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The hard truth is that PR delivers exposure and awareness, and based on a wide variety of variables, may or may not result in sales in and of itself. Network:I use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other online communication tools to network with my potential clients, and frankly, it works!
If You’re Not Focusing on Women Buyers…Then You’re Probably Overlooking Your Largest Market!
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A score that is between one and two standard deviations away from 100 can be interpreted as low (70-85) or high (115-130). A score that is more than two standard deviations away from 100, can be interpreted as very low (lower than 70) or very high (higher than 130).
My expertise and message are constantly being exposed to an audience who could all one day be clients of my firm.
If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. Tests would be of visual, verbal, some tests only use of abstract-reasoning problems and some tests concentrate on arithmetic, spatial imagery, reading, vocabulary, memory or general knowledge. Well, you can always have a creative meltdown, like the flight attendant who flamed out on a flight, grabbed a beer from the galley and made a dramatic exit down the plane’s inflatable emergency slide. And, don’t just write a column or a newsletter; go for the whole enchilada and write a book! If I use it reliably to fuel a business I’ve been running successfully for 20 years-a business that has actually experienced double digit increases in revenues even during a recession-then you can too.

But before you get to any of those places, you need to start at square one: exposure and awareness.
Books today are being used less and less as a revenue source, but rather as an extended business card.
Using PR in multiple mediums-print, online, TV and radio-puts you and your message in front of all your potential customers in a way that they consume daily, the news. Without those elements that PR is uniquely suited to deliver, it’s more difficult to get to all the other elements of marketing that drive your revenue picture. Sure, you’ll be mentioned on Leno, but not as a guest, rather as a punch line to a joke. That’s what makes PR a solid investment, because it bolsters the return on your overall investment in marketing by making people aware of who you are and what you do.

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