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Robin Thicke has revealed the intensely personal video for his new song a€?Get Her Backa€™. First performed at the Billboard Music Awards last month, a€?Get Her Backa€™ is Thickea€™s heartfelt attempt at reconciliation with his estranged wife Paul Patton who he split up from in February. In keeping with the songa€™s poignant lyrics, a shirtless and emotionally wrought Robin is seen singing into the camera as text messages including a€?I love youa€™, a€?you drink too mucha€™ and a€?I can't make love to you anymorea€™ flash across the screen.
Written and produced by Robin, a€?Get Her Backa€™ is the first taster of his new album a€?Paulaa€™, which, you guessed it, is dedicated to his former spouse.
Robin will be hoping the recreate the success of his inescapable and controversial single a€?Blurred Linesa€™, which was the biggest selling song of 2013 in the UK shifting almost 1.5million copies. Many other artists, however, aren't so cagey when it comes to the subject of their splitsville tracks. From Alanis to Adele, here are 10 songs where celebs have turned their relationship drama into massive hits.
After they broke up, she listed off his seven biggest faults in this 2008 single, then wore his diabetes dog-tag necklace in its video.

The November 2014 release came after many of his legal troubles, including a DUI arrest and vandalism charges for egging a neighbor's house. Amid accusations of his infidelity, he and his wife of nine years, actress Paula Patton, separated. He never explicitly said it was about their split, but the dark music video, in which a despondent Timberlake basically stalks a Britney lookalike, all but confirmed it. We will forever have to think of it when we reminisce on the fun times we had during that summer. It didn't matter who sang on top of it, or what the lyrics were, or how many breasts were exposed in the video. And actually, I think it could have been an even BIGGER hit without him.Which somehow brings me to Paula. Paula dropped, and no one caught her.Sometime last year, Robin Thicke and his wife of 9 years (girlfriend of forever) Paula Patton separated.
My theory is that having been with him for so long, she had become blind to his ways, and once the whole world caught on that Thicke was Lieutenant Douche, Paula was like ''Hey wait a minute?

Sometime after Paula's desertion, Robin had what can only be described as a drug-fuelled delusion of grandeur in the form of a conceptual album project. He would conceive a full album, 14 whole songs, and most importantly an album title with the intention of getting his wife back.
NO BUENO!If Chris Brown put out an album called Rihanna, we would all go crazy, and we would buy it and listen to it and tattoo all its lyrics onto our bodies and chant naked around a fire for months.
But you are not Chris Brown, and Paula Patton is certainly not Rihanna.You are Robin Thicke, and you are a one-hit wonder.
And a misogynistic poopoo head one at that.#BYEFELICIAPS: Do you think Paula (the woman) bought a copy of Paula (the album)?

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