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A new study into the swirling phenomenon of oceanic eddies - massive circling currents up to 300 miles in width - has found that they offer the perfect ride for deep sea organisms, minerals and heat.
It was sparked by a previous study showing the surprisingly fast movement of marine larvae across the sea's bottom. But using deep-sea instruments along the East Pacific Rise - for measuring water currents, and studying trapped sediments - the researchers from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) have confirmed that the eddies reach down to the depths of mid-oceanic ridges.
And it means these volcanically active regions of the ocean, which are home to a bizarre community of bottom-dwelling creatures, black 'smoking' vents and deep-water eruptions, are not as isolated as was believed.
The eddies form on a seasonal basis, when circulating wind jets help whip them into shape - and in the Pacific they are particularly prevalent during an El Nino event. She had taken part in a prior study which saw that, in an area of the Pacific ridge covered by a new eruption, larvae from marine organisms had rapidly populated the area - from over 200 miles away. The results of the research are likely to change the way marine scientists look at the dynamics of these most inaccessible parts of our planet. The worrying distribution of Atlantic puffin, the decrease in other seabird populations as their food supplies disappear, and the need for conservation as global warming bites A– they all need studies like this to discover how our wildlife is coping with change. The ideas surrounding the origins of domestic animals have recently been clarified, but the largest domestic, the camel, was an elusive prey, hiding in a small corner of the UAE.
When dolphins are 'rescued' in various countries, the car given seems to be ill-considered.
If your nose is covered in small black specks even after you wash your face, you have blackheads. Place the gelatin and milk mixture in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds, or until it is warm -- not hot -- to the touch. Apply the gelatin mixture to any area where you have blackheads, including the chin and forehead.
Quotes from Tracy Dunsmore: I love you so much, From the deep down of my soul, The innermost part within the bottom of my heart, Baby you rock my world!! Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, but our roots keep us all together. However, a pimple on the cervix could be a wart, though it would be unusual to have warts on the cervix without having any at the opening of the vagina. A small, soft lump which seems to be coming out of the hole in the cervix is probably a cervical polyp.
Surgery is needed if prolapse is troublesome, particularly if it is causing incontinence of urine.
A woman who has given birth to a child, and who needed stitches afterwards, may be left with a lumpy scar at the vaginal opening. A problem shared is a problem halved: help others by sharing your frustrations or successes at tackling your health problem.
We have noticed that many of your queries are actually answered on the website, so please read carefully before submitting a comment. I felt a lump inside my vagina opening but this lump didn't give any problem to me.plz help me doc why this abnormal lump is appear at the opening of vagina. Also there's someone below who's bf said it looked like they had played around because their vaginal lips looked wrinkly, even though they are a virgin? I don't usually do this but I have read a lot of comments and would like to just advise anyone that if you have a lump on either side of the opening of the vagina it is commonly known as a Bartholins Cyst but if left untreated it can get worse and become an abscess. About a year and a month ago I had this and the doctor prescribed Fluxclocillin but this did not help and it got worse and grew to the size of a large orange. Please read the nhs website description if you feel you have this and don't just hope it will go away because if it doesn't you might be left like me and unable to move to even get to the hospital.
I'm not sexually active, I really just need opinions, since I cannot seek help any where else on the Internet.
I would really appreciate any help you can give me on this-googling I have found all sorts of things from sores, yeast infections and viruses that say it won't be herpes but I am very worried.
These were previously though to be trapped over a mile-and-a-half beneath the sea's surface.

