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It’s these very marks, and the stories behind them, that Arizona photographer Jade Beall set out to capture in her A Beautiful Body Project. Having struggled with her own body image issues for much of her life, Jade felt as though she’d found her calling. Having launched a KickStarter campaign to help fund the project, Jade hopes to have the book completed in January 2014. But I look at them, these two perfectly beautiful little girls, and also know that the day will likely come when they feel that they’re somehow not measuring up.
BabyCenter moms have also bravely bared their post-baby bellies – be sure to check out the awesome gallery! I have a three year old and a nearly 11 week old and I’ve been having some major body issues lately. Thank you for posting these images as a reminder that what our bodies went through is beautiful.
It is a relief to know that I am not alone in the stretch marks and sagging skin that makes me dislike my body at times. These are the words of designer Nickolay Lamm, who created a “Normal Barbie” that he calls Lammily, using the average proportions of a 19-year-old woman. This is the kind of news I will hear about then spend a week screaming from the social networking mountaintops.
I just ordered a Lammily doll for my daughter. For more information about masterind Nickolay Lamm, visit his website. She's also a part-time massage therapist to a variety of lovely folks, with a focus on old ladies.
In the gaps, she writes, sews, reads, roller skates, falls, writes more, walks and relaxes with her awesome friends and husband. IS ANYONE IN AN UPROAR THAT WITH NO VAGINAL OPENING THERE’S NO WAY BARBIE COULD HAVE EVER GIVEN BIRTH TO HER DAUGHTERS ?
Why is no one upset that fat Barbie is totally gorgeous by American beauty myth standards and sends the message that normal looking girls are ugly? Barbies are Barbies, they doesnt have to look normal, also, there are as many interpretations of normal as races and cultures and religions are in this world. Why do we limit the debate to Barbie when there are plenty of other equally disproportionate dolls out there? What worries me more than Barbies distorted appearance is her lack of career and lifestyle. There is no doll or toy or picture that can cause a child (or adult for that matter) to develop a healthy body image. The biggest take away I have from this doll is we are so desperately obsessed with this body image issue, we are looking to toys to do the work we should just be doing as individuals.
It all started a little over a year ago when Jade, then a new mom herself, posted this photo that she took of a friend to Facebook.
With her sights set on eventually publishing a book, she asked other moms to bare their bodies and share their stories. After that she already has her sights set on future volumes dedicated to aging, cancer and more. Like most women, I’ve struggled with the way I look throughout the years, but having children has really helped me make peace with it. Hopefully projects like this one will help them to see that true beauty takes countless shapes and forms.
They perfectly capture why all those changes are totally worth it, and when you start to think about it that way, curves and stretch marks start to look beautiful. I seemed to bounce back very quickly from my first born but I’m holding onto the weight from my last pregnancy. My body has been an constant reminder of that I am a mom and that my body is like it is because of love.
I have an almost 5 year old, a set of 3 year old twins and a 2 year old little boy and my tummy looks quite close to those. Those mommies are truly beautiful and it is wonderful to see REAL women not hollywood models!!!

