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Have you recently had your torn earlobes repaired and looking to have earlobes that can be pierced again? Ear piercing is a minor procedure of a hole in each ear lobe (or just one, if preferred) to allow the wearing of ear rings.
Ear piercing is performed with topical anesthetic, or a local anesthetic injection to numb the area to reduce pain and discomfort.  The instruments used are guaranteed sterile and free from contamination. Infection is the biggest risk with Ear piercing.  If the studs become infected, they may become inflamed, painful and lumpy. The ear lobes are marked with the patient in front of a mirror to determine exactly the placement of the studs. Recent CommentsBeverly Hills Plastic Surgery on TCA PeelBeverly Hills Plastic Surgery on What is covered by health insurance? I got my cartilage pierced at Wal-Mart and it was only $10, the piercing is free you just have to pay for the earring. To get both ears pierced, a company may include a special discount.  This price range will vary from $15 to $100+.

Before the piercing starts, the artist will generally disinfect the area to ensure that it is as clean as possible.  This will also help prevent any types of bacteria from entering your system. Some companies may also include a coupon, or a free set of earrings since the procedure itself was done with them. When getting your ears pierced, be sure to pull back your hair so that the person performing the job has easier access.
When considering getting your ears pierced, make sure that you research the company.  Doin a quick search online can yield some good results in terms of reviews as well as how clean the company is.
Be sure to check the earring each and every morning to ensure that it isn’t becoming infected or tangled with the ear. Be sure to change your pillowcases before going to bed so that no bacteria is present on your old sheets. Plugs:  These are short cylinder shaped piercings that have flared ends or rubber rings that hold them into place.
Bigger groups may also get a discount.  Try to go to the shop with more than one person to see if they will offer a deal.

Some stores may give a piercing for free for those that purchase the jewelry through their stores.
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They actually did a pretty good job, but you should know that they use a piercing gun, which I just learned recently that they ar…e very dangerous and could do some serious damage to your ear, just so you know. Ear piercing is performed in a well-lit room and magnification is used for accurate placement of the ear studs.
It should go away in about a month, but just …make sure you don't sleep on the side your piercing is on. Make sure you clean it 2 times a day for about 6-8 weeks and make sure you twist the ear ring when you clean it.

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