage your situation even worse making it nearly un-repairable.
The Get Your Man Back System is a combination of the most powerful strategies for getting your man back and reigniting the lost spark in your relationship. This system was developed as a result of hundreds of private consultations to women like you, in over 50 countries, including US, Australia, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Denmark, England just to name a few.
The Get Your Man Back System is a product of an in-depth analysis of hundreds of real-life situations in all different types of break ups that has grouped different types of breakups into several categories and has provided very specific solutions to each type of break up, which makes it practically custom made for your specific situation. If you dona€™t know the correct approach to your specific situation, all your efforts on trying to win your man back will go out of the window. There are also books and articles that are written for men on how to get your girlfriend back, and books written for both genders that dona€™t differentiate advice between getting a man or a woman back.
As a result, women who follow advice for men on how to get your ex back end up creating disastrous situations for themselves where ita€™s almost impossible to repair the damage made by such wrong advice.
Advice that works for getting a woman back is entirely opposite from what works for getting a man back. Instant download after payment - read download instructions carefully on how to save your copy of this guide on your computer.
Having saved hundreds of relationships and prevented hundreds of break ups, I can say with all confidence that the outcome greatly depends on how fast you start implementing these strategies outlined in this system.
At first, you may not notice the little red flags, such as him not wanting to spend as much time with you, canceling plans with you or making other plans to spend the weekend that dona€™t include you, calling you less, telling you that he cana€™t see you because he has to work or study more. He suddenly finds some important things to do that prevent him from spending time with you, and you cana€™t help but notice that he is plain avoiding you.
He may tell you that ita€™s not working out and he wants to end the relationship, or that he wants to start seeing other people, or that he is not ready for anything serious, or that you are pressuring him. Perhaps he has changed his status on FaceBook to *single* or *ita€™s complicated* or deleted you from his *friends list* and later claimed that he doesna€™t know what happened. This is where you start rehashing your relationship over and over trying to find any clues that would tell you what you did wronga€¦a€¦ and you are not finding those cluesa€¦. The faster you start implementing the right strategies for getting him back that actually work, the better your chances are! The break up on its own is not the end, but rather a critical, breaking point in your relationship! A man, that should be doing his taxes, has spent his time making an extremely long straw in his kitchen.
The H&R Block spokesman stands on an aircraft carrier listing off the many different names for money. The H&R spokesman is on an aircraft carrier wearing a yellow rain poncho, standing in front of a billion dollars on pallets. The H&R Block spokesman stands in a stadium holding a green umbrella, while behind him pallets of money fall from a blimp. A man with a tray of money is walking through the seats in a stadium placing stacks of money on each seat.
The reality is that as far as Libra women are concerned, the guys in their lives tend to leave because of common Libra weaknesses. As a Libra, you only need to be aware of these signals for you to take key steps to take your man back. You have to understand that these steps involve a lot of personal struggle and personal maturity and awareness. Which is why it’s extremely important for you to be clear as to whether the man is worth having back in your life. However, as long as you are sure that he is worth recovering, then you need to follow these steps. Nine times out of ten, one of the worst personal traits that your ex-partner saw in you is your inability to make up your mind.
You feel so caught up in the process of making a decision that you don’t take the next step and actually make a decision. You’d be surprised how many Libra people confuse THINKING about something with actually DOING it. However, if you’re sure that the man is worth having back in your life, you need to take the next step. Unfortunately, it’s easy for Libras to be so caught up in the decision-making process that they overlook one very important detail. By looking at the past events where your intuition actually produced positive results, you should have reasons for optimism.
I know this is difficult to do because it’s generally difficult for Libra people to get off the fence.
Because when you are so afraid of your intuition, it puts unnecessary pressure on your relationship with your man. For you to do this, you can’t just rely on intellectual awareness that you need this guy back in your life.
Unfortunately, as far as Libras are concerned, these are often short-lived sources of energy.
But the truth is, given the right incentives, you can step up to any situation and do what’s needed for however long to make the right decision. Because if your man is worth getting back in your life, then he is worth going through all these personal hassles and changes.
The moral of the story is that this hero, Siegfried, went through all the trouble to save Brunhilda because, at the end of the day, Brunhilda was worth it. If you want love in your life, you have to understand and appreciate and accept the fact that love is worth it.