I’m a size 1, have a natural DD chest , and eat healthy meals (and my share of not so healthy guilty pleasure meals like the occasional greasy burger or pint of ice cream). This is just more proof that because of the comparison between the two it is warping people's perceptions of what is actually normal.
Yes they play a small part but in truth do you really think they have control of the images they see on pin boards in the streets?
Changing the world to cocoon everyone against any possible fear they might conjure for themselves is self-defeating. Legos and ragdolls, yet we grew up without the obsession to be rectangular or dress in rags. They also have to know that parents and family will love them no matter how they look skinny or fatty, that has nothing to do with beying good persons. Surely brands like Bratz, Moxie Girlz and Novi Stars portray an equally unrealistic body image?
When I was young I played with Barbie and Sindy and I remember that there were play sets where they became doctors or vets and clothing that saw them roller skating, doing aerobics or ballet, horse riding or swimming.
This is only done with good parenting and then further hard work by the individual as they grow up. Sure, they teach us the biology of sex, the legality of marriage, and maybe we read a few obscure love stories from the 19th century on how not to be.
I haven’t reached a point of absolute acceptance, but I know now that my body has much greater potential than looking good in a swimsuit. I beat myself up daily over my body and seeing this made me realize that I am just fine how I am.
These photos are the bodies of mothers that looked totally sexy because this shows that moms can sacrifice a lot for their children. I am nowhere near what I looked like before I had my first daughter and my body has been holding on to some weight since the birth of my son, but I love my children more than anything. I also question the role of the parents in all this, are little girls trying to "be Barbie" because they play with the doll or because they see the adults in their life bemoaning their appearance and weight? Barbie may have been a clothes horse with a nice house and a pink Jeep but she was also a well educated career woman with an active lifestyle. In other parts of the world (Europe minus the UK, and Asia) the average BMI is about 22 or 23. And, as a parent, that’s pretty terrifying, given the constant stream of unrealistic images everyone is bombarded with these days. Stretch marks and fats are something we can be proud of because it is a manifestation that we cared more for our kids and spent more time taking care of them than taking care of our own bodies. There are so many images out there that portray what women should look like that we sometimes forget what real women look like. They may not at tat age understand sexuality but they certainly think about what they look like. Once again the female's psychotic obsession over unrealistic goals for her partner as well as for her self comes into play here.
Surely a child is likely to develop its attitude to body image by mimicking the actions and attitudes of their caregivers rather than playing with a doll. A quick trawl through the Toys R Us website and I notice that these days children are more likely having Barbie getting a tattoo or having her nails done at the nail bar than going to work or doing sports.
Be thin but not too thin, or be fat, but, you know, healthy fat, and try this diet that will help you drop 10 lbs this weekend, but make sure you still have a healthy relationship with food, because really it doesn’t matter what size you are. As a real woman I can happily say that we real women are beautiful and stop trying so hard to fit the magazine mold!!
Children aren’t aware of what sexual means, sexism, feninism or body issues unless their PARENTS expose them to their opinions about body types, shapes, diets and fuss over other women. An average male with the body of a fitness mode more often than not is perfectly happy with himself as the one looking like a shaved bear (some even unshaved). When did Barbie get so vapid and doesn't that send a worse message to our children than the size of her boobs or the length of her legs? Little girls don’t have breasts either, but no one is condemning that Barbie has a nice rack.

The real issues lies with parents, sexef up commercials and music videos along with celebrity magazines.
If something bothered you that much a year ago, you should have dealt with it a year ago.2. A person has no reason to be passive-aggressive if they feel safe expressing any anger or insecurity within the relationship. And make it clear that the other person is not necessarily responsible or obligated to them but that you’d love to have their support. Holding the Relationship HostageWhat It Is: When one person has a simple criticism or complaint and blackmails the other person by threatening the commitment of the relationship as a whole. Every minor hiccup in the flow of the relationship results in a perceived commitment crisis.
It’s crucial for both people in a relationship to know that negative thoughts and feelings can be communicated safely to one another without it threatening the relationship itself. But understand that committing to a person and always liking a person are not the same thing. One can be eternally devoted to someone yet actually be annoyed or angered by their partner at times.
On the contrary, two partners who are capable of communicating feedback and criticism towards one another, only without judgment or blackmail, will strengthen their commitment to one another in the long-run.4. You want to lay around at home together and just watch a movie tonight, but they have plans to go out and see their friends.So you lash out at them for being so insensitive and callous toward you. When you set a precedent that your partner is responsible for how you feel at all times (and vice-versa), you will develop codependent tendencies. When someone begins to get upset, all personal desires go out the window because it is now your responsibility to make one another feel better.The biggest problem of developing these codependent tendencies is that they breed resentment.
There’s a subtle yet important difference between being supportive of your partner and being obligated to your partner. If my girlfriend cannot trust me to be around other attractive women by myself, then it implies that she believes that I’m either a) a liar, or b) incapable of controlling my impulses. But excessive jealousy and controlling behaviors towards your partner are signs of your own feelings of unworthiness and you should learn to deal with them and not force them onto those close to you. And it got them real far: a big fat divorce and 15 years of hardly speaking to each other since.
This is not a gender-specific problem, but I will use the traditional gendered situation as an example.
Not only does this give the woman unconscious incentive to find more reasons to be upset with the man, but it also gives the man absolutely no incentive to actually be accountable for the problems in the relationship. Communicate!There’s nothing wrong with doing nice things for a significant other after a fight to show solidarity and to reaffirm commitment.
But one should never use gifts or fancy things to replace dealing with the underlying emotional issues.
Gifts and trips are called luxuries for a reason, you only get to appreciate them when everything else is already good.
If you use them to cover up your problems, then you will find yourself with a much bigger problem down the line. This is the part of the website where I put a big toothy grin on my face and scream “BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!” at you in hopes to hold your attention for more than 30 milliseconds.Because wait, there actually is more. If you’d like to learn more about where some of the ideas from these articles came from and hear my responses to critical feedback, and if you’re interested in hearing me answer reader questions like I’m Anne fucking Landers and talk a bit more about my own experiences, my business ventures, and what I eat for breakfast on Sundays, well, then there actually is more.

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