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There’s a plane crash and Seattle Grace Mercy West is the go to hospital for family and friends of the crash victims. I was going to try to write more about this episode buy I’m getting bored even thinking about it. A gunther competition goes on to find out which 5th year is the real leader…turns out it is Jackson. You think that true love is the only thing that can crush your heart; that will take your life and light it up or destroy it. For the first half of this episode, Izzie's doing everything she can to prove to her friends that she's still the same person she was precancer. It's a little jarring to have Callie's dad show up out of nowhere, but his arrival helps us see how far she's come. Bailey's pediatrics decision is clearly weighing on her, both because she has to tell her husband what she's doing and because she spends the day doing one of the hardest things anyone could do: holding a dying child. I love Callie ranting in Spanish and Mark telling her he doesn't have time to try to decipher her problems in a language he doesn't understand.
I hope they let it go with the "you can stop eating now" and it won't continue into any future episodes! I'm not sure if they ever showed Lexie moving in (I think she lives in the attic, though??), but I think she moved out of the place with George after she yelled at him for being clueless to the fact that she was in love with him. Yes I figured Mark didn't live with them, but when did Lexie move out of George's apartment and into Meredith's?? Not to offend you, but I don't understand the "I'm Hispanic and I don't know anybody who does that." - I have friends of different races & cultural backgrounds who tend to argue very LOUDLY in in their "mother-tongues" so nobody around them understands what it's about.
Perhaps it has more to do with some people not wanting to yell in public, whether it's arguing or raising one's voice in public to get someone's attention in order not to draw attention to yourself. There’s a familiar face coming back to NCIS Season 13 in the coming weeks, but in a slightly different way than he has been seen before in his previous two episodes. Jake tried to reach out to Bishop in the aftermath of his confession, but she ignored his calls.
Just because she is single now, don’t expect to see her dating as NCIS Season 13 continues. And the Chief, doing what the Chief does best, sticks his fingers in his ears and hums really loudly.
That will then mean she and Maude from 1972 are the only two married women on network television who opted to have abortions as a form of birth control.
She loves Zola and she loves me, and if she has any flaws, it's that she loves people so much she will do anything for them. Izzie starts chemo and wants to take her mind off her illness by planning an elaborate wedding for Meredith and Derek.
I mean, she's overdoing it, clearly, because fake-choking and fake-coding are pretty extreme.

Of course Mere just wants a simple wedding, but she knows the right thing to do for now is to let Izzie get her way. Loved her response to her dad throwing George against the wall and yelling that he committed adultery ("Who hasn't?") and the way she bravely announced she was dating Arizona. Initially, in her chat with Arizona, she dismisses this; it wasn't medical, she says, and if she wanted to hold a kid she could have spent time with her own son. For all his faults, he's good at working under pressure — I mean, he's heart-in-an-elevator guy — and with Owen's help he realizes maybe trauma is his place.
I'm not sure he believes at all in what he's doing, and yet he has so much repressed that he's got to get it out somehow.
It gave us kids an incentive to learn German in order to know what was going on - Secretly of course so we'd have an advantage when we were young!
Earlier in NCIS Season 13, Jake had been in Dubai when a bomb had gone off, but he wasn’t at the site when he should have been.
When she couldn’t put off talking to him any longer, it was the beginning of the end of their relationship (officially).
When she shoots up a hospital or forces the doctors to choose which patient impaled by a bar will live. But it's actually kind of cute to see her working the "I have cancer; now you must bend to my will" angle.
And that's not the only big thing she does in this episode: she also finally accepts Lexie as family. But Arizona points out something she's been saying from the start: this is a specialty about more than cutting.
It's a tough thing for Alex to see: he doesn't respect George as a person or a doctor, but he has to admit George has a skill he doesn't and may never have. Yes, she's got that pregnant water retaining face, but it's not so bad that anyone would notice. It gave us kids an incentive to learn German in order to know what was going on - Secretly of course so we'd have an advantage when we were young!-Perhaps it has more to do with some people not wanting to yell in public, whether it's arguing or raising one's voice in public to get someone's attention in order not to draw attention to yourself.-Finally, CONGRATS to Chyler Leigh & Ellen Pompeo on their upcoming joyous events!
Piper, it seems, has been consigned to SHU since her showdown with Pennsatucky (who does not appear in this trailer, but will return during the second season).
In fact, that’s probably something she should have realized sooner and this affair just brought that to light. It was through that letter that she realized the differences between her and Jake when it comes to pushing paper and hitting the ground on a case. It’s been nearly forty years since that last abortion of that nature happened on network television.
Callie's dad comes to visit and isn't too impressed with some of the choices his daughter is making. I couldn't have taken a whole episode of Callie hiding behind messed-up pronouns — "they're pretty busy because they're a doctor here.") Her dad clearly thinks she's lost it and wants to take her home, to the tune of paying the Chief to transfer Callie to Miami.

I did like spotting the props they have her hold in front of her belly (like the x-rays in the scene where she's in the middle between Derek and Mark) but thought the need to rationalize a little bit of puffy face was a bit dumb. Red has a new rival in Yvonne “Vee” Parker (Lorraine Toussaint), who may also be a new love interest for Suzanne. As Bishop looked into it, she found him having lunch with the same woman (where they used to have lunch), and when she confronted him, thinking it had to do with an Internal Affairs investigation, he admitted he had an affair. Working together at the NSA allowed them to live in a bubble of sorts, making their divorce seemingly inevitable. Cyril Taft, the surgeon who saved Gibbs’ life in the premiere and is now serving as his therapist of sorts because after that kind of experience, he needs to talk to someone. Kathy Butler at EcoSalon did a really great list of rules for abortions in mainstream media. Which is why, again, I suggest that he move in with Arizona and they start having baby races for profit. A bunch of relationships (Mark and Derek's, Izzie and Cristina's, George and Alex's) start to evolve and Bailey gets to be awesome.
It's interesting that Cristina is the one who's there for that epiphany — suddenly, the person who liked Izzie least is the one mopping her brow. And she won't have it: he threatens to cut her off from her trust fund if she doesn't obey, so she cuts him off first. Does this mean she’s finally ready to move on from Dandelion?One potential sticking point for the show is that Piper was originally only given a fifteen month sentence, and in TV time that’s likely to run out before the second season is over. But they’d point at that one of the babies is SECRETLY HIS and that if it keeps up in the baby races it could be an Olympian. The conversations with Owen this week were heartbreaking, and like last week Sandra Oh and Kevin McKidd are the show’s MVPs.
The Chief will let it all pass and the rest of the season will be Personal Best but with infants. Lori Petty (Prison Break) has also joined the cast.Orange is the New Black fans had better brace themselves for a whole lot of conflict. It looks like George “Pornstache” Mendez’s suspension comes to an end, which will leave him in a messy triangle with Daya and John, the latter of whom seems to be trying out a tougher approach to controlling the inmates.
Hold on to your screwdrivers, because this season could get very messy.Orange is the New Black returns to Netflix on June 6, 2014. If my laptop hadn’t broken I would have spent the whole hour playing Portal 2 rather than struggling to follow forty different boring storylines.

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