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A few years ago, James Mollison began taking photos of children around the world and their rooms.
Dong is nine years old. He lives in the province of Yunnan in southwest China with his parents, sister, and grandfather. Samantha is nine years old. She lives with her parents, and her guinea pig and fish, in a detached house on Long Island, New York. Douha lives with her parents and 11 siblings in a Palestinian refugee camp in Hebron, in the West Bank. Tzvika is nine years old and lives in Beitar Illit, an Israeli settlement in the West Bank. Irkena lives in Kenya with his mother, in a temporary homestead encircled by a strong thorn enclosure to protect the family’s livestock. Ten-year-old Lewis lives with his parents and sister in a semi-detached house on the outskirts of Barnsley, in Yorkshire, England. China has passed controversial new anti-terrorism laws, saying they are needed to combat growing threats. An 18 year old girl, Maya Nava who is a Miss Venezuela hopeful has told that she has sewn a plastic mesh onto her tongue to keep her from eating solid foods.
Like many young women like her, Maya is desperate to be crowned Miss Venezuela and their families will do virtually anything to make it happen.
And with more Miss Worlds than any other country and a TV audience of 50 million for the final of the national competition, beauty pageants are big business in Venezuela. The pageant house is overseen by Osmel Sousa who is always on hand to check the progress of the girls – and dispense an unlimited supply of cutting advice. Not every woman meets with his approval however, with feminist protesters among those in line for another dose of caustic Sousa wisdom.

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He belongs to the Rendille tribe, who live a semi-nomadic life in the harsh regions of the Kaisut Desert. Winning the title often allows many of the girls who would normally be contained in a stratified society to advance. By paying attention to the way the women walk, hold themselves or how they even look, the seasoned Sousa has the knack to offer advice to iron out areas for improvement.
Striking and unsentimental, Mollison’s work shows that wherever a child lies down at night is not so much a retreat from as a reflection of the world outside. Irkena is now 14 years old and must be circumcised before leaving the community manyatta (settlement).
The family has taken security very seriously ever since one of her cousins was kidnapped by a gang. This means he is banned from going out at night, and must not possess drugs, alcohol, knives, or even a screwdriver. If you have to run a beauty pageant then make it for natural beauties only, anyone paying to change what they have naturally should be banned !
She usually sleeps on the floor, but now that she is in the later stages of her pregnancy, her mother has swapped places and allowed her to sleep in the bed. She first became interested at the age of three, when she saw a television ad featuring karate. The average family has nine children, but Tzvika has just one sister and two brothers, with whom he shares his room. In his spare time, apart from playing the cello and kickball, Jaime likes to study his finances on the Citibank website. Lewis has Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder and has also been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Her brother Mohammed killed himself and 23 civilians in a suicide-bomb attack against the Israelis in 1996. He is hoping to use his crossbow during the next hunting season as he has become tired of using a gun. During the month before he is circumcised, Irkena kills as many birds as possible with his handmade catapult, and hangs the corpses round his head as a status symbol, signifying his maturity and skill at hunting. His aggressive behaviour has led to his being excluded from his special school seven times. Most evenings, he spends one hour completing his homework and one hour watching television.
She spends four hours a day practicing karate at the studio and also has an hour and a half of school homework each night.
Immediately after the bombing, the family home—including all their possessions—was destroyed by the Israeli military.
When he is not out hunting, Joey attends school and enjoys watching television with his pet bearded dragon lizard, Lily. Her hobbies include all types of dance—tap, ballet, Irish—but she would like to be a professional jazz dancer one day. Lewis has felt happier since taking his medication but resents his curfew because he misses playing outside in the street with his friends.
If her new baby survives, Erlen is unlikely to return to school as she will need to stay at home to look after it.

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