It is not a question of whether we worked hard enough or whether we made enough money or people looked up to us. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. There are two things that can possibly happen if you plead: your man will go away to avoid your irritating gesture or stay with you out of pity. While taking the steps on how to get your man back after a break up, the most important weapon you have is your love for him. Get Your Ex Back: Super System guides you and your ex girlfriend, wife or fiance back into a loving, committed relationship.
A quick reference guide that ensures you have all the Facebook, phone and text messages examples from the Get Your Ex Back: Super System available when you are communicating with your ex. Provides additional tips and reminders surrounding each example, so you can quickly scan it while communicating with her.

Explains how to get her eagerly WANTING to meet up with you, even if she starts out being challenging or uninterested on the phone. Explains how to give her the type of sex that will completely change her mind about the break up.
Teaches you my best, simple ways to make a woman orgasm (my women orgasm about 95% of the time we have sex). Gives you alpha male insights on how to touch a woman during sex in a way that makes her feel incredible, deep attraction and lust for you. Shows you how to tap into a part of her sexual mind that she has likely hidden from you all along. The first thing to tell you is that chatting to her on the phone like you have been is not going to get her back properly.
Whether you text or she texts first is fairly unimportant, compared to what really matters.
BTW: Counsellors are usually useless for keeping a marriage together in these circumstances.
My ex girlfriend broke up with me, saying her feeling has faded since we always got into quarrels and arguments, and i always made her cry.
Since then, i had no contact with her for 2 weeks and reflected on myself, improve on my temper and my characteristics, i’m willing to change and do anything for her. I have been texting her after our break up, but she will just ignore me or she will tell me to move on. After i left her house, she actually asked her best friend for advise on what could she do. Her best friend later text me saying that my ex-girlfriend stand firm on saying that she totally got no feeling for me anymore and do not even want to try to get back to me. Christmas is approaching, i wanted to make a Doraemon Dream House (She always wanted to) in her bed room for her, as a gesture. She has no feelings for you, so you then go and CRY in her arms and now want to build her a little toy house in her room?
We are in relationship since 7 months even never we doesn’t have sex, she is chatting with me very rarely, when she have hard time then she asking me to help or suggestion, if she is happy she is not talking with me and she if I text her she not replying me, when we being in love she crazy with me. I have spend much money when she had hard time, and she was using my phone and number as well now days she telling me to get your phone like that I told her I don’t need this I give gift from my heart. I have been in holidays for month once I back to office even she dint ask me how is your holidays etc. In this Christmas I have purchase gift for her rose red wine chocolates and Christmas greetings card I ask her I have small Christmas gift I will come to night in your home she agreed. I took this gift pictures and I send her in face book this was gift for you I went there your home and waited but no response then she replied me please do not disturb me and Please stop !!!
I reply I am not disturb you I brought gift for you with deep love and respect I always respect her and love her much. She reply me (I don’t need anything this message I m receiving last or else I will block in face book. Now i am totally stuck I can’t do work plan nothing I don’t want to met with other friends I want to stay alone drinking alcohol and I am always reading her message pictures etc it so really hard for me. Now I am planning to end form this company and join other company its work to get back her in my life. In your case, you will need to get her respect back first (you lost it with the begging and pleading) and then get her attracted to you again. Thing is, we were inseperable before and had a good thing going, both well into each other. Her telling you not to contact her while she is thinking about whether or not to get back together means that she is on the look out for a new man. You’ve got to focus on regaining her respect and attraction, before attempting to get the relationship back together. I understand that your system works, but there’s no way I could buy it, being a broke college kid and all.
Man, it’s tough to help guys like you via comments because what you really need to do is go through my 10 hour video program so you can learn what you need to learn.
What you need to do is make her feel respect and attraction for you in ways that she has never experienced before. I was dating a girl for a year but on New Years’s eve went out with my guy friends and didn’t tell her when she called that night. My name is Dan Bacon I am 100% committed to helping men succeed with women and relationships. I've already helped countless men to get their woman back and I know that I can help you too.
If you want me to help you get her back, don't leave my site until you watch this FREE video training on how to get your woman back now.
Watch the free training and you will learn how to get her back NOW without having to waste time ignoring her, or waste energy trying to convince her to give you another chance.
