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When it comes to the love compatibility between Cancer and Virgo you must realize that the Cancer woman is not afraid of making decisions. I’m not, of course, talking about obsessing about every single detail like a Libra, so you get stuck in analysis paralysis, but I am talking about having just enough facts that you can make a common sense and logical decision.
Unfortunately, the Cancer woman is so driven by the concept of being right, and most importantly, looking right and strong, that she is willing to barge into almost any kind of situation. This is why it’s very common for Cancer women and in many cases Cancer men as well, to fail to live up to their fullest potential. This is a very important piece information to keep in mind when analyzing Cancer women and Virgo men love compatibility.
So, the biggest tension present in Cancer women and Virgo men love compatibility is this interplay between Virgo intuition and Cancer decisiveness.
As you can probably already tell, Cancer decisiveness is really not as much about being decisive as it is being a show or decisiveness and strength. The Virgo, on the other hand, seems to be content about waiting for this perfect world, this perfect combination, this perfect storm that’s really not going to happen. Just like with most horoscope signs, these two signs can get it on and get it off very easily. The Cancer woman, on the other hand, is so decisive and impulsive that she can fall head over heels easily for that aspect of Virgo men.
A real relationship involves growth; a real relationship involves more than just being happy. The problem with Cancer women and Virgo men love compatibility is not so much getting is started, but keeping it going, and most importantly, getting to a higher level. If there was any one practical piece of advice for the Cancer woman involved with the Virgo man, it would be this: you have to give your man enough space and time for him to commit. If you are completely honest with yourself, you would agree that not all your decisions are exactly good ones.

Cancer woman and Virgo man love compatibility can really fall apart when it comes to the Cancer woman’s tendency to want to call the shots. The good thing is that you’re not dealing with a vindictive Scorpio-type person, which can lead to some serious issues.
If you think about it, Cancer women and Virgo men love compatibility works if both partners understand that there is no such thing as the boss of the relationship. This means loving the other party when you feel that the other party does not love you as much. The reason why I’m emphasizing this is because the Cancer woman tends to focus so much on where she needs to go.
The issue is getting that person to decide in such a way that he says yes to the relationship.
The secret to Cancer women and Virgo men love compatibility is to put the relationship first. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others. What do you call a situation where you just charge in to a deal, to a relationship, to an arrangement, or to employment, without having a clear idea of all the facts that you’re dealing with? If they are in a company, they probably will make it to middle management and go no further. They think that all they need to do to get to where they need to go is to just put more gas. You have fire on the side of the Cancer, and this ice-cold reluctance to do anything on the part of the Virgo. A lot of the frustrations in your life that you complain about are due to the fact of bad calls you have made in the past. The fact that he doesn’t want to take the relationship past sexual or lower level love basis, doesn’t necessarily mean that he is incapable of truly loving you and helping you grow, and being in a deep, fulfilling, life-long relationship.

You just have to give him time to grow up, and also, you have to give yourself time to grow up. If you don’t want to push your Virgo man out of your relationship, you really need to keep in check your tendency to call the shots and be the boss. It’s not a question of what you want or what the other person wants, and you’re just trading wants and needs. This means sacrificing and doing other things that involve seeking other people first before you seek yourself.
When people commit to the relationship and not necessarily to each other, this actually leads to something good.
If you put the relationship first, if you are loyal to the relationship, and if you don’t treat your romantic bond as some sort of contractual obligation, where for you to perform the other party has to perform first, you lay the groundwork for an emotionally fulfilling love, and you are opening yourself up to very intense experiences of love.
If they are in class, the probably will make it to the upper quarter of the class, and not get any further. But, the Virgo man is such a perfectionist that he needs to make sure that everything is covered, everything is has been thought out, and that everything has been looked at, at least twice.
A Virgo man can seem emotionally complicated, nuanced, and mysterious, and women love that.
When you try to go out of your way to call the shots in your relationship, you’re stepping on many toes. By listening to your partner and acting on what your partner says, you can overcome your tendency to basically take control of your relationship, and push it to where it needs to go. If you want a real commitment, you have to commit to that third party, which is your relationship.

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