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Back in the day when video games were anything but gory, Mortal Kombat hit the arcades and shocked the world for it’s intense violence and graphic gore.
Along with the flawed fighting mechanics came characters that had no purpose of being in the game such as Dairou, Ashrah and Kobra the story would just get more convoluted with non canon endings for each character. Now everyone was wondering where will  Boon and his team take the Mortal Kombat franchise.
When Mortal Kombat came out I wasn’t even born so I never experienced that wow factor. The story picks up at the end of Armageddon with only Raiden and Shao Kahn being the last to stand. Gone is the copy and paste punch and kicks from the traditional games and gone is the need to memorize combos from past games. To makeup for the mockery of what MK vs DC did Boon and his team has comprised a collection of the most gruesome ways to die.
When playing story the fight scenes are split up with cinematics that at times look pre rendered and at other times in game. You then have the challenge tower which contains 300 challenges, beating the final challenge will award you with a third alternative costume to Mileena. The game captures the feel of the arcades by having 30 past stages redone into fully realized 3D along with animated elements going on in the backdrops.

The script and voice acting is laughable at times, and the music is just like it was in every other game. Once again, like past games certain characters like Jade and Ermac will run you through the ground. What we got was a long overdue but average crossover, Mortal Kombat vs DC in an attempt to one up the Marvel vs Capcom franchise which clearly did not happen. Flash forward about I’m playing a game also called Mortal Kombat which is a retelling of the Mortal Kombat trilogy with certain twists and the best part? Assuming that Shao Kahn killed Blaze to obtain god like powers, he started beating Raiden to the brink of death, which is when he uses his last ounce of power to send a message back in time warning past Raiden about what will happen if he doesn’t do anything about it.
In is with this new robust kombat system where you link your combos with special attacks to how you see fit, you can experiment with plenty of variables. The Krypt is back with the currency system allowing the player to purchase alternate costumes, fatalities, concept art and more. Midway decided to bring in a whole new fighting system into the new generation with set combos.
The biggest reason why the game flopped was the absence of gore and the fatalities we all know and love. We then fight in the Mortal Kombat tournament, travel to Outworld to free your friends and defend Earth Realm from an onslaught.

You even have a super meter which includes CCCCCOMBO Breakers, EX moves, Wake up attacks and the devastating X-ray attacks. When you perform an X-ray attack you character usually does a two to three hit combo that ends up shattering bones, rupturing organs and causing nothing but pain.
What may create nothing short of a flawless game, the game is only hobbled by polish, voice work and attention to detail with the AI. Instead we got watered down fatalities with limited blood and heroic brutalities which left a bad taste in our mouths.
With all of these new additions, Warner Bros is set to take their game to the competitive scene as they even took in professional gamers to test and tweak the game. It catches you off guard as the transition between story telling and fighting is done just like that, no load times at all.
Fatalities like I mentioned are as gruesome as ever, Mileena is a prime example, she will throw her two Sai’s into your chest and while your groveling in pain she will rip your head off and eat it, yeah you read that correctly.
You go through the story as multiple characters playing as Defenders of Earth Realm with interconnecting stories.

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