If you want to get your ex back now, you need to show her that you are the guy that she really wants to be with. To make her feel attracted to you again, you can focus on being confident and making her laugh and feel light-hearted whenever she interacts with you. A lot of guys make the mistake of being too serious, concerned or nice when interacting with an ex. To make her feel respect for you again, you need to begin to truly change the things about you that really caused her to break up with you.
Often, a guy will get dumped by a woman because he hasn’t been enough of a man for her, so he needs to show her (via his body language, actions, vibe, conversation style and attitude) that he has already changed and become more of a man. As you will discover from the video above, if your want to get your ex back now, you need to focus on making her feel the type of respect and attraction that she needs to feel to justify giving you another chance. Human emotions change all the time and you can actually make her change the way she feels by changing how you talk to her and how she perceives you. You can get your ex back now as well, but you have to do it right and the right way to do it is to make her feel the emotions that will cause her to suddenly want to see you and be with you. Listening to random people on forums, who are just as emotional and confused as they are about how to get an ex back. If you keep ruining her feelings for you and driving her further away, it will make it difficult for you to get her back later.
A guy will promise her the world, tell her that he will “do anything” to get her back, change her mind or get another chance.
Desperation makes a guy appear weak and insecure and that state of being in a man is unattractive to a woman. A woman wants to feel like her man loves her and wants her in his life, but he would be happy with or without her.
However, when a guy falls into the trap of begging by saying things like, “I’ll do anything. She knows that unless you know what went wrong in your relationship, you’ll likely just keeping making the same mistakes and annoying her even further. To get your ex back now, you need to be an emotionally and mentally strong man who is secure in who you are and what you’ve got to offer her. Some guys get so caught up in the painful emotions of being rejected and broken up with that they begin to glorify the woman breaking up with them. Guys who do this make the mistake of thinking that proclaiming undying love for her and putting her on a pedestal will somehow flatter her into wanting him back.
Women do not want to be your purpose in life and they do not want to be told that without them, your life is worth nothing. If your life is so empty and meaningless without her, you’re not the confident, masculine man she wants. To get your ex back now, you need to use attraction techniques to make her feel sexually attracted to you again. However, if she gets the impression that you want to get her back because you can’t attract other woman, it will make her want to be away from you even more.
Women (especially those in a position of breaking up with a guy), do not want to feel as though they are doing the guy a favor by being with him. Intentionally bragging about being with other women (or having other women interested in you) in a deliberate attempt to make your ex jealous is an approach that’s going to backfire, if you’ve actually been sitting alone at home feeling sorry for yourself.
Putting on any kind of act and pretending to be something you’re not is never a good move because women are experts at reading body language and she’s going to know you’re faking it. One of the golden rules that we teach here at The Modern Man, is that you never need to lie to a woman. Of course, if you really have been out socializing with other women and other women are showing an interest in you, she’s certainly going to begin questioning whether she made a mistake when she let you go.
You start spending a lot of time together and as the time goes by you can't help but start to notice that your feelings for him grow. Or perhaps he says he'll call you back and you are left in the lurch waiting for a phone call that never happens.
The Get Your Man Back System provides solutions for each different situation and is specific to getting a man back. Your credit card will show a charge from Creative Consulting for $49.97 - it will not show the name of this book. Sometimes I get e-mails from women who say, I wish I had read your book 6 months ago; Now he's moved on and is getting married! When you download this system, read it very carefully, and if you still have questions, feel free to e-mail me. The lamp is plugged into The Clapper, so when the man claps his hands, the light turns off and on. There are certain Libra personality flaws that come out again and again that end up undermining relationships.
You think you’re actually doing something about your problem by worrying about it and tossing it back and forth in your mind. It’s important for you to filter all your convictions and stand up for the things worth standing up for. As we lay on our deathbed, the only question that comes to our mind is whether we loved enough. You both will find it easier to make amends once the root cause of the problem is established first. Regardless of the cause or causes of the break up, you can still have him back and start all over again. Once you access this part of her, she will love you deeper than she ever has before and other guys will simply pale in comparison to you when it comes to the sexual experience.
I seen my ex rescently out and we ended up hanging out for a while, I broke up with her three years ago. You should have escalated to kissing and sex and then done a really good job of that, as I teach in my program Ultimate Make Up Sex. I’m separated from my wife for 5 months now and really want to get back with my wife and two young sons.
She explained to me that she loved me last time, but, she got no love feeling for me anymore and she chased me away.
