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Gamers looking for powerful, affordable notebooks to suit their many needs will soon have two more options in the 15-inch Lenovo Y50 which will join the equally powerful 14-inch Lenovo Y40.
Just a few years ago, high-performance gaming laptops would cost consumers thousands of dollars. Lenovo has announced two new notebooks in the Y50 and Y40, both of which are set to deliver a high-quality gaming experience without the steep price point.
In addition to the optional touch screen, the Y50’s 15-inch screen comes with a few different options when it comes to resolution. The company has not yet tagged the devices with specific release dates telling Gotta Be Mobile that it expects them to hit shelves at major retailers across the country starting in May. Slugs and snails are members of the phylum Mollusca, along with their crusty friends, the clams and oysters as well as squid, cuttlefish and octopus.
The slug’s cousin, the snail, has an outer shell that he can pull his soft little body into when a raccoon grabs him. As you can see, the slug is a very specialized creature, carefully constructed for living in moist places, feeding on vegetable matter, (although some species are omnivorous and enjoy the occasional earthworm or fellow gastropod,) and living life at a thoughtful, Buddha-like pace.
Symptom of a potential bed bug infestation can show up in tiny brown, black spots on the mattresses and bedding.
Some other bed bugs signs will be empty eggshells and their exoskeletons when they go through the molting stage. These will pile up in crevices and cracks of the bedframe or along the seams of the mattress. Bed bugs like to set up home in areas where human dwell where they can constantly feed on a host.

Now, those looking to get the most out of their games can find the same kind of performance without the steep price tag. Powered by Windows 8.1, it will come with configurations that offer up to an Intel i7 processor, standard FHD display, standard Intel HD graphics or optional AMD Radeon R9 M270 4GB graphics, and up to 1TB of HDD storage.
Lenovo has outfitted the device with JBL stereo speakers with Dolby Home Theater version 4 to further enhance the gaming experience.
It offers up to four hours of battery life, key for those that want to take their gaming on-the-go. Buyers can choose between Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution display or a Full HD 1920 x 1080 display. Slugs have evolved from snails and many species still retain a vestigial shell hidden under their mantle.
The snail needs to have large enough calcium deposits in its environment to form this more substantial shell.
The odd position of these openings so far forward on the body is a result of the slugs evolutionary descent from snails.
Today at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, Lenovo introduced two new high-performance gaming laptops that fit that bill.
Instead, both the Y40 and Y50 will command a $999 starting price tag, cheaper than many of their competitors and a far cry from the price tags of a few years ago. While the Y40 is non-touch, the Y50’s 15-inch display comes in either non-touch or touch forms. The shell serves as a safe refuge from smaller predators as well as protection during dry weather conditions.

In a snail these openings must be outside the shell (nobody wants to poop in their own shell after all). It also comes with a red, backlit keyboard with rounded keys, an essential component for many gamers. After his first photo shoot Spot escaped from a temporary bucket by pushing up a weighted screen – slugs can be amazingly strong. The eye-stalks are also used for smell.  Lower on the slug’s face are two smaller tentacles for feeling and tasting. He was on the loose for several days in the sluggerium and then suddenly (for a slug) turned up inside our large holding pen. The rasping mouth parts that will chew up your lettuce seedlings are under these tentacles.  Slugs eat using a radula, a rasping, tongue-like organ, covered with thousands of tiny tooth-like protrusions called denticles.
A large respiratory pore, usually on the right side, called a pneumostome, leads to a single lung. Since this has a solid glass top the only way he could have entered was by burrowing under the wall and breaking into jail! Spot is now living the good life with plenty of company, fresh lettuce, carrots and catfood every day.

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