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For two childhood friends from a small coastal town in Australia, Hockey Dad has come a long way in their relatively short existence.
Formed in 2011, Muuy Biien was conceived as a loud, fed-up response to what some would say was a stagnant and uninteresting music scene in the band's hometown of Athens, GA.
After just a few performances with a full band, Muuy Biien already established a reputation for their intense live shows. It's clear from the avant-garde nature of their new material that Evans and the rest of Muuy Biien have no interest in being pigeonholed as a typical punk band. When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. There's a trend in music that I've been noticing lately: a lot of stuff sounds like it could've been made in the '90s. Stillwater Giants had a pretty simple idea (kind of): record a one-shot film clip for their new tune 'Montage'.
Wrap your ears around these great new Australian releases.ALEXANDER BIGGS - 'OUT IN THE DARK'An absolutely beautiful heartbreaker from Melbourne's Alexander Biggs. Following their recent performance at CMJ in New York, the band has just signed with Kanine Records in the US in anticipation of their debut album release in mid-2016.
Initially the ambient project of lead singer Joshua Evans, Muuy Biien quickly expanded into a full-fledged band. Fans filled the room at house shows as well as established clubs, looking for a chance to be at the front of the mosh pit.
Recorded by acclaimed producer David Barbe at Chase Park Transduction studio, the new record takes the band in a more experimental direction and features contributions from Athens mainstay and E6 member John Fernandes on violin. Though their sound and style have constantly evolved, Muuy Biien's spirit and artistic integrity have remained remarkably consistent.
Tickets for that show go on AmEx presale today at noon with the general on-sale beginning Friday, May 20 at noon. Monday to Thursday at 9pm, Dom Alessio brings you an hour of amazing new Aussie tunes - from bedroom strummers to the big guns, you'll hear it all.
ABBE MAY - 'ARE WE FLIRTING?'There's a detached sexiness to Abbe May's new jam which matches what's going on in the song. It's the electronic project for Alice Springs musician Dave Crowe, who started off on a more acoustic-oriented path before diving into the world of synths and beats. From fuzzed-out power chords to TLC-inspired vocal melodies, there's a plethora of sounds straight out of the decade of flanno and boy bands.So why are the '90s making a comeback? In the US it peaked at #77 on the CMJ 200, and charted at #23 on the FMQB Sub-Modern charts. Evans's hardcore ambitions were fully realized with the addition of guitarists Xander Witt and Robbie Rapp and drummer Jacob Lake.
At any given show you were likely to see people with bloody noses, beer-soaked clothes and gigantic smiles throughout the crowd. Combining darkwave, post-punk and minimalist influences with their speed and intensity, the new material pushed away from the restrictions of hardcore.

Despite the questioning title, Abbe's sure she's being hit on, but this person hits on everyone, so how much emotional energy should she invest in it?
Come on, get excited."BALL PARK MUSIC - 'NIHILIST PARTY ANTHEM'I could've included the new Ball Park Music song for its excellent title alone but, once again, they've proven just how excellent they are at writing off-kilter pop songs.
The sharp, industrial nature of the drums takes its influence from Burial records and UK garage. Athens based label, Happy Happy Birthday to Me was among the first to recognize talent in the young band.
It's a mix of swirling, psychedelic colours and shots of Alice Springs, which not only marries the mood of 'Salt' very nicely but also showcases the beauty of the Northern Territory.
The whole song is sprinkled with the Tom Iansek production gold dust which you'd be familiar with if you've heard the last #1 Dads album. A whole generation of artists grew up hearing Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' and Mariah Carey's 'Honey' on the radio. In the words of frontman Sam Cromack, "This song is saying, 'Hey, look, I'm getting older now and I'm finding life to be weird, depressing, awful and pointless. Match that with BUOY's beautiful, melancholic vocals and you've got yourself one captivating number.GEORGE MAPLE - 'STICKS AND HORSES {FT.
Playing at CMJ and NXNE, as well as opening for Iceage, Lightning Bolt and the Black Lips - allowed the five piece to thrill bigger crowds.
When they started writing songs, it was the songwriting tropes of the music they heard as kids that resonated with them most. GOLDLINK}'"I'm really fascinated by sexuality and power and money and greed," says George Maple, and you can really hear that sense of tension in 'Sticks And Horses', with its taut, bouncing drums and shadowy vocals.
HANNAHBAND - 'BATH ARMS'"We are not without fault but at least we're trying" could almost be the mantra for a generation. Oliver Perry's voice, bluesy and slightly husky, oozes over the music that chugs beneath him like an old-timey steam train. Harking back to the anthemic, triumphant choruses of Primal Scream and Richard Ashcroft, 'Impact' sounds like the heavens are opening up: seven trumpets playing, a choir of angels singing, the whole shebang.
Let's just kick back and enjoy it for what it is."CHRISTOPHER PORT - 'BUMP'You might've seen him behind the drum kit playing with #1 Dads and Airling, or on stage as part of Big Scary's live band, but now Christopher Port has stepped out on his own and delivered his debut single 'Bump'. No wonder it was roadtested in a strip club: it sounds like it was made for subterranean nighttime spaces.
Then there's all the instrumentation too that brings so much colour to the song: a harp, a Mellotron, an oboe (I think), a piano. A hyperactive mash of scratched vocal samples and jumpy industrial percussion, the song is a real journey.
KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD - 'ROBOT STOP'The irrepressible King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard have today released their eighth album Nonagon Infinity, designed to be played on an infinite loop.
It's the classy first offering from their forthcoming new EP Well Worn.NORTHLANE & IN HEARTS WAKE - 'REFUGE'This week two heavyweights combined forces like a musical Volton to deliver a Lion Force's worth of metal power.
DAGGY MAN - 'WHAT YOU DESIRE'Daggy Man is the latest solo project for Thomas Calder, who you might know from The Trouble With Templeton.

