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The fear of being alone seems like the worst fate that could befall someone.A  Recycling exes holds us back from not only growing as individuals, but knowing and enjoying ourselves. Examining the reasons for the breakup is the first thing to do before responding to a call, text or email. As often as most people give advice, the same people knowingly throw out their own advice when it applies to them.A  Look at your former relationship as if it is a friend's relationship.A  What advice would you give them? It's time you stopped going back to your ex and started going forward towards your 'forever-after'. When you get back into an old relationship, you are giving false hope to the one who already had their heart broken. The longer you toy with this not so brilliant idea of getting into something you shouldn’t (AGAIN), the more baggage you are acquiring.

For more thoughtful relationship advice, check out Claire’s Thought Catalog Book here. Our goal is to help you by delivering amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal growth, love and happiness to your everyday life. Relationships are not always fixable, and most people don’t even want to put in the effort. Do you really want to build up someone’s hopes and dreams again just to potentially have to shatter their heart in a month or so?
When you first start out in a relationship, you both are in new pain and progress with similar emotional time frames.
You remember the sex to be better than it was, and you remember the problems to be easier to get over than they are.

Just because you listen to your Adele cd 21 on repeat doesn’t mean you miss them, it means you miss someone and something.
Let’s face it, stepping into an old relationship is like going back to a job you quit.
Maybe one of you still sleeps with your tshirt from two years ago, while you’ve been giving someone else your tshirt to sleep in. You have promised me million times that you would love me and would treat me well after everytime we get back together.

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