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I was dating this guy (alongside two other guys) for a while but the center came crumbling down and they all found out about each other. He is saying it is part payment for everything he has spent on me on the assumption that he had a future with me. I am also in debt and saving rigorously for my Masters so I cant afford to let even 1 Euro get to waste. If it was a guy that came here to talk about cheating with 3 women BNers will chew him alive. Lmao,sorry for laughing.couldnt help it,my dear collect your money back,which kain nonsense payment. If you current boyfriend does it to you now, you’d start looking for sidechic to fight. As for your money, use the aggressive means to get it, because if na me, you no go see that money lailai.
Oh well, since he cant take legal actions against you for cheating and I also do not know if you have any evidence that he took the money, (if you do, then by all means apply pressure and get your money back) If you answer NO, then just count this one as a bad business decision and forget about your money. When relationships end we guys never get our money back ( in most cases are pretty high amounts ), so madam just take it as the breakup cost and move on. I know I hurt him but he knows I even had to defer my admission to September due to lack of funds.
After some proper ego massaging, offer to take him out to a movie, be proper nice and if his Mother raised him right he’ll return your money to you + his share of the movie ticket. I agree with everything that you advised except the part about lying to him that he was better than the other guys. Whatever you do, don’t pretend that he was the one for you or you will find yourself in another case of wahala. How do you define an Indie?So I started reading an article the other day that defined an Indie Developer as a part time breakout app seeker who can quit at any time.

Can you build a huge shipping empire and beat up to 8 computer barons with unique personalities?
I ended up choosing the one I most liked and want to be with, because I felt I had more of a connection with him.
I also need Euros since I’m saving for school so the plan was for him to transfer to my Euro account. You women want to be treated equal but you don’t want the responsibility that comes with it.
You created your problem for yourself, now you’re worried over creating your own mess.
Not to divulge too much information but I had just gone to see him in December in Switzerland. Are you a saint yourself?what makes you better than her?if you have nothing good to say to her,keep your opinion to yourself and stop the chastisement. You knew he was under the assumption you’ll be his wife, and you knew you were both not on the same page but you still led him on. I need to put a certain amount of money into my student account in order for my visa application to be processed and I am doing this by myself with no help. I have the documents showing I transferred X amount to his bank account so I can prove that I transferred the money. Carefully explain your situation, he’ll say some hurtful things, but roll with it, YOUR money is at stake.
What happens if he wants to give you the money back on the condition that you guys rekindle an exclusive relationship???? I need this money for my little sister fees otherwise she can’t register for this semester at school.
Except you can blackmail him with proof that he too was cheating on you, none better go and hawk bread.

I have painstakingly saved and converted my salary into Euro over the past few months especially at this frightening exchange rate. The thing is I really dont want several years of friendship to go down the drain (or end bitterly). I would suggest you contact him through a friend or acquaintance you share, preferably female friend, a guy is most likely to support his guy or try to get in your pants. Tell him you had fun times, he was the better of the three, that you had wanted to end things to be with him, but he found out. Taking an aggressive route is just being more stupid than the first instance of dating 3 men. Guess cos she cheated – but why would anyone even date three guys at a time?I mean, what will make u do such? Like do you date dele and after you have finished and it did not go, you now start to look for Bode’s number? I am all for multiple dating when done right.- do not build expectations, no gbenshing or collecting money and all that jazz, and both parties know they are both there to find out if they are compatible or not and just have fun. If there’s evidence of the loan (bank papers), please use it and get back your money. A search of #indiedev on twitter returns 90+% one man shows, part-time, with no funding (and sadly with incomplete projects).
Indie games are developed by individuals, small teams, or small independent companies; such companies are often specifically formed for the development of one specific game. They approach friends to fund their tours and they sell their CDs at concerts and online through digital distribution.

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