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After Abby (Lisa Edelstein) spent the first season of Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce adjusting to her newly single life, things are looking up in season 2. Abby has to choose between new boyfriend Will (played by Warren Christie) and not-yet-ex husband Jake (played by Paul Adelstein).
However, when trying to sneak around in the car make sure to take out the key or else you might kick the PRNDL (gear shift) while parked on an uphill slope. All the while, Abby gets offered a job at SheShe, an online magazine that wants her to cover the fun side of divorce. First things first, the elephant in the room left their courtesy of the episode 1 cliff hanger, Zoey has walked in and seen Abby and Jake swapping spit.
With that settled, Abby tries pitching some sob divorce story which is instantly given the boot because Abby is the sexy face of divorce, no she needs to be at gallery openings and fashion shows (apparently see through ponchos over naked women is considered fashion, not my forte maybe it is… who knows). Last, but definitely not least, Delia has to go to wedding planning meeting with their creepy wedding planner who has weird voodoo rituals to figure out a plan.
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Delia went along with a sham ceremony for Gordon’s benefit after he found out about her infidelity. Can Abby and Jake keep their reinvigorated romance a secret or will it only cause a damper in their relationship. Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce season 2 episode 2 airs Tuesday December 8, at 10PM on Bravo.

Tune into Bravo at 10PM tonight to see the new episode of Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce.
When season 1 wrapped, she had spent the night with Jake on the heels of signing divorce papers and getting cold feet about ending everything. Get ready for a jam filled season 2 of Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce airing at 10PM on Bravo Tuesday night. Barb is all for taking the lead and being the brains all she needs from Abby show up and look pretty, on the arm of some hot guy… way to objectify women.
Dude you’re going to another country for 4 months and leaving both women behind, recipe for disaster.
The creepy alien music made it that much more weird and Delia is out of that room faster than you can say wedding. Without a confirmed renewal under their belt, how will Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce end it’s season?
The two were barely outside the church before he left her in tears surrounded by her confused girlfriends. Unfortunately for them, making out with the door wide open might lead to someone walking in, which is what happened right before the first episode went to fade. Last year before the series premiere Bravo and Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce took to the stage and promoted the show on their own terms. With the fight between her and Abby still in the air can the girls get everyone back on the same page to make sure the wedding goes without a hitch?

Jo has a new vegan bakery in the works where she partners up with Scott (played by Will Kemp) and gets to business (see interview with Alanna Ubach here).
Take the hint tell her already, stop trying to get out of it by subtly hinting to Becca that an abortion might be a good idea by buying her green juice.
This is going to blow up at some point in the near future, which isn’t going to help Jake with his desire to move back in and continue to live happily ever after. One thing for sure with this group is that they don’t take lightly when it comes to promotion.
After a little debacle between them, where Scott claimed he was quitting, Jo said stop being such a dramatic artist and bake stuff for the shelves, she has a change of hurt and expands to allow both the vegan and the non-vegan-butter-filled-need-to-run-for-three-days-straight pastries. Jo is not a fan that her daughter lied to her to keep a secret of that nature, not is she a fan that her little girl walked in on them. Gordon eventually has them send over a look book and sets up their engagement photo shoot in her office.

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