Her friend advise was to give it a try to see if the feeling can be salvaged by within this few hours of hanging out. You need to either improve yourself and become a better man than the other guy or pick up a woman who is hotter than her so you can make her jealous.
Main issue was she was down the pecking order with me bowing to my ex-wife’s demands. Then one day last week she broke up with me out of the blue and said she needed time for herself. However I would like you to point me in the right direction so I can start to repair things between us.
It is highly shameful among my family to divorce or break up so you can imagine how sick I was feeling about it.
You need to get the right mindsets first or else you will call her and naturally say the wrong things. Try to put a positive spin on things, make her laugh by making light of what she is saying and get her to see the brighter side of life.

One of the quickest ways to learn how to do it right is to learn from the mistakes made by those who do it wrong.
As you may know now (possibly after begging and pleading to your ex), women do not find begging and pleading to be an attractive trait in a man and any kind of desperate behavior is a complete turn off. She literally stops feeling sexual attraction for the guy and the more he does it, the more respect she begins to lose for him.
You need to be a man who knows what women want, without them having to spell it out for you. If you need help and mentoring from other men, then get it, but don’t ever ask a woman to be your mentor. That is what actors say in the movies for entertainment purposes, but in real life, women do not want men who are hopeless without them. Using that approach will effectively throw a bucket of cold water over any residual feelings she had for you because it shows you to be a completely weak, insecure and desperate guy who has nothing going for him. She wants to be with a man who knows how to make her feel like a woman; being insecure and needy will not make her feel the way she wants to feel.
When you use those techniques on her, she will know that you can make other women feel that way and she will worry about another girl taking her from you. A woman wants to be in a relationship with a man who make her feel attraction and whom she respects. If she can’t tell by your body language, she will ask you to show text messages from the woman or might even say, “Fine. You can try to work it all out yourself if you want, but there’s a reason why 1,000s of guys are learning from me. You have either been behaving too feminine, making her wear the pants in the relationship or are hiding from your true potential as a man behind her and the relationship.
Flying elephants, Disco ElephantsFunny Animals - Pictures of funny animals like cats, dogs, cows, and MoreFunny Dogs - Cute Puppies - Cute Dog Pictures - The Funniest Pictures on the Net. Monkey on your photo: Picture of a baboon perched on the shoulders of a businessman at a computer in his cubicle. He suddenly remembers that he has plans to spend a weekend doing something else, so that he can't see you. If for some reason you have difficulties accessing this download or saving it on your hard drive, dona€™t hesitate to contact us. However, you donA?t have to be too desperate while taking the steps on how to get your man back after a break up.
If your man has been doing his best to iron things out, eventually he will get tired and emotionally exhausted.
For the second time around, bear in mind that your relationship cannot be sustained easily if it requires your boyfriend to be someone he is not. I've already helped thousands of guys to achieve instant success with women and I would love to help you too.
I asked if she would like to catch up for a lunch, we met and we ended up drinking rather than eating for six hours, I no that she has been seeing someone but it never came up when we went out, I kept it real lite and sweet..
I have been emotionally detached from my wife for quite some time and she told me that she wasn’t attracted to me or in love with anymore. I hate to hear about marriages that are on the rocks and the guy is wondering whether or not he should get my program. Essentially, you need to shock your wife back into loving you and feeling attraction for you and that is what my system will show you how to do.
The reason she no longer feels attraction for you is that (by the sound of it), there’s hardly any masculinity to you.
But now I am really crazy event I can’t work I am totally stuck every day we seen each other we are working together even she is not greetings me always I am the one greetings her just she replying even she doesn’t look my eyes.
You need to stop being a little dog for her to pull around on a leash and to sit when she commands it.
A woman who breaks up with a man no longer feels the same way about him – that is standard. After about four months she confessed to me she lied about having kids (she has two) so i broke up with her. I have been standing up for myself of late, and not leeting my ex-wife control me; so I have changed there. I changed that, and showed Nikki I was considering her feelings more, and putting her first. If you try to get back with her without addressing that first, she will just keep messing you around.
