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Fall is a good time for planting trees and shrubs, but homeowners need to do their homework. A tree’s form and function counts: Is it intended as an ornamental or do you want it to grow into a shade tree?
How tall is it likely to become, and how will its growing canopy affect overhead wires and traffic lines of sight, among other things?
Depending on the species, a tree planted within a few feet of a house can pose a fire hazard.
Underground, other dangers lurk: The root system may search out cracks in the foundation or in aging sewer pipes.
Check with utility companies to find out where electrical, gas, water and sewer lines enter your house, and plant trees at least 6 feet away from them, says Eremita. Cooperative extension services, often housed at state universities, have experts who can help homeowners and direct them to reliable local information. Elliott recommends shopping at a reputable local nursery – and making sure their stock is grown in your climate zone. Keep an eye on trees growing close to the home – keep them pruned and watch for diseases. Thanks for the info, I’m getting ready to plant a few weeping willows in my yard and I want them to get really big, so now I know where to plant them! Database of funniest jokes please give your feedback and share your jokes if you have any.. AnonymousSeptember 22, 2012 at 5:51 AMif u want to make fun of a short person think for a minute.
The plants are easier to water at the main stem, which keeps the plant leaves drier (this is recommended to help keep fungal diseases at bay).
All this is in addition to the smaller footprint needed to grow a large number of cucumbers. And as they grow taller (this is two weeks later than the picture at the beginning of the post) you might not even have to stoop to pick the fruit!¬†Can you tell I really like growing cucumbers this way? Since it’s certainly easier for me to water less frequently, I find it easy to follow this advice. Brian loves cucumbers and eats these without peeling- he says they are sweet with no bitterness, even with the skin (which smooths out with washing- and of course like reg. Cucumber vines usually grow a mile long… so what do you do with the vines when they reach the top?!?!? Does the trellis have to be angled like that, or could it go straight up the wall of our house? I’m sure you can grow straight up, Shannon, I just made a trellis that worked for our garden. Hey, I have a few cucumber plants, and this morning the baby fruit off the flower is brown with white spots. It lives right next to my tomato plant, and gets daily soaker hose watering due to our super hot Florida. I didn’t get to my trellising and am wondering if anyone has tried training them late in the game after they are crawling on the ground a good bit?
Now I was looking for a quick fix as I have chicken wire and a big window window-less frame.
Came across this site, quite amusing and informative in a fashion to those who reads the comics qite fundamentally. I plant them right along the bottom, Lauren, on the outside and then twining them up as the grow. Learn about your area’s climate and annual rainfall, the soil makeup and how well the soil drains.
Baby trees that seem so charming can grow larger than the houses and then dwarf the yards they were meant to enhance. While they won’t break into an intact pipe, she said, a broken, seeping pipe is a different story. They are hanging nearer to eye level and are easier to spot, plus the prickly stems and leaves are neatly confined so the risk of getting all scratched up is minimized (this is the biggest benefit in my book!).
You’ll need to train the plants up the string (or fencing, or whatever you use) during the growing season. This is a variety bred to produce fruit even when it’s cool (Agnes Cucumber), so they were pumping out the fruit before the regular pickling cukes had even bloomed. I was thinking to make some kind of trellis, I just bought some sticks the other day at the garden center. Another reason I like twine is I can just cut it all down at the end of the season and compost it all – no trying to disentangle dead vince from metal.

Frequent, light watering encourages a lot of roots at the soil level that produces a weaker plant dependent on frequent watering.
Honestly, I can’t tell the difference- but they liked it better, so maybe it produces more? This is not difficult- it takes about five minutes as you’re working or harvesting in the garden.
While trellising and training) are really the only things you have to do, but I think using a soaker hose is a really smart idea (but I think that for a an entire easy care garden, too).
I pick these tiny for cornichon pickles, but they are also good as a small regular dill pickle. Now I was expecting to mosey a bit, looking up at the sky, picking a weed here and there, etc., etc. They can be grown up a single trellis, but it will need to be secured more than normal to be ready for the full-sized plants loaded with fruit. It waters right where you need it, doesn’t get lots of water on the plants, and waters deeply. This article is an attempt to be efficient so I can zap over the link to people making the inquiries. If you have anything to add, please do so in the comment section so that others can benefit from your knowledge. Starting a marijuana garden is one of the most exciting adventures in life in my opinion, and can be the most rewarding, challenging thing you will ever endure.One of the first things that you will have to determine when starting an indoor marijuana garden is whether or not you want to have a soil based marijuana garden or a hydroponic system.
I have grown marijuana using a hydroponic system as well as a soil based system, and I personally prefer soil.
However, I will point out that hydro systems have yielded more, and yielded faster based on my experience, which is a significant point for sure. Aeroponic systems are starting to become more common, but if you are reading this article, that is probably over your head at this point.
This isn’t for everyone but if you can do it, it will help give you a head start for sure.
For those that wish to build their own garden, below are some things you will need to consider:Exhaust FansAir temperature, quality, and circulation are very important for any grow room, soil or hydro. You will need exhaust fans (like these) to pull fresh air in and push warm air out of the room. How many lights you will need depends on how many plants you have and how large your garden is. And I suppose how much money you have is another factor too, because lights aren’t cheap! I know a lot of people that cram as many plants under one light as possible, but take it from me, it’s better to have less plants under a light as possible so that they can get as big as they want to and not compete for space with other plants around them. I recommend getting lights that have hoods and ballasts that can switch between high pressure sodium and metal halide bulbs very easily.
It will save you the pain of having to take down and install your lighting system when you switch over from the veg stage to the flower stage.
Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any indoor garden, so if you can afford it, don’t skimp! Generally, all of my friends try to keep the temperature of their rooms around 72 degrees to 76 degrees.
There are many factors that go into creating the temperature of your room (heat from light, amount of air circulation, the temperature of the air that you are pulling in form outside, what time of year it is, the amount of insulation your room has around it, etc) so it’s tough to say what size you will need, or how many you will need. Just make sure to check the temperature often, and add air conditioning units and other devices as necessary. LED lights are a good choice if you want cost effective lighting that also doesn’t create as much heat. The room just needs to serve it’s purpose of holding the good stuff and lighting in and keeping pests and other things out. People will use tin foil, which is definitely cheaper, but tin foil rips and folds very easily, which can cause more headaches than it is worth.
I recommend using mylar that has a black layer of plastic on the back so it blocks light.Odor ControlI always attacked odor with a two pronged attack.
If you harness charcoal exhaust filters correctly, you can be standing right outside of the grow room and not smell a thing. However, as your charcoal filters lose their effectiveness over time, having an ionizer on hand is a good way to kill smell very fast in the event that you should need to. You can use whatever you like to kill the smell, but I have found these two methods the easiest and most reliable by far.CO2 EmittersIntegrating CO2 emitting devices is not something that beginning grow room operators generally use. It’s definitely worth it in the end, but I always tell people to get everything else dialed in first, then look into CO2.

