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About the book: Ray Adams buys his girlfriend, beautiful Ava Belle, a baseball team for her birthday. The Lord God Bird is a startling novel filled with dark images of America in the South in 1949. Deliverance moment, she is spotted by a group of local toughs who plot to rape, then kill her.
Their plan is interrupted by the great bird itself, who hears the girl call out, and flies to greet her. In my novel, The Lord God Bird, the protagonist and his girlfriend go into the swamps of Louisiana. Ia€™ve never been in a bayou in Louisiana, but I know the sensation of being set upon by a cloud of mosquitoes. His novel, Robbie's Wife (Hardcase Crime), was a finalist for the 2008 Edgar Allan Poe prize from the Mystery Writers of America.
Here's a book which starts innocently enough with a photographer named Michael McSwain discovering some black-and-white negatives hidden in a camera box.

Jake Hamrick, a 19-year-old who has been obsessed since childhood with the Ivory-billed Woodpecker, a bird that is on the verge of extinction, leaves Illinois for Louisiana to find the creature, accompanied by Robin, his tiny girlfriend.
When Jake Hamrick and Robin return to the bayou, they have smeared on their bodies a patent medicine, oil of eucalyptus. That was followed by two more Edgar nominees: The Lord God Bird and The Dog Sox, both published by Caravel Mystery Books, an imprint of Pleasure Boat Studio.
Wanting to find out about the photos leads him to people and places he didn't expect, not all of them friendly, and to long-unsolved crimes by prominent and powerful people. Ray's gift is a broken-down -pro team in California's Central Valley, with a 70-year-old Jewish manager who's been n baseball for 50 years and breaks into Yiddish homilies when the going gets tough.
They search in the bayous where the bird was last reported, and Robin, as i??obsessed as Jake, dresses like the bird, smearing her naked body with white clay, wearing a cloak of black crow feathers, her hair in a red crest. He assembles a rag-tag lineup of sheetrockers, laborers, wanna-be big leaguers, and a freak submarine pitcher - 19-year-old Billy Collins. She is discovered by local hunters and Robin and Jake are pursued deep into the bayous, where they are harbored by Robert, an ancient black man.
From one harrowing incident to another, McSwain comes to regret that he ever bought the camera, certainly that he developed those negatives.

The only problem is that Billy has a drunken, abusive father who, when he shows up at the ballpark, causes Billy to fall apart.
It is a cinematic novella of obsession, passion, violence, love and loss that you won't forget.
But his language is, in turn, equally poetic, so while the story is suspenseful it is also beautifully haunting.
An avid fly fisherman, he has written for outdoor magazines, and is the author of The Search for Sheepheaven Trout, a book about a two-year quest for a nearly extinct trout. How to get rid of Bucky Collins becomes a primary goal not just for the team's sake, but for Billy's.

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