The discovery comes as something of a revelation to marine scientists, because these eddies were previously thought of as relatively shallow expressions on the sea's surface.
The discovery that these few wild ancestors contributed all of the domestic stock is historically and economically fascinating.
She writes about health, fitness, travel, beauty and grooming topics for various print and Internet publications.
Blackheads are exposed plugs of oil, dead skin cells and bacteria that form in the openings of the hair follicles.
As you remove the gelatin strip, blackheads and dirt stick to the gelatin, clearing your pores. This is the perfect design to get you in the mood for family visits or get togethers--you know you love Aunt Dorothy's carrot Jello salad, admit it! This is not cancerous, but can bleed, especially after intercourse, so it is best to have it removed. This is because it is designed to stretch for intercourse and childbirth, so when it is not stretched the walls may have wrinkles. The vagina rests between the bladder and the rectum (back passage); the bladder lies in front of it and the rectum lies behind.
This will certainly help; excess weight puts pressure on the pelvic floor and makes the problem worse. This lumpiness is the remains of the hymen which stretches across the entrance in young girls. Health Press Limited bear no responsibility for accuracy of participant comments and will bear no legal liability for discussion results. And you don't know if its dangerous or not, so when the time is right just let her know what your problem is. I was bed bound for almost 3 weeks, got not walk, go to the toilet and had bed sores from trying to lye in such a way it did not hurt. It itches n filled with puss like a pimple then another one came in it looked like it had a lot of little pimples in it.. To begin with I thought I had a small cut from shaving at the very top between the lips but since then it went scabby and there are now other little lumps around the lips of my vagina going down on each side. And it's not just marine life being swept along the mid-oceanic ridges by these eddies - the warm mineral-rich waters pouring from hydrothermal vents are also likely to be 'mixed' by these seasonal deep-sea 'winds'.
Consider how useful this one species has been to people (and even explorers) living is the semi-desert and scrub around every African, Asian and other deserts. They could even end up in commercial aquarium shows, but they certainly rarely make it back to the sea. You can remove blackheads with expensive pore-clearing strips available at drugstores, or you can save some cash by making your own pore strips at home with a few items from common household items. You can usually feel the cervix by inserting the first two fingers into the vagina and pushing upwards.
The bladder, vagina, cervix and rectum are held in position by muscles that stretch across the pelvis – the pelvic floor muscles.
It is important to tell the surgeon if you are still sexually active, so that the vagina is not made too narrow, or intercourse may later be uncomfortable. They are usually used as a stop-gap measure while waiting for an operation, or for women who cannot have surgery for any reason. It may just be a lump (often shaped like a mini-cauliflower), or there may also be itching, bleeding and an unpleasant smell. Comments will be moderated before posting and Health Press Limited reserves the right to delete any material. Its better than having to tell your Dad.As for everyone else worried, just talk to someone. I rang the a and e as I was screaming in pain and they refused to come and get me as it was not an emergency. Recently I found the right side of my vagina opening hurt when I used toilet paper after the toilet.

They start off being soft and sore but then proceed to become hardened and feel scabby on the surface, though a colour change is not always evident.
If you feel any, see your family doctor or go to a genitourinary medicine clinic, because they could be warts (though it is unusual to have vaginal warts without any at the opening of the vagina. The hole becomes enlarged during sports, by inserting tampons and by sexual intercourse, but the remnants of the hymen can remain as irregular, firm lumpiness.
No matter how many internet searches or questions asked online you do, you can't fully know you're situation. I am now suffering from my second cyst and will be going straight to a and e to have it lanced as soon as you can see it on the surface of this skin.
Well, I was helping my friends with their animals for the county fair and left my pad on too long. The texture of the cervix is similar to the end of your nose, but it has a hole in the middle. I have never had anything like this before, my only previous complaint was a UTI shortly after Christmas when I was very stressed. In a woman who has not had a child, the hole is about the size of a pencil lead, but it is usually larger in women who have given birth. Previous to him I had only been with one other guy and I was his first, my boyfriend has been with 6 other people though so eve though he has never had any issues I'm a little concerned. So my story is this: I've been on a long period of abstinence then one day my ex called me. Also today for the first time I felt a vibration like a cell phone in that area that comes and goes.
I'm afraid to visit my doctor because I'm 17 and my parents are unaware that I've had sex and I would be killed!
I've been feeling a burning sensation growing ever so slightly on my vulva, specifically the opening of my vagina every time I pee. I only used a antifungal cream because maybe this is only a vaginal yeast or just the friction caused by a first time in a long time copulation with an ex that affected the irritation. Of course my first thoughts were herpes but I've never had sexual contact with anyone ever. After my last baby I noticed a long growth on the entrance of my vergina and it is really embarressing. I thought I had a yeast infection and bought what you use to clear that up when I went to put it in before bed I felt this bulge in my vagina and was able to push it back to a ply the medication this morning I looked with a mirror and saw a whitish bulge I am now having cramps from pushing on it is this sound like a prolapse of some kind.
I'm a very clean person and I wash twice a day so I doubt it's some type of hygiene infection. Around my age there is a lot of pressure to lose your vaginity and start doing sexual things with boys, I'm not ready yet but I do think about it and I'm nervous that when I decide to have sex this will stop me, this is caused me to become extremely insecure and I have no idea what to do! I will call my Doctor tomorrow because it's Sunday but need to know what you think it sounds like. I've procrastinated in telling my mum because it's embarrassing and I'm scared it's an actual problem and then everyone will know. Have found a small hard lump inside my vagina,very concerned as have family history of cervical cancer.
The earliest doctors appointment I could get was Friday but I think i need some mental relief before then, thanks! I proceeded and as soon as i inserted my fingers right at the entrance i felt a large lump at the top of my vaginal opening .

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