However, once you get consistent yields, then add in CO2 and you will no doubt be able to easily track how much CO2 has increased your yield, and how much superior the buds are. Once you get to that point, you will probably be choosing between a propane based CO2 creator or using a tank with a CO2 regulator. My friend’s mom grew hydroponically, and her room was dialed in like few I have seen since. It was a two light garden, so admittedly it wasn’t as hard to regulate, but she had a control system that sensed when the room needed to be cooler or warmer, needed CO2, and controlled when the lights turned off and on.
These are all things that can obviously be done manually, or can be done by piecing together devices that serve the same purpose. But I’ll be the first to say that if you can afford to, buy a control system like the one described. You can use just about anything to put your plants into as long as the bottom allows water drainage.
Just remember that the larger the root base, the larger the plant, and then the larger the harvest.
I had two 25 gallon buckets and a bunch of 15 gallon buckets and the 25 gallon bucket plants were consistently superior to the plants in the smaller buckets. Of course, that took up a lot more space than 5 gallon buckets which most of my friends use, but it was worth it. I encourage people to obtain high quality organic soil in their area from either a garden supply store if you have them in your area, or from a gardening section of a home improvement store.
If you want to go the extra mile (highly recommended) and create the best soil I have ever used, check out the article here.
I recommend getting a moister meter for the soil.Hydro KitsAs I stated before, growing hydroponically is more temperamental than growing with soil, but the rewards can be larger and faster from what I have seen. However, most people I know that achieve those results get them after years of trials and tribulations because building a system from scratch that is dialed in is not an easy task. I have seen countless gardeners start with a hydro system they built from scratch, just to flood their rooms, get root rot for various reasons, and experience many other headaches just to get a low yield. I finally bit the bullet after a couple of failed hydro attempts and got a kit and it was way easier. Then after a couple of years working with a dialed in system, I was able to gain the knowledge to build systems from scratch. It might cost a little more, but it will be worth it in the end, especially if you flood your room and have to pay to get it cleaned up, which will cost far more in the long run than if you were to just buy a kit initially.Hydroponic Grow MediumsThere are many grow mediums that you can use for hydroponics. I recommend always having an organic soap around and various other pest deterrents such as sticky pads. However, you will no doubt experience bugs that are too resilient for soaps or sprays, or diseases other than powdery mildew. Just remember to stay ahead of things by keeping your garden as clean and tidy as possible at all times.
Putting in a little effort ahead of time will save you a ton of effort after it’s too late.
They are a cheap, natural way to keep away pests!NutrientsThere are so many nutrients (like these) on the market it will make your head spin. The two most common lines of nutrients that I see people use with success are General Hydroponics and Advanced Nutrients.
At the end of the day, use whatever works, but if you are clueless, those two lines are a good place to start. There are fantastic things being invented everyday that make old things obsolete, and I don’t see that stopping as marijuana reform continues to spread across the country. Over time you will accumulate lots of bells and whistles that will add to the sophistication of your garden. As I said before, if you have anything to add, please do so in the comments so that others can benefit from your knowledge! It will save a lot of headache, will give you a much needed head start in the process, and they take up a lot less space. You can control the environment much easier, and get that final product you are after!If I was rolling in dough, I would use nothing but grow tents and cabinets around my house so it was an easy process to set up and tear down. The first time I saw a grow tent was in the basement of a prominent Oregon marijuana activist’s house.
If you got the smallest one for $795, you still have to spend $195 for shipping and they charge sales tax even if you don’t reside in their state.

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