I know now after watching the videos here that I had seen all the signs, I just hadn’t known what they meant. We were on a distance relationship and i gave it my all to see her, she just didnt meet in the middle for a while. My system is 10 hours of video because there is a lot that you need to learn before you will understand exactly what you need to say and do when you next talk to her on the phone. She wants you to know what to do, instead of her feeling as though she has to “mother you” or “baby you” through the process. We were both madly in love with each other and had a great relationship, towards the end it started to get a little rough with all the fighting. However, you HAVE to make her feel that pain or else she isn’t going to want to get back with you. We’ve been together since we were 15, I saw her twice after she made her decision we had sex one of the times. In other words, she feels like she is being forced to be the leader for you and her, to protect you and guide you through life.
Such a move won?t even give you an idea whether or not your man is still interested into the relationship. As soon as he realizes that you are no longer interested in making the relationship grow, he can dump you for good. It is a 7 step system and by the 7th step, you are back together in a new, improved and more loving and sexually passionate relationship. View customer success stories, browse my products or watch this mind-blowing video about success with women. I think that we had a great time together and we hav been texting each other but it seems that I initiate everytine. I closed a business last year and found it difficult to get back to work and so wasn’t contributing financially to the household. The reason she saying me we are working together that’s why she don’t want relationship she want to make boy friend from outside etc. Five months later we reconciled and things were great, after 4 months she broke up with me saying she lost feelings over the last month (i had deaths in the family and issues at work which got me depressed and i was drinking too much)..
It destroyed me as a man and was about to lose my job because I wasn’t concentrating and was making mistakes. Animal photo collection: Picture of a Monkey on your back, in this case on a executive's back as he works in his office. On the other hand, if you dumped him, then there is a big chance that you can reconcile together. After a heavy fight, it is better to let go in the meantime and understand later what went wrong.
However, if you allow him to reach out to you on his own, that gives him a kind of authority that he is still in control over the relationship.
As long as there is no third party involved yet or he has not fallen into another girl, you can still get him back for sure. Getting this comment from you reminds me of how silly I used to be when I had no idea about masculinity and being a man.
After 3 weeks nc, she contacted me saying she missed me and that just to give her time to get her shit together ( 2 kids, no job, no car, bipolar) and that she could see us together in the future.. I probably came on too strong, she became overwhelmed, and said she had to think about it, and to leave her alone whilst doing so.
Your advice picked me back up, got me to focus clearly and I got her back by being the strong man I should have been all along. I spoke to her in person and she said she loves me and wants to be with me but needs time and space.
Most guys make ALL the same mistakes when trying to get an ex back and my system will help you avoid all that so you don’t ruin things further. Rather than running after him immediately, take time to discern how to address the problems at hand.
Essentially, love is a give-and-take process, which simply means you both should work things out together. I can only imagine how horrible it makes you feel to hear your wife talking about being with another man.
We are going to counselling but she doesn’t want to reconciled our marriage and only wants to talk about a structure for me to visit our boys in her house.
It will also teach you how to get her crawling back to you and apologizing for breaking up with you in the first place. You’ve got to stop doing it and start doing the things that will draw her back to you. I begged and pleaded for her to take me back and give me another shot, I got really emotional, and really desperate. I can easily move on to many good looking women that want me but the thing is I do not want to loose this girl. I have told her that I still love her and want to be a complete family again but she is not interested. Oh and also I found out she is starting to see another guy, this crushed me when I found out. I felt she was distant towards me so I made plans with her MLK but she was sick and later that week I saw her post pics going out with her girlfriends from work.
Watch my video program Get Your Ex Back: Super System and you know exactly what to do and say to get her back with you. She will get a legal separation as the next step if I don’t stop requesting reconciling our marriage. I found out a couple days later that she has been seeing this guy for the past two months.. Today i texted her my last message that what i had was true and that i was giving her space. Basically becoming a totally different girl in the space of 3 to 4 weeks, when she started her new job. She confronted me about this and I lied saying nothing happened with either if the girls because I do not want to loose her. Last week I left vm saying she is being distant towards since new years eve, and wanted to make plans with her on valentines day.
I checked out her instagram and her profile pic is of her kissing her new beau and they always post shit saying how happy and in love they are.. I know she still loves me cause she’ll call me to see how everything is going and I will do the same. The only thing is that every time we talk she asks if I have hooked up with any other girls.
The reason being that I need advice on what to do is because since she is a little more advanced than me with sexual partners and is a little older. She tells me she wants me to go out and have sex with girls to experience other girls and not just her. But I still want to have sex with her because our sex is great but I also want to have sex with many other women at the same time. How can I fix this problem and make things to where I won’t loose her and still have fun?

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