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You may feel that you are in crisis, and there is lots of justification for that with so many business closures and a daily bombardment of dire economic and financial forecasts.
Remember that you have the power to create change in your own business – but first you need to make the time and space in order to identify what needs to be done. Take 20 minutes of physical exercise (swimming, cycling, working-out, running etc.) immediately after work. Having trained as a Management Accountant and become a Certified Management Consultant, Paul worked across a wide-range of industry sectors, including: consultancy, construction, high- and low-tech manufacturing, service, and nationwide retail. Paul soon became disillusioned with the lack of practical resources available to help business owners develop their business and so established his own consultancy. Paul has turned every loss making business he worked with into profit and is known for being a classic lateral thinker, his strong commercial acumen, and his down to earth approach in dealing with the constraints of a business, whatever they may be.
Hmmm, John, you’d have been better off going with Adam Smith instead of the reviled Karl Marx. People will adapt, the platforms will adapt, communities will adapt and business will adapt.
One thing is for certain MDEC is a game changer, a communication model on a scale like we have never had before, as social platforms grow their membership MDEC will have greater meaning and people will have more say in the life they choose to live. I find your last comment under MDEC Communication ironic, as these people(s) are indeed going to extremes to fight for their rights. This is my second time replying to your comment as my first effort vanished off into the ether. Tweak Your Biz is a business community - a place where business professionals like you can stand out. You always have the choice how you experience your life, through a pessimist’s point of view and live a self-defeated life or you can look at life in a optimistic way and live a challenging and fulfilling life. Now, let’s look at some reasons why it is better to look at life in an optimistic way.

Optimism will create a good mood and moral because an optimistic person will focus on the positive side of a situation. People will respond positively to optimistic people because they are proactive and less dependent on others for their happiness. If you go through life with a smile and think about positive reminders you will notice that good events start to happen. Optimistic people live a healthier life because medical research has justified that a positive outlook can cause a measurable increase in the body’s ability to fight disease. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. It is amazing when you are out and about the small number of people you actually see smiling. Addressing this can be daunting, however, rather than observing the disconnect as insurmountable, you are giving yourself the opportunity to make changes. When you determine the disconnect, allow yourself to change what you can and be excited about the opportunities – you remove the anxiety or depression and make progress! About Latest Posts Jacqueline PotterDirector at Avidity AssociationJacqueline is a psychotherapist who specialises in counselling women and girls. Jacqueline is the author of the eBook, Cirque du Mummy, an entertaining and honest summary of the realities of motherhood. This entry was posted in All Posts, Ethical HackingTips & Tricks and tagged cool tricks, facebook, facebook tips, Facebook Tricks, hacker, hacking, Tips and Tricks by Tajinder Kalsi.
Most clients (unless they have travelled long distances) will be impressed with a professionally-run 30-60 minute meeting. Explaining and exploring options and consequences will prove invaluable in your relationship and will save you time in the long run.
In a few weeks you will enjoy it, and it serves as a ‘switchoff’ from the working day and generates more energy.

Read the specialists, share your opinions and sign up to become recognized for sharing your expertise by writing on this site! Would you be happy that you’ve almost made it and think next time I will be better and win this thing. They will look for opportunities in every difficult situation and try to make the best of it. They are attracting like minded people because sending out positive energy is contagious and influence those they are with. The changes either need to be to your schema (conceptual framework) or your current life situations. She is currently writing a book detailing her challenging history, with the goal of helping others overcome struggles. If people grasp that and it improves their situation, no matter how small that improvement, it is a positive. She understands that everyone faces challenges and while the challenges can't always be changed, perceptions can. Jacqueline completed her BSc (Psych) at the University of Southern Queensland and is a member of the Australian and New Zealand Mental Health Association.
We are in agreement that Social will create change, the speed of adoption and understanding of socials power will determine when. Jacqueline is passionate about the empowerment of others and aims to remove guilt and anxiety with proven tools and empathy. Jacqueline's Avidity Association office is located in Paddington, Queensland and she is available for counselling, group therapy or mentoring in her office and Skype or phone counselling within Australia.

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