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These are a few of the possible things you can do to win a loved one back after a bad breakup.
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How do you cope when someone you care about ends your relationship and you’re not entirely sure why?
Sometimes love ends, and whether it ends with a war cry or a whimper doesn’t change what you get to do next: Grieve. Do women deal with breakups much better than men do?I am trying to discover why I am having such strong emotions about a breakup my wife and I had back in college. She remembers this as a wonderful time in her life during which she was able to enjoy the company of men romantically and in some cases sexually (until that point we had only been with each other).
How people deal with breakups depends on what kind of people they are, the breakup, the relationship, the questions and conclusions, and their support network. You are upset over the breakup because while the conclusion was relieving you knew what you wanted yet had to effectively win this woman and convince her on it. Just wondering how you men deal with breakups–Do you confront the emotions or hide them?
Also, how likely is it that you will eventually contact your ex (if you initiated the break up)?
I am intimately familiar with this topic because I used to wear a lot of different masks myself. What you’re missing is the ability, the phenomenon and the habit of truly connecting with other people. This touches on the point I try to get across frequently: Pain is involuntary, but you CHOOSE to suffer.
Filed Under: Dealing With A Breakup Leave a Comment About JesseI've been helping guys recover from their breakups since 2012. Being alone may feel like the only thing you want to do right now and while it’s good to have some time alone to reflect, think and just go to pieces, you need to spend time around other people. It’s very easy to go through every mistake in your relationship and think ‘If only I’d done this differently, we would still be together.’ Maybe, maybe not, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s over now. Extremes of emotion are part of being human, even being able to feel emotions is an amazing thing in the first place.
Of course it depends on the nature of the breakup, there are circumstances where hatred is completely justified, but if it was a relatively clean breakup, try to maintain a healthy view of them. You never learn more about yourself than after a breakup, use this opportunity to change for the better.
It can be tempting to just go into the next relationship that comes along to stop feeling so alone.
In her book “The Chocolate Diaries,” Karen Linamen says, “When you and I are surprised by painful events, we can see these events as ‘senseless’ and ‘random.’ In the puzzle of life, they can feel like pieces that don’t fit.
It was very difficult for me during this period, hearing guys on campus and elsewhere brag about their time with her while I spent the night alone. Why has she dealt with it so well over the years, having such good memories and seeing it as the time she finally knew I was the one?
The rejected party (the ones broken up with) will always be left more hurt and with more questions.
A breakup is an invaluable life lesson and if you embrace it as a learning experience, you will become stronger.

Your ex-girlfriend was that person, but now that the relationship has ended, you are unable to drop your guard with friends or family.
It has to do with you getting to the point where you have friends with whom you can drop your guard.
I wore one when playing volleyball (yes I played volleyball, don’t hate), I wore a different mask when I was doing research during my Master and I wore yet a different mask when I interacted with my friends.
Every time you wear a mask you’re reaffirming to yourself that your true personality is not good enough for people to get to know.
Every time you put a mask on, you are betraying those values, and something inside you keeps track. That is, it is maintained by our passively letting it continue and doing nothing to change it. Click here to get notified when my book "The Breakup Recovery Manual For Men" gets published.
I will teach you techniques to deal with you ex-girlfriend, adjusting to single life and getting over your breakup.
If you broke it off, if you thought long and hard and decided you had no other option, stick to your decision. Take their number out of your phone, take them off your Facebook and Twitter feeds (there’s no need to delete them, just hide their posts), remove everything that makes you think of them. It helps keep you occupied, keeps your mind off things and even allows you to get some of your aggression out. Everything you’re feeling will make you a stronger person, a smarter person and a more mature person.
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You’re going to need friends with whom you can talk, cry, laugh and ultimately travel forward together out of this unhappy spot you’re in. On some days you tell yourself there has to be a deeper, darker reason this person broke up with you, and if you could just figure out what it is, there’s a chance the two of you could solve it and live happily ever after.
However, her parents insisted that she also date other men from our school and also friends of her family. This behavior stems from the artificial need to hide who you really are because you believe it is not sufficient or not fit for the situation.
Something inside of you keeps track of every time you betray your values and this breeds insecurity, negativity and loneliness. It's saying goodbye to a significant portion of your life that you shared with someone you loved. This will take some time; things that initially seem inconsequential can trigger memories in certain contexts.
There’s always someone worse off than you, a little humility will remind you that things aren’t so bad. Think about how you approached them in your last relationship, what you would do differently and go forward with this in mind.
The chances are that your judgement is clouded right now, you may not be able to see the wood for the trees. You may not feel like it right now, but eventually you will be ten times the person you were. How long you’ve been together isn’t as important as the fact that you thought you were happy.

It’s natural to wrestle with events we don’t understand, and if your partner’s reasons for breaking up seem lame to you, you’re undoubtedly struggling to wrap your head around it all. Especially if you’ve been so caught up in your now-defunct relationship that you’ve missed spending time with good friends, this is the time to reconnect. On other days, you wonder if their lame excuse is really as deep as it gets, and you hurt over the idea that you must not have meant much to each other if they could walk away over something that trivial.
You need to realize that this is a toxic mindset, not to mention that it’s inherently bullshit.
If it wasn’t for a good reason, you don’t want to be with someone who treats a relationship so contemptuously. Go through everything you’re thinking and feeling, things are easier to rationalise when you’re telling someone else. This can lead you into a relationship with someone who isn’t right for you and the last thing you need now is another painful breakup. You can feel very unattractive after being dumped; going to the gym or jogging not only gives you a sense of achievement, it helps you feel more attractive. Give yourself permission to run through the history of the relationship, to try and figure out where things went south.
Often times it is really more about where someone is in their lives, and just not being in a place to really accept love (for whatever reason), than anything you did or said.
Let go and move forward, toward what you deserve … which is someone who sees you as beautiful, inside and out, and worth fighting for. She originally pursued me because I was different from guys she had known in high school, and for two years we were inseparable. This was a very hard time for me, going out with her on dates and courting her to win her back, but then knowing she was also dating other men. I scored good in studies,had a good friend circle,i had a girlfriend whom I loved with all my heart, I used to have a happy life.
When we write about hurts that don’t make sense — especially as we explore connections between those hurts and other things in our lives (for example, our childhood, our health, other people we’ve dated, a particular season in life, or whatever), we often find ourselves less haunted by the randomness of it all.
She came from a good family and her parents did not like us being together given that they did not think I had financial prospects. Just move forward knowing that you are a little smarter and little better at relationships then you were before her. Just take action and make sure your new endeavor is something unrelated to your past relationship. But even though it’s normal to find yourself obsessing over the whats, hows and whys of it all, this is not a place you want to get stuck. Pursuing a new experience, goal, or skill is not only distracting, but it’s also a good reminder that there is life beyond your breakup. In other words, it may be an important stop on your journey back to joy, but don’t unpack your bags and sign a long-term lease.

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