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The Little Mermaid is a story about a teenage mermaid named Ariel who is intrigued by all things to do with the human world. Ariel is a headstrong, teenage mermaid who dreams only of the human world, and having legs. King Triton is king of Atlantica, and the father of seven lovely mermaids, including Ariel. Grimsby takes care of Prince Eric, making sure he's all right, getting him gifts, and helping him to find a suitable wife. His best friend is Ariel, but he hates when she calls him a guppy, even though he's scared of everything. He can be known as King Triton's right side man (crab?), but he was taken by surprise when he was told to look after Ariel, the kings daughter.

She used to live in the castle, but since she was banished she's held a grudge and wanted revenge against King Triton. He prides himself in thinking he knows everything about the human world, and sharing his knowledge with his mermaid and fish friends, Ariel and Flounder. His specialty dish is stuffed crab, and he has great fun while cooking by singing french songs. She dresses in bluey purpley colours, and has brown hair that she ties back with white pearls. When Ariel saves a human prince (Eric) from drowning, she immediately falls in love with him. Occasionally, she visits the surface (against her father's wishes) to see her seagull friend, Scuttle.

Louie and Sebatian the crab have some "issues", regarding Sebatian not being on the plate of one of his meals. Ariel is still determined to see Prince Eric, so she turns to her only hope: the evil seawitch, Ursula. With the help of her friends Sebastian, Flounder, and Scuttle, Ariel must get a kiss of true love by Prince Eric within three days, and if she fails then she will go back to being a mermaid, and belong to Ursula. If you haven't already seen How To Get The Guy Disney Style: Mulan please take a look at that and check back to find Part 3 a little later!

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