The record is one of the most fun albums of the year and 'Robot Stop', the explosive opening cut, overflows with energy and exuberance.
Now is not that time.JORDAN RAKEI - 'TALK TO ME'I love the mix of jazz, soul and hip-hop in Jordan Rakei's new one. Like a fire flickering and cracking on a dark, cold night, his latest song 'What You Desire' is a light in the blackness; a truth whispered through the noise.
KUCKA}'This is such a great collision of worlds: Kucka's elvish vocals sit so well with Dro Carey's dark, clean and uncluttered production. Nonagon Infinity by King Gizzard & The Lizard WizardOWEN RABBIT - 'WEEDS'Owen Rabbit continues to be one of the most eclectic, eccentric and unpredictable electronic artists in the country. There's so much energy tightly packed into this song it feels like it could all unravel at any moment. MIDDLE KIDS - 'EDGE OF TOWN'It's always great when you discover a brand new act and this week we got introduced to Sydney trio Middle Kids. KOTA BANKS}'Brighter than Shibuya Crossing at night, Kailo's neon-coloured new tune is deliciously upbeat, combining'90s pop, Jackson 5 funk and Cosmo's Midnight-esque production to create a song that's really hard not to dance to.triple j Unearthed Embedded PlayerL-FRESH THE LION - 'TAKEOVER {FT. What Ben David sings about feels so beautifully suburban; they're anthems for the end of the train line.
In 2016, when there's more music available than ever before, when there's a decline in trust of the government and people in power, is it no surprise, then, that new artists are looking up to acts who seemed staunchly individual?
MIRRAH}'An absolute fire cut from L-FRESH's new album Become which came out on the weekend. The two-piece play like they're perpetually at a house party, smashing out infectious punk rock songs that wouldn't sound out of place next to The Smith Street Band on your next playlist. It's an anthem for those who are following their dreams with an unwavering belief, no matter what the haters say. Last night's show was dedicated to these new Australian artists who sound like they could've been releasing music in the '90s. I'm really excited about this group.triple j Unearthed Embedded PlayerTETRAHEDRA - 'EVERYTHING'If you like music that does away with the usual conventions then Melbourne's Tetrahedra is the band for you.
THANDI PHOENIX - 'TELL ME WHERE THE LOVERS HAVE GONE'Thandi Phoenix's new song starts off like a tightly-coiled spring, with those ever-so-slightly off-beat piano chords and choppy percussion amassing the tension before it all explodes in such a satisfying way with the Rudimental-esque drum'n'bass drop. I also chatted to Elizabeth Rose, Luke Boerdam from Violent Soho and Sophie Hopes from Tired Lion about their love of '90s music and what it is about the decade that they find so inspiring. There was no bullshit."If you're on Spotify I've put together a little '90s Revival playlist if you want to check out some of the artists I played on this week's special.

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